• 16Jan

    Doe Deere has big goals for her personal and professional life. She knows a lot about what she likes and about what she wants to do with the way she looks. She always reflects her personality through bold colors and fun looks. It’s important to Doe Deere to make sure she can help people see who she really is through her makeup, her hair and her clothing. Because Doe Deere spent so much time learning about what she could do and how she could make things better for the makeup brand, she knew just what to do to help people see what they could get from it. She also spent time trying to figure out the best way to market it. After talking about it on her blog a lot, Doe Deere didn’t have to worry about that. People were coming to her for her makeup and it continues growing in popularity.

    One of the things Doe Deere always focuses on is being herself. She doesn’t follow any set of fashion rules. Instead, she chooses to focus on her own fashion opportunities. She wears what she likes and that’s part of why she does things her own way. It’s important to Doe Deere to be herself and to always show people there are things she can do that might make a difference for the way the fashion industry works. By not following rules, Doe Deere sets herself apart from most of the other people who run makeup companies.

    Doe Deere continues doing what she likes in both the beauty and the fashion industry. With her new clothing line, Poppyangeloff, Doe Deere plans to make things even better. She wants to show her followers they can do and wear anything they want. Just because fashion rules exist doesn’t mean they have to follow them. Doe Deere uses this in her own life and translates it to her professional experience. By doing this, Doe Deere sets herself apart from most of the other fashion designers who don’t want to make waves in the industry. It’s her goal to make waves and always do what she can to help people who want to make waves too.


  • 03May

    For women who are looking for some inspiration and guidance to move their career in the right direction, taking Susan McGalla’s success story as a reference point is undoubtedly going to help. Susan McGalla has achieved tremendous success in a brief period in her career and has worked with several top companies in the top post. At Wet Seals Inc, Susan McGalla was positioned as CEO, and at American Eagle Outfitters Inc, Susan McGalla served as company’s President. At such high posts, Susan McGalla had many responsibilities to look after, and she did so with complete diligence. Susan McGalla has studied business and marketing at the Mount Union College.

    Susan McGalla is often seen speaking about women empowerment, and how she would like to see more women in executive positions in the companies. Susan McGalla says that rising to the administrative position in the companies takes a lot of hard work and patience, but it is not impossible for women. She says that the time has changed, and women are considered as equal in most of the progressive companies but do completely deny that glass ceiling problem doesn’t exist. Susan McGalla said in an interview that while glass ceiling problem continues to exist, things have changed for better in the past few years and that it continues to improve. Women these days have more chances of being promoted to executive roles than it was earlier based on their performance.

    Susan McGalla currently serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla says that women must focus on their studies first before thinking of making it big in the corporate world. Susan McGalla says that unless women have educational qualification of highest standards under their belt, it would be impossible to get to the position they want in the corporate world. Without higher education, it won’t be possible to achieve higher designation in the companies. Susan McGalla says that women leadership and employment opportunities and programs have changed the way women are employed and see in the corporate world, but it is the sponsorship and mentoring programs that can actually make the real difference.



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