• 01Feb

    Television and Film producer Heather Parry has built a very impressive career. Parry has worked with some major companies including MTV and Happy Madison Productions. Her work has allowed her to become a part of one of 2018’s biggest films “A Star is Born.”

    Parry entered the world of television in the early 1990’s. Parry’s first job was working for MTV News. She quickly worked her way up to a producer. Parry help to put together the films “Get Rich or Die Trying,” and “The Longest Yard.” Parry stayed with MTV for more than a decade. In 2005 Parry took her talents to Happy Madison Productions. It was here that she collaborated with Adam Sandler to produce a number of well-known films which include That’s My Boy and Pixels.

    After more than ten year with Happy Madison, Parry became the leader of her own company. Heather Parry was the president of Live Nation. Live Nation had a focus on putting together films about musical stars. Some of the artists they made films about include Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga and P Diddy. Parry however would soon have a chance to be part of an even bigger film.

    Live Nation has a part in dozens of music festivals. Heather Parry believed these festivals could be very useful for the film “A Star is Born.” She approached the films producer about this possibility. She was able to convince producer Bill Gerber to use her company. As a result Parry and Live Nation helped to make “A Star is Born” one of 2018’s biggest films. Parry and Live Nation continue to look for opportunities to make an imprint on the film world.

    Find out more about Heather Parry: https://twitter.com/heatherparry?lang=en



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