• 18Jul

    Employees are the cornerstone of every business. Keeping them on track with company goals and providing consistent feedback is key. It is vital for leaders to engage their workers so that company growth is possible. Thanks to Betterworks, a Continuous Performance Management® solution, it is easier than ever to communicate with employees throughout various departments and make sure that all workers understand their important positions within the company. Here are some ways to heighten performance:

    1. Look to the Future

    Instead of conventional employee reviews that base feedback solely on past performance, reviews should look to the future. Managers should frequently discuss performance with workers and explain the best ways that employees can grow their skills. With Betterworks, it is possible to maintain regular communication and document actual conversations so that employees comprehend what is expected and can act accordingly.

    2. Improve Management

    Managers are critical to improving overall workforce performance. They should be willing to coach employees in the direction of company goals. Employees should understand how they impact the business and the individual benefits that they gain as well. Betterworks enhances communication between workers and management. This makes it possible to increase productivity.

    3. Provide a Sense of Purpose

    Every business has a mission. This purpose must become central to every worker. When an employee senses a path to growth and development, a company prospers. It is essential to invest in employees. When they see a path to advancement, they are likely to remain with a company and increase the likelihood of business growth.

    Following the above strategies should help business leaders maximize workforce performance. With the use of Betterworks, managers have the potential to harness the effectiveness of a key piece of software so that they motivate employees and boost productivity.

  • 18Jun

    Any business organization that is keen on protecting its company culture understands the importance of dealing with bias. There are two kinds of biases — intentional bias created by the noticeable human differences such as color, politics, gender, and others. Then there is unintentional bias, which may filter into an organization unknowingly. 

    To deal with the unintentional bias, business managers need to do something more since they cannot eliminate something they do not see in the first case. The benefits of HR tech tools come in here. It is possible to deploy tools that will monitor employees’ performance without bias. Such tools are integrated with the messaging and productivity tools used by the employees often. With Betterworks, managers will be in a position to fairly evaluate the performance of their employees

    Betterworks allows managers to create an easy to follow performance review process. For instance, if the goal is to collect $10k through each employee, this HR tech tool will allow the manager to set measurable that will determine the progress of each employee. With such a method of gauging employees’ productivity in place, it then becomes straightforward to collect valuable performance data that can be used in a fair review process. 

    With credible data from Betterworks, as a manager, you will not only make the right decisions for the future growth of your business, but you will also motivate your employees to get better results since they know the review process with judge them fairly. Better still, data from Betterworks is accessible to managers and employees through mobile or desktop platforms.

  • 12Aug

    The Sussex Healthcare company works hard to ensure they’re hiring people who care. They want their patients getting the best care possible and they know the easiest way to do that is through employees who care about what they’re doing and how they’re making a difference. They have a lot of experience helping people and giving their patients positive opportunities. Since they know so much about what they can do and how they can help, they feel comfortable giving more attention to the people who are in the industry. They’ve always wanted people to understand they’re doing a good job and they’re trying their best to make things better. The company spends a lot of time working on new opportunities and that’s how they do things the right way.

    As long as they’re doing it the right way, they feel their company will just keep getting better. For years, the company focused on how they could help people and what they could do. They learned that they could provide the best senior care by making things easier on the seniors. They gave them more opportunities than any other senior care center and that’s how they help keep them young and active. Seniors can do things they wouldn’t normally be able to do because of how helpful Sussex Healthcare has been to them. The company likes helping seniors and keeping them active since it makes their lives better.

    Sussex Healthcare sees the positive opportunities that come from all of it. While Sussex Healthcare knows what people want and they work hard to make that happen, they also feel there are things they can do that will make their own lives better. It’s important for them to hire people who care so they don’t have to worry about what’s going on with the company and how the seniors are getting treatment. They always learned a lot about the right way to do things and the right opportunities they can use to make everything better. Sussex Healthcare keeps improving and people keep seeing all the improvements that come with the options they offer everyone. Learn More.

  • 12Aug

    OSI group began as a modest neighbourhood butcher, but today it is an internationally recognized conglomerate which defines growth and expansion better than better than any other company. Today it’s listed among the high riders of the food industry. All this growth could not have been possible if it weren’t for its exemplary group of leaders among them, David McDonald. David McDonald has been an integral part of the food company and having been brought up on a farm; he has always had the passion for being in the food industry. In respect to this, he attended Lowa State University where he studied animal science and emerged with outstanding results a factor that saw him being honoured with the Wallace E. Barron outstanding senior award.

    Fresh from school, equipped with the right knowledge from his education and experience from growing up in a farm, David began as an intern at OSI and worked his way up the ladder to become the Chief Operating officer of OSI group. His experience growing up on a farm largely influences his style of leadership to date. Additionally, the fact that he joined the firm when it was still in its early stages of growth has helped him gain a deeper understanding of how it works and also how the market works. It is thanks to this that David McDonalds can come up with strategies which only help in propelling the company to the top. For instance, David has been the cornerstone of most decisions.

    For example, he led the company into securing Baho Foods a move that has since proved to be incredibly beneficial as the company got the opportunity to spread into the Dutch Territory. He has also been the force behind OSI Group’s recent expansion into countries like Europe and China. David McDonald’s presence at OSI group has positively impacted the growth of the company which is now listed on Forbes list of the most significant private companies and runs in about seventeen countries with over 65 branches and more than 2000 employees. All this success and his wise business moves can be attributed to the vast knowledge he acquired while growing up and also his extensive experience that he has gathered over the years while working with government agencies, suppliers and other business partners who he comes across on his daily routine. Today all grown up and mature, David McDonald has a beautiful family and is a father to six children, two of whom seem to be tracing his footsteps and a husband to a beautiful woman known as Malinda.

  • 03Aug

    Ara Chackerian is resident of Francisco, California, whose area of interest is in the field of business. He wears many hats where he is also an angel entrepreneur, an environmentalist, and a philanthropic individual as well. Ara Chackerian is a graduate of the Florida State University from where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing. Mr. Chackerian has spent many years working to improve technologies in the medical field, which has seen him partner with some like-minded people to open medical facilities such as the TMS Health Solutions.


    Further, among the organizations that Mr. Chackerian has worked include the BMC Diagnostics where he was the founder, president, and the CEO. He also helped to find Embion/ ProviderLinks and also worked as the PSS/World Medical among other healthcare organizations. Moreover, Ara Chackerian’s love for the environment is one of his greatest strengths where he focuses on creating and promoting a sustainable environment. He has done this by establishing the Nicaragua -based farm that is known as the Limonapa Teak. The farm again employs hundreds of youths who earn a good pay from it.


    About Ara Chackerian’s Sentiments on First-World Country’s Health Care Worries


    Ara Chackerian believes that most of the first-world countries are ever worried about their healthcare due to the high costs of treatments. He gives an example of the United States where the medical costs are always increasing such that they affect the more top income earners who end up struggling to pay the bills. This especially applies to people with some of the physical conditions and chronic diseases that require regular medical treatment. Again, other first-world countries like France and Japan are also worried about how they can sustain their much-advanced healthcare systems. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.


    Furthermore, countries that have free health care for their citizens such as Sweden are worried about how to keep the healthcare sector adequately funded. This is because the funds are taken from the government’s budget to cater for the universal healthcare that is again advancing leading to higher bills. Nonetheless, the advancement of the health-technology has helped the general life-span to increase where people can live for many more years. On the contrary, though it is a good idea to have the universal health care for the countries with this scheme, Mr. Chackerian’s points out that there is one common complaint across of having to wait for longer days before admissions. You can visit their Facebook page.



    Read more: https://medium.com/@arachackerian


  • 20Jul

    OSI Group Expands Its Horizons through Technology

    It is factual that expanding your business to serve the international clientele is pretty rewarding. Thanks to the onset of technological advancements, it enables you to expand your small business and create a significant global impact. With that said OSI Group is one such company that has come a long way to expand its horizons. Today, it has major clients across different states and cities. This is all because of the technological advancements in the past.


    The beginning of OSI Group dated to the 20th century when Otto Kolschowsky moved to Chicago as a German immigrant. He arrived in Chicago and set the trend in the business world. Because the thriving city was a hub of many businesses, Mr. Kolschowsky thought that a company in the same town would work to his advantage. It turns out that he was right because when he launched a small butcher in Chicago, it picked up. Otto & Sons were the names of the company in the beginning.

    The Growth

    During The First World War, Otto’s business flourished thereby attracting more clients from different cities. At the same time, he expanded the business to a wholesale that included moving the firm’s operations to Maywood. The next decade saw to it that the business was well aligned with the current needs of the clients. The rebranding was one of the needs that followed the family business. As such, Otto needed a supportive finance executive that would help. But before that, the onset of technology played a pivotal role in growing the company.

    Development and Technology Use

    For decades, Otto and his sons continued to grow the business by launching a new branch in a different city. With the help of the likes of McDonald’s who contracted the company to be the major supplier of food, Otto and Sons were now able to acquire a new name. OSI Group it was. Perhaps the group aspect of the name came from the fact that the business had a couple of branches in different cities.

    The Observation

    Today, OSI Group is the proud supplier of high-quality food to different clients locally and internationally. Thanks to the rise in technological use, the company has launched branches in China and other parts of the world.

  • 22Jun


    Successful businessman, Co-Founder and COO of Nice Global, Paul Herdsman, tributes most of his success to the ability to efficiently solve problems, sell and market in business. NICE Global is a firm that is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica and is dedicated to providing solutions to businesses. His favorite past-time activities include quality time with his family, enjoying rounds of gold and fishing. Paul Herdsman admits that after outsourcing to the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Philippines, India and United States, dealing with 5 different countries proved to be excessively tasking, forcing the team to zone in and concentrate on a specific market, which birth NICE Global in 2013 in Jamaica.


    Through NICE Global, Paul Herdsman leads a team committed to providing solutions. A sought-after solution to businesses and consumers who worry about speaking to a live operator or person when contacting the customer support of any business. The firm’s ability to execute this plan that satisfies the needs of their clients and the consumers of those clients is one that is being achieved effectively. Herdsman attributes this success to asking the right questions, providing solutions to problems and questions and, last but not least, making sure to invest in your staff. Find Related Information Here.


    From creating a caring and family-oriented work culture to properly rewarding employees for a job well done, Paul Herdsman admits that his staff and team is a significant contribution to the firm’s overall success. Herdsman wants his staff to feel like they’re in a caring atmosphere, so he invests in them by providing strong, ongoing training and rewarding employees with extra bonuses, based on a performance merit.


    Paul Herdsman believes this to be key to the contentment of his employees who will also feel invested in the firm. To ensure strength of his staff, he implements an effective process that includes an employee referral program, proper qualifications and background checks to hire the best of star quality. Although a co-founder, knowing and understanding the roles and responsibilities of his staff is a lesson Herdsman learned very early on and will make sure to always keep with him.


    Check out Herdsman’s profile on https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-herdsman-628822/



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    Marketing and advertising is one of the biggest industries in the world to this day. many influential and great minds have changed the dynamic of this industry. It takes a special person to really know what they are doing when it comes to very nuanced and consumer-friendly business. Lori Senegal is one of these people. Lori Senecal is known for her very eccentric and unique personality that bubbles to the top and her artistry in marketing.


    Lauren went to school at McGill University and earned herself a degree. According to Lori High School is where the inspiration to join the business world came on her. She was on the gymnastics team and soon became a coach set of a competitor. Being a coach gave her an opportunity to cultivate talents in leadership and influence that has stuck with her to this day. She learned to balance her drive for excellence with relatability and compassion which has giving her the ability to reach audiences over the years. For more details visit Ideamensch.


    Lori Senegal words with many Brands and companies such as American Express Victoria’s Secret Xbox and BMW. She is now the global CEO CP + b. This company creates marketing and advertising campaigns for companies around the world her experience unparalleled in her field. As the former Global Executive chairman of KBs she showed an ability director company in growing exponentially, she let that company from 200 to almost 1000 employees.


    Lori Senegal attributes her success parents putting her on a path of Excellence. Also has many of the mentors who have influenced her over the years. He is able concentrate with laser point precision to accomplish her goals and aspirations this is what she also believes makes her successful. In the future they hope to incorporate technology in their advertising exploits. She wants to create even bigger success for herself and the company. Lori is known throughout the industry as a woman that knows what she is doing and has left a vast mark on the advertising industry. She is a true example of what is possible when someone knows how to relate to people and Market successfully.



    Read more: http://www.gcreport.com/curious-storied-career-lori-senecal-global-ceo/



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