• 11Sep

    Following the recent sniper attacks that took place in downtown Dallas leading to the death of several police officers, local banks have teamed up to support the grieving families. The banks are concerned, and have been lending their support through Assist the Officer Foundation. This organization is the brainchild of the Dallas Police Association. Its purpose is to provide necessary financial assistance to the families of police officers who die or get injured in the line of duty.

    The Texas Bankers association recognizes the need to appreciate the good work that police officers do. In the aftermath of the attacks, the association’s secretariat began receiving calls from member bankers who wanted to help the victims. This is what spurred TBA into action. Its CEO and president, Eric Sandberg states that the banks united to assists the families of the officers because a good business environment can only be attained if there is ample security. NexBank is among Dallas banks that teamed up to offer their support towards this noble cause. This article was originally published on TexasBankers.

    About NexBank

    NexBank is one of the leading financial institutions in Dallas, Texas. Its fields of specialty are mortgage, investment, and commercial banking. The bank has grown remarkably because it offers highly customized services to its clients who range from corporate entities to government institutions, and private individuals.

    NexBank is similar renowned for its unique ability to provide flexible services and products that meet the demands of the market. Its expertise and market dominance helps it connect its clients with far-reaching possibilities within and beyond the banking industry. The introduction of online banking services have made its services accessible to a wider market. This has helped the bank to maintain its stranglehold on Dallas’s banking sector.

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