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    InnovaCare Health is primarily known for its Medicare advantage plans, physician practices, and great customer service. However, in InnovaCare’s most recent years, it has also been praised for its astounding leadership. CEO Rick Shinto’s and COO/COA Penelope Kokkinides’ involvement in InnovaCare, has greatly contributed to its rapid development and evolution.Rick Shinto has been engrossed in the health industry for a great amount of time. Before Shinto was part of InnovaCare, he was CEO at: Aveta Inc., MMM Healthcare, and PMC Medicare Choice. He has over 20 years of experience of managed healthcare experience. Shinto began his medical career an internist in California. He was awarded his bachelor’s degree at the University of California. Shinto then obtained his medical degree at the State University of New York.Shinto’s virtuous and exceptional work the medical field, has won him fine rewards. For his good morals, he was at one time rewarded a “Tribute for Caring” gala.

    This reward is only given to people who has made great healthcare service available for people with a low income. Shinto believes that having the ability to make health service more available and accessible is super gratifying. Penelope Kokkinides has also been highly involved in the field of health. Kokkinides previously worked as COO at Touchstone Health HMO and Aveta Inc. She started working in developing and implementing a healthcare model at Americare. Kokkinides was given her bachelor’s degree at Binghamton University.As CAO of InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides enjoys accepting new challenges and sharing her experiences.

    Kokkinides describes her work as diverse, with each day being dissimilar. She enjoys traveling during work and communicating with business partners through video chat. Kokkinides praises the most recent advancements in technology, since it makes her work much more enjoyable and relaxed.InnovaCare Health regards its patients and customers as the company’s highest priority. Also, InnovaCare is able to regulate and maintain both service and quality all across the U.S. and Canada. The healthcare company works each and everyday to insure it is can sustain value for every single plan. InnovaCare strives to insure that it is available to be used by as many people as possible.

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    The Street recently reported on a major financial move from billionaire George Soros in the energy market. George recently sold all his shares of Chevron, NRG and Chesapeake Energy in a move that shocked the business world. People are watching George every day, and his moves are carefully-scrutinized by everyone in the business world today. This article explains what George may know that other investors do not know.

    #1: George Is Averse To Risk

    George Soros is averse to risk, and he does not allow his money to go to waste for even a second. The wisest investors are selling stocks that they do not find to be cost-effective, and George sold off his shares of these three energy companies because he sees little potential in them. There is not an official statement coming from George’s offices, and he likely plans a new investment strategy involving the energy industry.

    #2: George Is A Shrewd Businessman

    George is a shrewd businessman who understands how to produce profits from investments. He made a billion dollars in one day by speculating on the British pound, and he has invested his billions around the world to great effect. His portfolio spans the globe, and he is one of the most-respected investors in the world today. Anyone who wants to learn about investment may watch George to learn lessons about business.

    #3: Energy Prices Are Still Falling

    Energy prices are still falling after oil values began to fall over a year ago. George watched the oil prices around the world drop, and he chose to make a move in the energy sector directly related to poor oil futures. Oil prices are dropping around the world at rates that impacting other industries, and the energy industry will continue to lose money as oil prices remain low.

    #4: George’s Possible New Strategy

    George may plan to purchase his shares of NRG, Chevron and Chesapeake Energy at a lower price in the future, and his plan will help him grow the stocks when they begin to rise in price in the future. Oil prices could rise if OPEC nations choose to slow production, and oil prices will help lift the rest of the world economy. George knows how the world economy fluctuates, and he plans to wait for a new rising tide.

    The Street reported recent sales of millions of dollars in shares of three large energy companies by George Soros indicates a new investment strategy from his portfolio. Anyone who wants to invest wisely must take a look at the way George is spending his money, and someone who is planning to invest in the energy market must have a look at George’s strategy. Prices may not recover for some time after this sale.



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