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    Succeeding in business and entrepreneurship entails various vicissitudes, which shape a person’s perspective on things in addition to acting as a source of experience in decision making. Todd Lubar is no different and has gone through several challenging moments in his journey of becoming a successful businessperson. Todd went through a dazzling life story, which has taken him to turn into a reputed President at the TDL Global Ventures. At the entity, Todd Lubar leads an expertly trained, qualified and experienced team of market professionals benefiting from a wide range of clients who are sufficiently satisfied with the firm’s services. For more details visit crunchbase



    In his career debut, Todd Lubar worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation just after graduating from the college. He served at the company for four years and proceeded to Legacy Financial Group in 1999, which was located in Arlington, Texas. During his time at the company, Todd Lubar enabled the entity to grow their Maryland office into an employment-generating platform resulting in increased loan volume manually. Todd Lubar worked with Legacy Financial Group until 2005, when he decided to skyrocket his career and accepted an appointment by Charter Funding, which is one of the successful divisions of Magnus Financial Corporation, to serve as the senior vice president.


    Among Todd Lubar’s most impressive skills is mortgage banking. However, he additionally holds successful portfolios in various other industries, which includes a recycling business, a nightclub, a demolition firm as well as a significant involvement in the realty development sector. Todd also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. He is a profoundly accomplished entrepreneur and businessperson who has for a long time been helping people achieve their dreams by making them homeowners. He has more than 20 years of working experience in the real estate sector.


    Todd Lubar has been listed as one of the best and successful 25 mortgage originators for several years. In addition to the realty industry, Todd Lubar has been actively involved in other sectors, including the entertainment industry, construction, and mortgage-banking sector. In 1995, Todd Lubar completed his undergraduate studies at the prestigious Syracuse University from where he finished his course magna cum laude to graduate with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. Todd Lubar credits his accomplishment to hard work and the sufficient comprehension of the business world.




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    The former ownership of NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks LLC, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) LLC, is suing New Hampshire Insurance Company for breaching a contract involving Danny Ferry’s settlement. Ferry was the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks. The lawsuit includes Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner at AHBE. However, the suit does not involve Tony Ressler and the present ownership of the NBA team. See, http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/.

    Levenson and AHBE have sued AIG in a civil action suit for insurance bad faith and breach of contract. Under its insurance policy, AHBE has claimed that it was fully covered against losses arising from employment practices including workplace torts and wrongful termination. AHBE and Ferry agreed on a buyout agreement in June 2015 consequently ending a six-year contract worth $18 million signed in 2012. Two days later, Atlanta Hawks LLC changed ownership.

    However, AIG refused to honor the claim and admit that the policy was triggered. Despite the insurance company’s obligation to pay, it declined to honor the policy in bad faith. The suit seeks a 50 percent penalty on top of any attorney’s costs and unpaid losses.

    Bruce Levenson

    American businessman, Bruce Levenson, is a founding partner at United Communications Group (UCG), and the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson co-founded UCG in 1977 with his long-term business partner Ed Peskowitz. Before UCG, Levenson wrote for the Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He is also a director at TechTarget, Inc.

    According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. to Jewish parents and was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Levenson attended Washington University for his undergraduate studies before attending law school at the American University. While in law school, Levenson worked as a journalist for the Washington Star. He is an active philanthropic who supports causes like the SEED Foundation, Jewish Federation, and Birthright Israel.

    Source:  brucelevenson.com

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    If you were to ask someone what Magnises could do for you, the answer would be numerous things. Above all, it can help you build the perfect network. Building a social network can help you build your self-esteem as you make friends, but in time you can also build some of your professional network. Above all, Magnises is all about improving your way of life and the membership improves your quality of life.

    Magnises will open doors for you that you never knew existed. In 2014, this was exactly what Bill McFarland wanted to do for the young professionals crowd. The membership simple, and it will encourage you to get your little black card so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. The goal of the card was to give young professional a “private club” type of network, that would give them first dibs on special events in the largest cities on angel.co. The card offers discounts at bars, restaurants, night clubs, private concerts, and even the most luxurious getaways.

    There are numerous benefits of the “little black card”, but the card can also be linked up to your bank account or even a credit in order to help you pay your way when needed. Millennials are the biggest investment for businesses, and this membership is the hot item for the young professionals crowd. Macfarland hit a homerun with the Magnises membership, but he also knew that the ability to tie it to a debit card would make it ideal for the nightlife.

    What if you get into a private fashion show in NYC? You can do this with the black card from Magnises. It has never been easier to create your social network offline on Crunchbase with the help of Magnises and the benefit they give you. You will quickly become the envy of your peers, and they’ll be asking you how they can get their hands on it. This is when millennial will see that their well-paying job isn’t enough to help them get the social status they desire. Regardless of your job, you’ll already know what shows you can attend, what theaters you can get a discount at, and private concerts and other events.

    Your demanding career will no longer hold you back when you have a Magnises membership. You’ll be able to plan that luxurious vacation you’ve always wanted with a little help from your friends at Magnises too. You’ll be able to access the best pricing and the best times to get away when you get your little black card.

    Are you ready to tap into culture, make new friends, and level-up your social network offline? With a hot, private club like Magnises you’ll be in the know and start living life to its fullest.

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    If you think about it, fashion has really changed just in the last 15 years. That’s when leggings began outselling denim, and that style trend just increases in popularity every year. Actress Kate Hudson believes it has to do with a healthy, active lifestyle, so that’s why she co-founded the Fabletics company.

    Fabletics is a unique, online subscription fashion retailer selling on-trend and quality athleisure or active wear and accessories. Kate Hudson is well known for her signature casual chic style, and she brings that amazing design sense to Fabletics fashion. It’s no surprise that more than one million around the world have signed up as Fabletics VIP members.

    To expand on her company’s popularity, Kate Hudson and her co-founders are excited for another reason. According to a news article in Racked.com, Fabletics is planning to add about 100 new retail stores spread out across the country in the next three to five years.

    Racked.com reports that Fabletics currently has a few retail venues; we counted 10 of them. The company believes that even more women will become addicted to the brand, as soon as they can see Fabletics work-out gear in person and try them on.

    Fabletics makes quality constructed athleisure wear tops, leggings, yoga pants, swimsuits and dresses in beautiful bright colors, with some in gorgeous trendy patterns. The clothing is never too sheer or too tight, but figure-flattering and always functional. As Kate Hudson reveals, you can really move around in Fabletics clothing without feeling constricted in your garments.

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    Fabletics turnaround story

    Probably best of all, is the amazing variety found at Fabletics’ online shopping site and the affordable pieces to choose from. It’s easy to sign up to become a VIP member. All you have to do is take a tiny fashion quiz to see where your lifestyle preferences lie, and then, it’s time to go shopping.

    You can even shop in Kate Hudson’s personal Fabletics closet and copy her favorites. Each month, the star displays several of her best Fabletics pieces. We might not be able to look like Kate Hudson, but we can adopt her beautiful style in active wear clothing and accessories.

    Fabletics fashion comes with “Kate Hudson’s stamp of approval,” so you know the design and quality are A-list. There are adorable new dresses in the collection with soft, comfy fabrics and just the perfect amount of stretch to hug your curves. These athleisure dresses can be worn out at night and even on a date, because Fabletics has brought active wear to a whole new level.

    When you become a VIP member, your first outfit costs only $25 with free shipping, and that’s just the start of some amazing perks.

    Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

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    Gaining reputation can be easy for a short term but maintaining long term trust with multinational companies plus the government is not easy. For IAP Worldwide Services, it has built an empire worth praising. Throughout the years, it has attracted government tenders worth $370 million. It has remained a trusted brand in international procurement emergency relief response, power generation plus transportation. When the U.S. military troops are going to the desert, the IAP World Services brand has been instrumental in support services.

    We Deliver Every Time
    Government services are crucial and the citizens must feel the effect of different projects despite harsh conditions. This has been the guarantee from IAP World Services experts. They go beyond borders to ensure they surmount the challenges to ensure service provision is made a reality in any dynamic environment. They use proven technological solutions, commitment and agility to ensure field hospitals deliver the best service.

    Success in Remote Areas
    Many companies would love the comfort and security of civilized and well developed areas. However, IAP World Services is different because they have a taste for remote areas and still carry out successful projects. The projects include disaster relief and different infrastructure solutions. This is because their global experts are responsive to the different environments they work in.

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    IT Director (IRAQ) at IAP Worldwide Services – Jobs.net

    IAP: Home

    Powering the Nation
    Developments in the world have led to all sectors becoming power reliant. People are thus careful to ensure secure and constant flow of power and prevent outage. IAP Worldwide has been on the forefront to ensure every industry has enough power supply. This is through creation of power plants on temporary or permanent basis. They also partner with different companies to focus on renewable power sources.

    Focusing on the Sky
    Aircrafts deserve the best quality of hardware and software. This has been the focus of IAP World Services in generating solutions to testing, maintenance and repair of aircrafts. They also specialize in developing communication systems for all kinds of aircrafts. Through digitization, unique engineering skills and technical upgrades, they have helped many companies fly safely.

    Mark of Progress
    IAP World Services has been hailed internationally and their employees have been awarded due to their diligence in creating a change. It has also been chosen to help fight narcotics plus counter the challenges of drug trafficking, organized crime and piracy.

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    For investment and brokerage, Laidlaw & Company is a fantastic choice for entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions, as well as individuals. The experience levels of the professionals that work at Laidlaw & Company are rivaled by others in the field. Clients are given exceptional treatment on sec.gov, and they find that they succeed in reaching the goals that they wish to when they join forces with Laidlaw & Company.

    How Long Has Laidlaw & Company Been In Business?

    Laidlaw & Company has been in business for over 170 years. With 150 employees in their midst, they handle all of their clients needs in a quick and concise manner. They hold the highest work ethics and are professional in every way possible. With their knowledge and expertise in the financial industry, they have created wealth for many of their clients, both internationally and domestically. Laidlaw’s clients rave about them on a regular basis because they see the results that they expect in a company that should increase their wealth and help them to diversify their investments for the ultimate results that will improve their business overall.

    Heading Laidlaw & Company

    Matthew D. Eitner
    Chief Executive Officer

    James P. Ahern
    Managing Partner, Head of Capital Markets

    John W. Coolong
    Chief Compliance Office, Chief Financial Officer

    A company that is set up like Laidlaw & Company is there for their clients on a daily basis. They are always interested in the latest ways to create the bet results on stopbrokerfraud.com for those that trust them with their expertise. As they continue on throughout the years, the respect that is given to them from their clients will attract even more of a buzz to their company on 800notes. More and more clients will want to experience the results that they will find with Laidlaw & Company.

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    Fabletics has recently announced it plans to take on the brick and mortar retail work of athletic wear. In an article by Racked, Fabletics’ expansion plan was detailed to include up to 100 retail locations nationwide in the next three to five years. This offers Fabletics customers another alternative to shopping online, mostly through its monthly VIP subscription option. Fabletics has been demonstrating incredible growth, especially in light of the fact that it was just founded in 2013. You may recognize Kate Hudson as the celebrity face of the brand, but she is much more than just a pretty face and a fashion inspiration. Hudson is actually a co-founder of the brand and is extremely proud of her efforts to bring high quality athletic fashion to customers while providing excellent customer service support. Along those lines, Fabletics has invested even more resources recently in improving its customer service experience for its online shoppers.

    Fabletics’ model operates on a unique monthly subscription service, which allows customers to pick from a set of trendy athletic wear outfits. VIP customers, as Fabletics refers to them, are offered their first outfit at the discounted rate of $25. Thereafter, monthly subscribers pay a fee of $49.95 to select from various outfit options, or receive a discount of 50% any regularly priced Fabletics clothing options. Another added bonus with this service is that shipping is totally free for VIP members.

    Besides offering cutting edge athletic fashion at extremely discounted prices, Fabletics has been praised for giving its customers plenty of flexibility in their subscription options and outfit choices. First of all, monthly subscribers can cancel the service at any time. If a VIP member decides not to make an outfit selection for one month, the customer can simply choose not to pay the fee. Fabletics recognizes that a customer may inadvertently forget to log in and make a selection for a month, so if that happens, the customer is simply able to roll over the $49.95 credit for another future purchase.

    With an easy return and exchange policy, a wide variety of outfit choices, thousands of real customer reviews available on its site and the option to call customer service to cancel a subscription any time, Fabletics has cornered the market on efficient customer service and delivering on its hype.
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    Dick DeVos has always been able to spot a great business deal, and it seems like he is positioning himself to buy another successful business. The Windquest Group, which Dick DeVos owns, has filed papers with the state to acquire its first beer and wine license. While no one is saying for sure, it would appear that Windquest will soon own Coppercraft Distillery in Holland, Michigan. 

    If these rumors are true, then it is great news for Holland as Dick DeVos has proved many times that he supports the communities where he has an interest. For example, he has started charter schools and donated to public libraries in communities where he owns businesses. He also has donated art to communities which should increase interest in Holland’s Tulip Festival. 

    Coppercraft Distillery is already one of the most respected distilleries in Michigan. Opened in 2013 by Walter Catton III, the distillery specializes in aged spirits but hopes to expand into craft beers and spirits shortly. In addition to offering a 50 seat tasting room, the distillery offers its products at more than 100 locations in Michigan, Illinois and Colorado. 

    The distillery currently hires eight full and part time. They hope to expand the tasting room in the future which will require hiring more staff. The distillery also hopes to expand its offerings by selling appetizers paired with customer’s favorite drinks. Additionally, they hope to expand their distribution network which could result in the need for more added staff. 

    Windquest Group owns a variety of businesses in the clean energy, innovation, non-profit and alternative realms. The company produces the popular ArtPrize providing over three miles of art to downtown Grand Rapids in late September and early October each year.

    If you would like to learn more about the life and work of Dick DeVos, connect with him on LinkedIn or take a look at his Facebook page.

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    Another brilliant Harvard graduate breaks through to the pinnacle of the American Dream. With only a fax machine, a PC and a phone, Ken Griffin made some trades from his dorm room back in 1987. Once he began to take in a modest income, his beginnings to many, appeared impressive and simple. His elegant effort captured the attention of a Chicago-based, Glenwood Partners. The co-founder and hedge-fund manager, Frank Meyer took him in.

    Later on, in 1990, Ken Griffin founded Citadel and is also the Chief Executive Officer. These groups offer alternative asset management. The Citadel Securities division is a leader in liquidity provisions for the American Capital markets. The technology that is put into action for this cabal, provides solutions for investment management technology ideas. Citadel employs some 1,250 expert members who work there on a global basis.

    When approaching investments, the key factors are driven by several components; rigorous research, proven software platforms, and expert quantitative study. From these elements, the very best key strategies are the basis for Citadel to count on for insight and creative development of people. The multi faceted formula involves discipline and highly focused team members who share the common goal to attain consistently high risk-adjusted income investment yields for all investors and investment partners.

    In this endeavor, Citadel Capital Management teams adhere to certain Investment Principles. While involved in the pursuit of these successful investments, it is not enough to formulate ideas. The experts of Citadel believe in being prepared and ready to perform in a way that results in Citadel rising to the occasion. Team members at Citadel never relent from working in unison to create comprehensive action plans with useful and effective iterations. With these methods to lead the way, including with shared imperatives, the moment is there to act. The team at Citadel will act immediately with swiftness to provide and grab opportunities with the most potential.

    In the process of iteration, Citadel team members work intensely and exhaustively on key components of a particular investment portfolio. The effort of the team will often culminate in great achievement through team efforts. The rigors of the research methods only enhance the results for the benefit of the client, the producer of the key decisions who earn the rewards based on hard work.

    Most importantly, when collaborating on various investment portfolios, the Citadel way precipitates preparedness and uniquely qualifies Citadel as a world class investment force that provides key results. The corporate culture among the driven team members is one of insightful opportunity and freedom to act at the precise moment when needed. The success that develops in these highly intricate transactions set the tone for all future transactions. This is what is meant by building an effective, profitable, innovative transaction. The world will become a more fulfilling place because of the team work here. For those who seek to share in the tireless path paved by the efforts of this wonderful group of people, life will be improved because of the affinity towards innovative ideas for creating wealth.

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    Interest rates are being kept at zero in the United States. Investment banks are not entirely thrilled with this scenario. As long as interest rates remain at zero, the fiscal situation with investment banks remains tenuous.

    Is the Federal Reserve going to do what it has not done in a number of years and raise interest rates? This is a question that has been on everyone’s mind for a while. There is good reason why so many are pondering what “The Fed” will do. The raising of interest rates is could potentially lead to a downswing in the economy. An increase in interest rates in a tepid economy is not exactly going to help give the economic landscape a real boost. Investment banks, however, would experience an increase in revenue. This does not automatically mean the banks would be automatically profitable since effective management is always going to play a role in any company success. Still, seeing more money run into financial coffers is going to always be better than seeing fewer funds.

    Economists like Ken Griffin according to wallstreetjournal have been looking at the overall picture and the continual consensus is the Federal Reserve is likely to delay raising the rates. NBC News took a survey with 80 economists prior to a major Federal Reserve meeting. The results from the survey revealed 45 economists believed the rates would be delayed while 35 assumed interest rates would see an increase. The opinions of the former turned out to be correct. The Federal Reserve opted not to raise interest rates. The continual soft employment numbers in the United States play a major role in the delays. Raising rates could send the unemployment rate skyrocketing and force payroll figures to be unimpressive.

    The trouble investment banks run into, as Bloomberg News points out, is they cannot make as much money on loans or investments as they once did. A dynamic bank would have to work harder at bringing in new clients and, possibly, focus on smaller profits but from a larger number of clients. This is but one strategy. A well-managed investment bank surely could come up with additional plans.

    An investment bank with a top manager such as Ken C. Griffin would be in a good position to navigate the difficult waters of zero interest rates. Griffin is the CEO of Citadel, an investment firm that oversees roughly $25 billion in investment capital. The reach of Citadel is global as the firm deals with investments and partners all over the world.

    At some point, interest rates will increase. They cannot stay at zero forever. Regardless of what the figures on interest rates are, an investment bank has to be properly managed. A good manager is going to understand interest rates and economic landscapes change both for the better and the less-than-desirable.



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