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    Autism Rocks Announcement
    On February 17, 2016, Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks, announced through PRNewsWire that Pete and Will Best have been appointed trustees of the research charity. The new trustees are lifelong friends of Sanjay Shah, and he is confident that each man will contribute great value to the organization due to their impressive life skills and international accomplishments.

    Will Best has devoted his many talents and aspirations to the music industry and achieved international recognition for his events and hosting prominent musical performances live in concert and televised. Pete Best has forged his expertise of 21 years in the financial industry and gained prominence for his forte in managing organizations and as the head of one of the most prominent brokerage houses in the world. Together, Sanjay Shah believes the two men possess an emphatic one-two punch in collaboration to handle the Autism Rocks managerial duties as well as producing phenomenal concerts for the charity. Great things are expected for the organization in the near future. The events are by invitation only and the high-end performances are by major entertainers of the music industry such as Prince, Michael Duble, and Drake, who have performed to very appreciative audiences of Autism Rocks. Sanjay hints that another very celebrated name will be performing next.

    Autism Rocks
    The charity, Autism Rocks, was founded two years ago by Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah following diagnosis of his young son with autism, the emotional and intellectual impairment. The number of children diagnosed with autism has been increasing tragically each year, with the current estimate being that one in 68 children are diagnosed as autism patients.

    Until research discovers what, why and where the illness begins, medical science is prevented from developing prevention, treatment and cure. The purpose of Autism Rocks is not only to bring increased awareness of the devastation of the illness, but to raise funding for increase in valuable research to erase Autism from the world’s children.

    Sanjay Shah, Founder Philanthropist
    The life of London born and raised Sanjay Shah changed dramatically when his youngest child was diagnosed with autism. The total stark absence of medical research had no answers. From his home in Dubai, he sought those answers.

    Fortunately, Shah experienced an epiphany when he realized his passion for music could serve a definitive purpose in developing awareness of the disease and the extensive research funding to end it. He combined his expertise in finance as CEO of Solo Capital Partnership, entrepreneurship and philanthropy with his music interests and founded Autism Rocks, significant fund raiser for several autism research organizations.

    Contacting Partnership
    To learn more about the exact nature of autism, receive the partnership’s newsletter or make a donation to Autism Rocks, contact us today.



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