• 19Aug

    EOS is now celebrating ten years since launching their products. In celebration of their tenth anniversary, EOS is launching 35 new redesigned products.

    This starts from now all the way through October. EOS customers will also be able to purchase Super Soft Shea Lip Balm and 100% Natural Shea Lip Balm at Kohls. This will all happen this fall season. 

    EOS lip balm has now been selling their lip balm for ten years and are still ahead of the game. They sold almost a million units in their first year, but they’re now averaging that in one week. Customers fell in love with EOS lip balm as soon as they seen it.

    The orb shaped containers are easy to spot. They are colorful and super cute. But it’s not just the look that drew customers in. EOS also has a variety of delicious flavors as well. And they are made with natural ingredients that leave your lips looking and feeling great. EOS are far different from competitors.

    The creators wanted to create a product that made their customers smile. They wanted something unique, and that’s exactly what they created. And now, they’re creating 35 new products for their ten year anniversary. 

    EOS Lip Balm Review – https://www.earthtojessica.com/eos-lip-balm-review/

  • 31Jul

    EOS lip balm is unlike any product you’ve ever used before. Made using all-natural, non-toxic ingredients, the lip balms protect and nourish the lips while providing a great scent and flavor. It’s finally easy to say farewell to chapped lips when using EOS lip balms. More than 12 flavors are available, including a medicated and shimmer line for people who want a little more from their lip balm. EOS lip balms are truly a treat for your lips no matter which of the lines or flavors you fancy.

    What’s All the Fuss Over EOS?

    Discovered by fashion magazine editors a few years ago, EOS lip balms eliminate dry, chapped lips and replaces them with smooth, soft lips that smell great. It’s a product that tons of celebrities swear by, yet it’s still reasonably priced so the average consumer can purchase their own sphere of lip protection. Find the product at your local drugstore, buy directly from the EOS website, or find it elsewhere.

    Your Favorite EOS Flavor

    Which flavor should you choose? That’s all your personal preference, but it’s probably a good idea to try out a couple of flavors. Plus, you’ll never run out of EOS lip balm with two spheres in your purse. Search online for some of the ‘best of’ blogs because tons mention EOS and their flavorful lip balms. For many people, it’s the strawberry sorbet lip balm they most love. It blends the yummy taste of strawberries and cream together in a lush lip balm.

  • 16Jul

    2019 marks the year that millennials are officially the largest geographic of consumers in all of America. This means that products are really having to step up their game as these consumers are expecting the products they buy to meet the highest health and wellness standards possible and to also be completely transparent about what is in their products.

    Genucel is a company that sells anti-aging cream, and while most millennials are young right now the older side of the generation is beginning to slowly start showing signs of aging and are looking for the best products to do that. Genucel actually has several products on the market that are of a lot of value for millennials including a commitment to using only natural and organic ingredients, and they are also as transparent as possible about their goal as a skincare line, what their products do, and what they use in their anti-aging products so that their consumers feel good about using them.

    The anti-aging cream from Genucel is known as the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy. This product can be used around the eyes and it makes them look tighter, brighter, less baggy, and much younger. It is able to do all of this without using artificial ingredients or chemicals that may hurt the consumer. Below is a list of ingredients the Genucel uses in their products, and why these ingredients, in particular, are helpful in giving you youthful healthy skin

    Malus Domestica Plant Stem Cells

     According to premiergazette.com, this is a species of Swiss apple trees and the plant stem cells from these trees have been shown to make the skin look young and glowing. It is a rare ingredient not found in many other anti-aging creams, and it is a powerful, all-natural ingredient that really works.


    This ingredient is naturally derived from tetrapeptide, and when used on the face, particularly around the eyes, it has been proven to reduce puffiness.

    Algae Extract

    People have used this for thousands of years as a moisturizer and to give skin antioxidants that fight against aging

    Green Tea extract

    Another powerful antioxidant that stops premature aging in its tracks.

    Studies have shown that people between the ages of 24-61 who use these products notice immediate effects from the cream. They noticed their wrinkles disappearing quickly and saw their youthful glowing skin again. It is truly an all-natural age reversal cream! For more details about Genucel you can visit nutshellnutrition.com


    Nicole Kidman Revealed Some Big News About Her Daughters and Big Little Lies https://t.co/EHoe9bsIwj— Genucel (@Genucel) May 31, 2019

  • 06May

    I have come to find out that EOS stands for the evolution of smooth and this is evident in their lip balms after trying it. EOS lip balms are applied in a smooth coat and allow your lips to feel luscious and properly moisturized, much more so than other competing lip balms that are out there. 

    There appear to be several reasons for this. EOS prides themselves on using higher quality ingredients than their competition does including oils such as jojoba and coconut oil. When this is compared to the lower quality emollients used by competitors, namely in the form of petroleum jelly, the difference is quite obvious. Second, EOS uses natural flavorings and the taste is less artificial than competing brands. In other words, mint tastes like mint and strawberry tastes like strawberry flavorings and this is really appreciated in this day and age.

    I tried several of the flavors of EOS lip balm. Their vanilla bean had the delicious flavor of vanilla and did not taste like those artificial vanilla extracts; it tasted like the real thing. Their strawberry mint flavor was a wonderful blend between the two and was more than the sum of its parts. Passion fruit was a unique twist and added to the flavor of the lip balm as well.

    Overall, would recommend EOS lip balm to anyone. The flavor pairings are great and you truly feel as if you are using an elite product when you apply their lip balm to your lips.



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