• 03Jan

    Clay Siegall is the man of the hour thanks to what he has brought to the table in cancer research. This is one of the most important figures in the game thanks to his expertise, his passion and his perseverance. Being the CEO for one of the world’s leading oncology companies hasn’t been easy. Seattle Genetics wasn’t always as successful as it is today. The small startup company struggled in the beginning, but it quickly got its act together by bringing in a team of selective individuals. The company’s ADCETRIS drug has brought the company back from the brink of destruction, and this drug has generated over $350 million since its birth.

    When it comes to cancer, fast diagnosis is the key to success. This disease will manifest itself in human organs, and then it will rapidly grow at an astounding rate. Thanks to recent advancements in genetic-testing, genetic-sequencing is now at a reduced cost. One of the solutions is to develop advanced-techniques for treating and diagnosing cancer. Did you know that the human body has up to 20,000 genes? The genes actually connects to form a DNA code and every person has a unique DNA code. Studies have shown that a person’s DNA code can predispose people to certain illnesses. Up until recent years, finding the DNA code was pretty much unheard of. This is why cancer research is so valuable. Dr. Clay Siegall is the king of research in a sense because he implements rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation into finding better treatments.

    The success of Seattle Genetics has come fast and very furious. The company’s stock has tripled in the past four years, and it has numerous advanced-medications in its pipeline that will be coming out in the future. All in all, cancer research is at an all-time high and Dr. Clay Siegall plays a crucial role in it all.



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