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    Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur who has been able to find great success in creating different dating apps. These dating applications have taken off and Andrey has found that it is well worth it for him and for his users. He’s interested in fine food and bringing about wonderful applications that can help to enhance the lives of users across the world. He doesn’t just eat, he also cooks and he will take the opportunity to create food for guests if the moment is present. His cooking skills are certainly on par with many different chefs in the marketplace (Twitter).

    But where does his life and vigor come from? Besides being able to switch things up as he pleases, he has the ability to be productive. This is why he is able to indulge in wonderful food and create applications that help people to connect in deeper way. Here is one productivity method that one may use.

    Basic: Personal Kanban

    The term “Kanban” is derived from the Japanese language. It refers to a manufacturing or scheduling system where the supply of used components is managed through the use of instruction cards and Andrey Andreev practices personal Kanban and hopes to intstaure it one day in the Occidental World.

    These cards are used to keep track of the manufacturing process and its efficiency. Through proper communication, they ensure that everything is going according to schedule and all tasks are being met in a timely manner.  Understanding this process and seeing how effective it could be in a production line, it is no wonder that it is now being used to take care of personal tasks.

    Thankfully, a personal Kanban doesn’t need you to pass cards along to other people out of nowhere. What it requires you to do is to use sticky notes and a section of the wall or whiteboard to keep track of your tasks.

    For starters, you could use three basic columns.

    • To Do

    • Doing

    • Done

    Each task would denote to the use of one sticky note.

    • When you start with your personal Kanban, you would have a full “To Do” column with a number of sticky notes. Andrey Andreev prefers that to keeping it on a PC computer.

    • When you start performing the tasks, they would need to be moved to the “Doing” column.

    • When you have completed them, they would be moved to the “Done” column.

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    While the United States has certainly led the way over the years in the high-tech industry, it is no secret many foreign competitors have slowly started to gain significant amounts of ground. According to Shervin Pishevar, one of the world’s foremost venture capitalists, this is very true in today’s business world. Having recently took to Twitter to express his views on the U.S. and world economic situation during a 21-hour tweet storm, it’s quite clear he has many unique insights into a variety of topics.


    Regarding the U.S. stock market, Shervin Pishevar believes stocks are on the way out, and instead precious metals are on the way in for smart investors. Predicting a steep drop in market value of up to 6,000 points within the next year, he views gold as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Believing bond markets will create this crisis, Shervin Pishevar views this as the perfect time for many investors who are heavily invested in stocks to adjust their portfolios.


    As to the demise of Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar believes it is almost inevitable, based on current market conditions around the world in the high-tech sector. As American companies have fallen back due to a lack of drive and a clear vision for the future, foreign companies in China and other nations have done the opposite. From training workers in the latest workplace methods, investing heavily in research and development, and possessing a drive that will not end until they are number one, Shervin Pishevar feels these companies have already surpassed Silicon Valley, and will in fact pull even further ahead in the years to come.


    Finally, as his tweet storm started to subside, Shervin Pishevar took aim at Bitcoin. A virtual currency more popular than ever, he sees it dropping in value anywhere from 2,000-5,000 points, resulting in large losses for investors. However, for those investors who are patient enough to wait for a turnaround, he feels it will not only regain its losses, but in fact gain more and more value, making numerous investors quite rich along the way.



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    The Sussex Healthcare company works hard to ensure they’re hiring people who care. They want their patients getting the best care possible and they know the easiest way to do that is through employees who care about what they’re doing and how they’re making a difference. They have a lot of experience helping people and giving their patients positive opportunities. Since they know so much about what they can do and how they can help, they feel comfortable giving more attention to the people who are in the industry. They’ve always wanted people to understand they’re doing a good job and they’re trying their best to make things better. The company spends a lot of time working on new opportunities and that’s how they do things the right way.

    As long as they’re doing it the right way, they feel their company will just keep getting better. For years, the company focused on how they could help people and what they could do. They learned that they could provide the best senior care by making things easier on the seniors. They gave them more opportunities than any other senior care center and that’s how they help keep them young and active. Seniors can do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do because of how helpful Sussex Healthcare has been to them. The company likes helping seniors and keeping them active since it makes their lives better.

    Sussex Healthcare sees the positive opportunities that come from all of it. While Sussex Healthcare knows what people want and they work hard to make that happen, they also feel there are things they can do that will make their own lives better. It’s important for them to hire people who care so they don’t have to worry about what’s going on with the company and how the seniors are getting treatment. They always learned a lot about the right way to do things and the right opportunities they can use to make everything better. Sussex Healthcare keeps improving and people keep seeing all the improvements that come with the options they offer everyone. Learn More.

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    Many savvy investors that have followed the financial advice offered by Agora Financial have by far made profitable decisions. Alongside predicting the harsh economic times in different industries with the most memorable one being the downfall of the American Airlines, Agora Financial has in the past predicted the technology and housing atrocities prior to their arrival. Besides, the company is known for disseminating high-risk but correct financial predictions. Moreover, the management believes that readers should be equipped with the right tools for them to achieve their goals.

    The Foundation of Agora Financial

    Agora Financial was established in 1979. The man behind its foundation is Bill Bonner, an expert in finance. Coupled with conjoined efforts from different experts, Bonner has since worked hard to establish a strong foundation for the company to provide competitive financial services to the clients. Also a financial analyst and a writer, Bonner has managed to author some helpful books to support his client’s ability to make better financial decisions. Some of the books include Financial Reckoning Day as well as Empire of Debt. Other than that, Bonner has led the company to publish constructive financial newsletters that provide clients with sound financial advice. Of course, the services spread to different industries including technology, stock exchange, energy, and metals.

    Services Provided

    With its central office in Baltimore’s Maryland, Agora Financial has managed to produce publications majorly dealing with financial issues. The management presents this information through several outlets including emails, conferences, print, and e-books with the primary objective of educating Americans in financial matters.

    Advising Investors

    Investors should always be aware of the possible volatilities in the market. At the same time, they should know how to bank in from it. Well, some investors are fast learners, and they understand the impact of such situations on the market. Others, on the other hand, have to learn through a series of lessons. At Agora Financial, the team is qualified to encourage investors to make the decision based on the different economic temperaments instead of making emotion-based decisions. Moreover, the company continues to urge investors to evaluate their financial situation before delving into such investments.

    The Overview

    With the continuous online presence, Agora Financial has managed to provide viable financial advice to the public and private sectors. Concurrently, they have a strong social media presence for clients to reach them quickly. Well, some of these sites include Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, they can be reached for consultation and other questions that may seem to be pressing for clients.

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    Succeeding in business and entrepreneurship entails various vicissitudes, which shape a person’s perspective on things in addition to acting as a source of experience in decision making. Todd Lubar is no different and has gone through several challenging moments in his journey of becoming a successful businessperson. Todd went through a dazzling life story, which has taken him to turn into a reputed President at the TDL Global Ventures. At the entity, Todd Lubar leads an expertly trained, qualified and experienced team of market professionals benefiting from a wide range of clients who are sufficiently satisfied with the firm’s services. For more details visit crunchbase



    In his career debut, Todd Lubar worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation just after graduating from the college. He served at the company for four years and proceeded to Legacy Financial Group in 1999, which was located in Arlington, Texas. During his time at the company, Todd Lubar enabled the entity to grow their Maryland office into an employment-generating platform resulting in increased loan volume manually. Todd Lubar worked with Legacy Financial Group until 2005, when he decided to skyrocket his career and accepted an appointment by Charter Funding, which is one of the successful divisions of Magnus Financial Corporation, to serve as the senior vice president.


    Among Todd Lubar’s most impressive skills is mortgage banking. However, he additionally holds successful portfolios in various other industries, which includes a recycling business, a nightclub, a demolition firm as well as a significant involvement in the realty development sector. Todd also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. He is a profoundly accomplished entrepreneur and businessperson who has for a long time been helping people achieve their dreams by making them homeowners. He has more than 20 years of working experience in the real estate sector.


    Todd Lubar has been listed as one of the best and successful 25 mortgage originators for several years. In addition to the realty industry, Todd Lubar has been actively involved in other sectors, including the entertainment industry, construction, and mortgage-banking sector. In 1995, Todd Lubar completed his undergraduate studies at the prestigious Syracuse University from where he finished his course magna cum laude to graduate with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. Todd Lubar credits his accomplishment to hard work and the sufficient comprehension of the business world.




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    The former ownership of NBA franchise Atlanta Hawks LLC, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) LLC, is suing New Hampshire Insurance Company for breaching a contract involving Danny Ferry’s settlement. Ferry was the former general manager of the Atlanta Hawks. The lawsuit includes Bruce Levenson, a controlling partner at AHBE. However, the suit does not involve Tony Ressler and the present ownership of the NBA team. See, http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/.

    Levenson and AHBE have sued AIG in a civil action suit for insurance bad faith and breach of contract. Under its insurance policy, AHBE has claimed that it was fully covered against losses arising from employment practices including workplace torts and wrongful termination. AHBE and Ferry agreed on a buyout agreement in June 2015 consequently ending a six-year contract worth $18 million signed in 2012. Two days later, Atlanta Hawks LLC changed ownership.

    However, AIG refused to honor the claim and admit that the policy was triggered. Despite the insurance company’s obligation to pay, it declined to honor the policy in bad faith. The suit seeks a 50 percent penalty on top of any attorney’s costs and unpaid losses.

    Bruce Levenson

    American businessman, Bruce Levenson, is a founding partner at United Communications Group (UCG), and the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson co-founded UCG in 1977 with his long-term business partner Ed Peskowitz. Before UCG, Levenson wrote for the Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He is also a director at TechTarget, Inc.

    According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, D.C. to Jewish parents and was raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Levenson attended Washington University for his undergraduate studies before attending law school at the American University. While in law school, Levenson worked as a journalist for the Washington Star. He is an active philanthropic who supports causes like the SEED Foundation, Jewish Federation, and Birthright Israel.

    Source:  brucelevenson.com

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    If you were to ask someone what Magnises could do for you, the answer would be numerous things. Above all, it can help you build the perfect network. Building a social network can help you build your self-esteem as you make friends, but in time you can also build some of your professional network. Above all, Magnises is all about improving your way of life and the membership improves your quality of life.

    Magnises will open doors for you that you never knew existed. In 2014, this was exactly what Bill McFarland wanted to do for the young professionals crowd. The membership simple, and it will encourage you to get your little black card so you can start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. The goal of the card was to give young professional a “private club” type of network, that would give them first dibs on special events in the largest cities on angel.co. The card offers discounts at bars, restaurants, night clubs, private concerts, and even the most luxurious getaways.

    There are numerous benefits of the “little black card”, but the card can also be linked up to your bank account or even a credit in order to help you pay your way when needed. Millennials are the biggest investment for businesses, and this membership is the hot item for the young professionals crowd. Macfarland hit a homerun with the Magnises membership, but he also knew that the ability to tie it to a debit card would make it ideal for the nightlife.

    What if you get into a private fashion show in NYC? You can do this with the black card from Magnises. It has never been easier to create your social network offline on Crunchbase with the help of Magnises and the benefit they give you. You will quickly become the envy of your peers, and they’ll be asking you how they can get their hands on it. This is when millennial will see that their well-paying job isn’t enough to help them get the social status they desire. Regardless of your job, you’ll already know what shows you can attend, what theaters you can get a discount at, and private concerts and other events.

    Your demanding career will no longer hold you back when you have a Magnises membership. You’ll be able to plan that luxurious vacation you’ve always wanted with a little help from your friends at Magnises too. You’ll be able to access the best pricing and the best times to get away when you get your little black card.

    Are you ready to tap into culture, make new friends, and level-up your social network offline? With a hot, private club like Magnises you’ll be in the know and start living life to its fullest.

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    If you think about it, fashion has really changed just in the last 15 years. That’s when leggings began outselling denim, and that style trend just increases in popularity every year. Actress Kate Hudson believes it has to do with a healthy, active lifestyle, so that’s why she co-founded the Fabletics company.

    Fabletics is a unique, online subscription fashion retailer selling on-trend and quality athleisure or active wear and accessories. Kate Hudson is well known for her signature casual chic style, and she brings that amazing design sense to Fabletics fashion. It’s no surprise that more than one million around the world have signed up as Fabletics VIP members.

    To expand on her company’s popularity, Kate Hudson and her co-founders are excited for another reason. According to a news article in Racked.com, Fabletics is planning to add about 100 new retail stores spread out across the country in the next three to five years.

    Racked.com reports that Fabletics currently has a few retail venues; we counted 10 of them. The company believes that even more women will become addicted to the brand, as soon as they can see Fabletics work-out gear in person and try them on.

    Fabletics makes quality constructed athleisure wear tops, leggings, yoga pants, swimsuits and dresses in beautiful bright colors, with some in gorgeous trendy patterns. The clothing is never too sheer or too tight, but figure-flattering and always functional. As Kate Hudson reveals, you can really move around in Fabletics clothing without feeling constricted in your garments.

    Read more:
    Fabletics – Mall of America

    Fabletics turnaround story

    Probably best of all, is the amazing variety found at Fabletics’ online shopping site and the affordable pieces to choose from. It’s easy to sign up to become a VIP member. All you have to do is take a tiny fashion quiz to see where your lifestyle preferences lie, and then, it’s time to go shopping.

    You can even shop in Kate Hudson’s personal Fabletics closet and copy her favorites. Each month, the star displays several of her best Fabletics pieces. We might not be able to look like Kate Hudson, but we can adopt her beautiful style in active wear clothing and accessories.

    Fabletics fashion comes with “Kate Hudson’s stamp of approval,” so you know the design and quality are A-list. There are adorable new dresses in the collection with soft, comfy fabrics and just the perfect amount of stretch to hug your curves. These athleisure dresses can be worn out at night and even on a date, because Fabletics has brought active wear to a whole new level.

    When you become a VIP member, your first outfit costs only $25 with free shipping, and that’s just the start of some amazing perks.

    Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/

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    Gaining reputation can be easy for a short term but maintaining long term trust with multinational companies plus the government is not easy. For IAP Worldwide Services, it has built an empire worth praising. Throughout the years, it has attracted government tenders worth $370 million. It has remained a trusted brand in international procurement emergency relief response, power generation plus transportation. When the U.S. military troops are going to the desert, the IAP World Services brand has been instrumental in support services.

    We Deliver Every Time
    Government services are crucial and the citizens must feel the effect of different projects despite harsh conditions. This has been the guarantee from IAP World Services experts. They go beyond borders to ensure they surmount the challenges to ensure service provision is made a reality in any dynamic environment. They use proven technological solutions, commitment and agility to ensure field hospitals deliver the best service.

    Success in Remote Areas
    Many companies would love the comfort and security of civilized and well developed areas. However, IAP World Services is different because they have a taste for remote areas and still carry out successful projects. The projects include disaster relief and different infrastructure solutions. This is because their global experts are responsive to the different environments they work in.

    Read more:
    IT Director (IRAQ) at IAP Worldwide Services – Jobs.net

    IAP: Home

    Powering the Nation
    Developments in the world have led to all sectors becoming power reliant. People are thus careful to ensure secure and constant flow of power and prevent outage. IAP Worldwide has been on the forefront to ensure every industry has enough power supply. This is through creation of power plants on temporary or permanent basis. They also partner with different companies to focus on renewable power sources.

    Focusing on the Sky
    Aircrafts deserve the best quality of hardware and software. This has been the focus of IAP World Services in generating solutions to testing, maintenance and repair of aircrafts. They also specialize in developing communication systems for all kinds of aircrafts. Through digitization, unique engineering skills and technical upgrades, they have helped many companies fly safely.

    Mark of Progress
    IAP World Services has been hailed internationally and their employees have been awarded due to their diligence in creating a change. It has also been chosen to help fight narcotics plus counter the challenges of drug trafficking, organized crime and piracy.

    Learn more about IAP Worldwide:


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    For investment and brokerage, Laidlaw & Company is a fantastic choice for entrepreneurs, corporations, institutions, as well as individuals. The experience levels of the professionals that work at Laidlaw & Company are rivaled by others in the field. Clients are given exceptional treatment on sec.gov, and they find that they succeed in reaching the goals that they wish to when they join forces with Laidlaw & Company.

    How Long Has Laidlaw & Company Been In Business?

    Laidlaw & Company has been in business for over 170 years. With 150 employees in their midst, they handle all of their clients needs in a quick and concise manner. They hold the highest work ethics and are professional in every way possible. With their knowledge and expertise in the financial industry, they have created wealth for many of their clients, both internationally and domestically. Laidlaw’s clients rave about them on a regular basis because they see the results that they expect in a company that should increase their wealth and help them to diversify their investments for the ultimate results that will improve their business overall.

    Heading Laidlaw & Company

    Matthew D. Eitner
    Chief Executive Officer

    James P. Ahern
    Managing Partner, Head of Capital Markets

    John W. Coolong
    Chief Compliance Office, Chief Financial Officer

    A company that is set up like Laidlaw & Company is there for their clients on a daily basis. They are always interested in the latest ways to create the bet results on stopbrokerfraud.com for those that trust them with their expertise. As they continue on throughout the years, the respect that is given to them from their clients will attract even more of a buzz to their company on 800notes. More and more clients will want to experience the results that they will find with Laidlaw & Company.



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