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    Don Ressler is an American entrepreneur and businessman who, together with his long-term business partner, Adam Goldenberg, has started several successful companies. The two are behind a series of start-ups and subsidiaries including Intelligent Beauty and TechStyle Fashion Group (previously known as JustFab Inc.).

    How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Met

    At 15 years old, Adam started his first company called Gamers Alliance before later selling it to Intermix Media three years later. On the other hand, Don Ressler’s start-up, FitnessHeaven.com, was also purchased by Intermix Media in 2001 – the same year that the two entrepreneurs met. The two businessmen know how to spot the latest trends, develop pioneering brands, grow businesses, and do it all with a combination of fun and passion rarely enjoyed in any industry.

    At Intermix Media, Adam was the company’s COO while Don Ressler was a budding brand-building specialist and entrepreneur with a knack for identifying potentially profitable trends in different online industries. The two partners founded Alena Media and grew the start-up to become the most profitable e-commerce division within Intermix Media. However, they later left the business in 2005 after News Corp acquired their parent company.

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    Intelligent Beauty

    After incubating ideas in Adam’s living room, Don Ressler came up with Brand Ideas, an online incubating platform that later became Intelligent Beauty. After starting several online health and beauty brands (including DERMSTORE and SENSA), the two realized the potential of a personalized online shopping experience. They decided to start a business that merged cutting edge fashion products with online social interaction at an affordable price.

    This idea led to the creation of JustFab Inc. and its subsidiaries including Fabletics, Fab Kids, The Fab Shoes, and ShoeDazzle. To capitalize on this untapped opportunity, Ressler and Adam knew that they had to infuse fun into their online business and make it highly engaging and social. They set out to hire style designers and consultants like Kimora Lee Simmons (JustFab’s President and lead creative designer). They also built an affordable and attractive subscription model.

    The Way Forward

    Ressler and Adam met Matrix’s owner, Josh Hannah, through an existing investor and mutual acquaintance. The three businessmen had a similar business acumen and investment tendencies. Furthermore, Matrix was known to back rising fashion companies with high potential for growth and profitability.

    In 2016, JustFab Inc. rebranded itself into TechStyle Fashion Group. According to co-founders Adam and Ressler, the new corporate identity was necessary to make the company a global online fashion entity. The company is keen to continue disrupting the traditional fashion industry to benefit its customers.

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    Back in the day when you were waiting for a review regarding your business or product, you had to wait for it to come out in print. Normally you spent some time with the person writing the review answering questions and kept your fingers crossed in hopes a raving review. Today the process is a lot faster and thanks to the internet, everyone and anyone can write a review. It is this process that can put a lot of businesses into trouble, if they are not aware what is being written about them. There are steps that every business person can take to protect their reputation.
    Social media

    Most likely you are already using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in your personal life. Your business needs to be on those platforms too, as well as YouTube, Brand Yourself and Google +. It is important to complete your profile on all of these sites. Google uses these profiles to create their rankings. You need to stay active and pay attention to any comments or reviews that are left on your platforms.

    The Glassdoor

    Many businesses may not even be aware of the Glassdoor. The Glassdoor gives people an inside look at your company through the eyes of their employees. This website can be a great asset to those who use it wisely. The rankings though this site alone can give your company a big boost. If you have employees, both past and present that enjoyed working with you, ask them to write a review. Reassure them that you are looking for honesty and not a bunch of fluff.

    Share a story

    Press releases are a great way to get information out to the public. Say you had a customer with an unusual problem or situation, and you were able to help or solve the problem, put that story out there. For an extra boost, make sure your headline is SEO. A couple key words in the top third of the release would not hurt either.


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    Fabletics has recently announced it plans to take on the brick and mortar retail work of athletic wear. In an article by Racked, Fabletics’ expansion plan was detailed to include up to 100 retail locations nationwide in the next three to five years. This offers Fabletics customers another alternative to shopping online, mostly through its monthly VIP subscription option. Fabletics has been demonstrating incredible growth, especially in light of the fact that it was just founded in 2013. You may recognize Kate Hudson as the celebrity face of the brand, but she is much more than just a pretty face and a fashion inspiration. Hudson is actually a co-founder of the brand and is extremely proud of her efforts to bring high quality athletic fashion to customers while providing excellent customer service support. Along those lines, Fabletics has invested even more resources recently in improving its customer service experience for its online shoppers.

    Fabletics’ model operates on a unique monthly subscription service, which allows customers to pick from a set of trendy athletic wear outfits. VIP customers, as Fabletics refers to them, are offered their first outfit at the discounted rate of $25. Thereafter, monthly subscribers pay a fee of $49.95 to select from various outfit options, or receive a discount of 50% any regularly priced Fabletics clothing options. Another added bonus with this service is that shipping is totally free for VIP members.

    Besides offering cutting edge athletic fashion at extremely discounted prices, Fabletics has been praised for giving its customers plenty of flexibility in their subscription options and outfit choices. First of all, monthly subscribers can cancel the service at any time. If a VIP member decides not to make an outfit selection for one month, the customer can simply choose not to pay the fee. Fabletics recognizes that a customer may inadvertently forget to log in and make a selection for a month, so if that happens, the customer is simply able to roll over the $49.95 credit for another future purchase.

    With an easy return and exchange policy, a wide variety of outfit choices, thousands of real customer reviews available on its site and the option to call customer service to cancel a subscription any time, Fabletics has cornered the market on efficient customer service and delivering on its hype.
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    Susan McGalla, director of strategic planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers, announced in September 2015 that the team would introduce its new fashion line in time for its first home game of the season. McGalla, who is also an expert in the retail fashion industry, and her team listened to focus groups and fan polls as well as letters that were sent in to find out what the fans wanted different in fan fashion. The result is a newly designed website that can be used from any device and a new fashion line for men, women and children. The website also features a “Wear What We Wear” section, which includes fashions the players have been seen wearing. The men’s fashion includes the usual T-shirts and jerseys as well as dressier office wear such as polos and sweaters. The women’s line includes more feminine form fitting clothing as well as great accessories and jewelry. McGalla said the goal was to provide something that could be dressed up or down. McGalla, the daughter of a football coach, has been working with the Steelers in an effort to grow its brand and reach new fans. Before accepting the job with the Steelers, McGalla had a colorful career in the retail and fashion world beginning with Joseph Horne Company in 1986. In 1994, when the company was bought out, McGalla went to American Eagle where she earned much of her expertise as regional merchandise buyer for women’s clothes. Hard work and dedication led to promotions, and eventually, McGalla was named chief merchandising officer and then president of the entire company. After a couple years as president of American Eagle, McGalla decided to part ways and pursue a private consulting career where she offered her expertise to other companies. After several job offers, she decided to accept a CEO position with Wet Seal where she stayed for two years before starting her own business, HFF,  P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. The company advises its clients on all things business including merchandise buying, branding and marketing. The company continued business even after McGalla went to the Pittsburgh Steelers.



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