• 18Jul

    Employees are the cornerstone of every business. Keeping them on track with company goals and providing consistent feedback is key. It is vital for leaders to engage their workers so that company growth is possible. Thanks to Betterworks, a Continuous Performance Management® solution, it is easier than ever to communicate with employees throughout various departments and make sure that all workers understand their important positions within the company. Here are some ways to heighten performance:

    1. Look to the Future

    Instead of conventional employee reviews that base feedback solely on past performance, reviews should look to the future. Managers should frequently discuss performance with workers and explain the best ways that employees can grow their skills. With Betterworks, it is possible to maintain regular communication and document actual conversations so that employees comprehend what is expected and can act accordingly.

    2. Improve Management

    Managers are critical to improving overall workforce performance. They should be willing to coach employees in the direction of company goals. Employees should understand how they impact the business and the individual benefits that they gain as well. Betterworks enhances communication between workers and management. This makes it possible to increase productivity.

    3. Provide a Sense of Purpose

    Every business has a mission. This purpose must become central to every worker. When an employee senses a path to growth and development, a company prospers. It is essential to invest in employees. When they see a path to advancement, they are likely to remain with a company and increase the likelihood of business growth.

    Following the above strategies should help business leaders maximize workforce performance. With the use of Betterworks, managers have the potential to harness the effectiveness of a key piece of software so that they motivate employees and boost productivity.

  • 18Jun

    Any business organization that is keen on protecting its company culture understands the importance of dealing with bias. There are two kinds of biases — intentional bias created by the noticeable human differences such as color, politics, gender, and others. Then there is unintentional bias, which may filter into an organization unknowingly. 

    To deal with the unintentional bias, business managers need to do something more since they cannot eliminate something they do not see in the first case. The benefits of HR tech tools come in here. It is possible to deploy tools that will monitor employees’ performance without bias. Such tools are integrated with the messaging and productivity tools used by the employees often. With Betterworks, managers will be in a position to fairly evaluate the performance of their employees

    Betterworks allows managers to create an easy to follow performance review process. For instance, if the goal is to collect $10k through each employee, this HR tech tool will allow the manager to set measurable that will determine the progress of each employee. With such a method of gauging employees’ productivity in place, it then becomes straightforward to collect valuable performance data that can be used in a fair review process. 

    With credible data from Betterworks, as a manager, you will not only make the right decisions for the future growth of your business, but you will also motivate your employees to get better results since they know the review process with judge them fairly. Better still, data from Betterworks is accessible to managers and employees through mobile or desktop platforms.

  • 08May

    Most people’s emails are often crowded due to too many unnecessary subscriptions. These subscriptions often have numerous emails which end up filling the inbox and burying essential emails. With the current economy many people are looking for ways to save money, and these subscriptions are one way to get amazing deals. It, therefore, becomes difficult for one to unsubscribe from specific promotions despite their inboxes being filled by emails. In addition to these promotions, political subscriptions also add to the clutter. Many people want to know what goes on in the political scene and subscribe to informatory emails which add to the heap that is already there. Luckily, some apps have been designed to take care of such problems and keep the inbox tidy.The first app is Unroll.me which enables one to unsubscribe from all subscriptions with a single click by displaying all of them on screen. The app utilizes a web interface to achieve this. The procedure to follow is simple as one only has to visit Unroll.me and log in with their emails. A list of all subscriptions will appear with different options. One can either unsubscribe, leave the subscriptions in the inbox, or add them to Rollup. For unsubscribe, it only requires a single click, and everything will be sorted out. The Rollup is an assembly of all subscriptions into a single mail which will then appear at the time the user desires. The Rollup can even be set to appear once a month. Another similar app is Unlistr which also arranges the inbox. After signing in, Unlistr gives a list of folders or an inbox to clean. After that, the folder selected is scanned and a list of emails that you want to be unsubscribed from. There are two options to either keep the email or unsubscribe from it. One should be careful before deciding to keep a subscription because once it is chosen, Unlistr does not scan it in the future. Android users and IOS users enjoy the app free of charge. Unsubscriber is yet another app and as the name suggests it unsubscribes from emails from the comfort of the inbox. There is no need for downloading the app and loading it.


  • 11Apr

    ClassDojo is an app created for parents, teachers, and students in 2011. Series C funding was collected on the Class Dojo app and raised $35 million. ClassDojo facilitates communication between teachers and parents for the benefit of the students. The total raised for Beyond School so far is $65 million. Beyond School is a new app that takes education outside of the classroom. It is free for teachers and students to use Beyond School, but the school system pays for it.

    This communication platform has expanded in eight years. One in six families with an elementary school child uses the app. ClassDojo should make education fun for the students and easy for the parents and teachers to stay connected to student progress and for empowerment. Liam Don co-founded the ClassDojo app that is based in San Francisco, Calif. Don planned to create a positive culture within schools and classrooms. The app has grown far beyond that. For the past eight years ClassDojo has worked to create community. 

    ClassDojo is used in 95 percent of United States schools for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. A team of 40 professionals operate this school app that is used in 180 countries around the world. Over 25 percent of the British, Asian, and Latin American countries use ClassDojo in their school systems. The percentage increases a little each year through word of mouth as more European classrooms use this amazing app. A teacher in New York realized the device stimulates student interest and boosts their achievement in schoolwork.

    ClassDojo is a learning tool; it is not a substitute for teachers. This app could be a teacher’s aid. Teachers can use the app with a smartphone, tablet, or computer in place of a gradebook. The app makes it quick for teachers to enter and change grades. ClassDojo makes it very simple for teachers to keep grades in order and generate student reports . The app makes it accessible for parents to check up on their childrens’ school progress. Students can decorate their ClassDojo site with pictures, awards, and school reports. ClassDojo can post daily homework assignments.

  • 17Apr

    Run a successful Democratic campaign using the all new Digital 8 software by NGP VAN, which includes LGBTQ features. The new application is integrated with Pipeline for real-time transfer of database updates. It is easy to use the email tools to connect with supporters. The online tools will allow your campaign to operate more efficiently. Social tools will allow your campaign to easily reach more people.

    NGP VAN’s targeted Email through Digital 8 helps to raise money as well as quickly stimulate action. By creating an automated email selection, the program responds to specific condition such as emailing new subscribers to welcome them to the team. The automatically generated emails will allow supporters the opportunity to make a donation, sign up as a volunteer or join a mailing list with just one click of a button.

    NGP VAN’s online tools through Digital 8 give easy access to more than 59 million Action Profiles. This access will increase conversion rates with pre-filled forms based off of previous entries. An unlimited number of customizable forms can be created through the online tools. The forms can easily be created using the new Theme form wrappers. Use the templates to create the forms then adjust the requested amounts, add custom fields, and save the forms as needed. Supporters can use the self-service portal to update contact information, credit card information, and email preferences. The forms are compatible with mobile devices for added usability.


    NGP VAN’s social tools through Digital 8 will allow for easy tracking of supporters social influence. The tools will automatically match any listed email address with dozens of social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Messages can be individualized according to rank and measure their involvement across multiple channels. Supporters can share forms on social media and the Social Share Tracker will record the effect of the shares.

    NGP VAN is a company which offers tools and advice for running a successful Democratic campaign. They have helped to elect leaders in all 50 states by offering integrated technology to help with fundraisers, social networking, compliance, and more. The new Digital 8 will help by offering multiple services through one application. For a successful Democratic campaign, Digital 8 by NGP VAN has the services you need.

    Watch NGP VAN’s software tools on their Youtube channel:

  • 05Apr

    Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, inmate communication monitoring, corrections and investigations agencies and numerous inmates across North America. Its commitment to service and connections is phenomenon. It proffers public information, incident management, communication, information management, biometric analysis, emergency responses, investigations and monitoring goods and services with the aim of making the world a better place. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

    It successfully defended its view that Federal Communications Commission has no hand in in imposing rate caps on intrastate rates. This is one of some two key issues regarding inmate rates that were taken to the US Court of Appeal, the first being granting of a Stay on the majority of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision on Inmates rates and charges and another being inappropriate extension of interim interstate rates to intrastate rates.
    Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies believes that they can develop the very right public policy with respect to Inmate communications. There has been a lot of debate between Securus Technologies and the Federal Communications Commission, on the balance of security, jurisdiction and costs of inmate phone calls in the quest to find solutions good enough for society, industries, inmates, friends, witnesses, families and even victims. Solutions that is fair to all.

    Their Public Safety Solutions are made to aid the cities and legal enforcement agencies visualize, obtain, consolidate, keep and dissipate information in real time to support the needs and wants of fast access to important information for emergency response dispatch, mobile law enforcement and other forms of response that would ensure public safety as their purpose is to serve and connect in an attempt to make the world safe and a better place to stay.

    They offer inmate services with a great number of payment product options. This makes it easier for their clients to choose what is best for their needs in order to stay in touch with the persons they owe dear, their incarcerated family and friends from the comfort of their domiciles and even work places. This therefore means that Securus very well understands the significance of a variety and convenience when it comes to funding inmate phone calls, hence saving time and money.

    Some say that life offers no place for us to find closure, Securus Technologies offers one.

    Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the health supplement Securus, nor is it a part of the website for agents, Securus America.

    Securus House is also a separate entity as it is a center for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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  • 31Mar

    PR Newswire reports that dating app Skout is celebrating National Potato Chip day in a way that will help out the San Francisco community. The global app is reaching out to make sure that no one will go hungry on National Chip day via a partnership with SF-Marin Food Bank and will help feed 20,000 people in Marin and San Francisco who are considered to be at risk for hunger.

    Skout is a San Francisco based app that makes it easy to expand your group of friends and dating options by helping you find new people in your community. It is currently the largest platform for meeting people on the globe and is active in 180 different countries.

    It is asking its users to join in helping out their communities on National Potato Chip day with a one day virtual gift campaign. Users can buy a virtual bag of chips and send it to their friends via the app. SKOUT will donate cash to the food bank for every virtual bag of chips that is sent during the day up until 20,000 people can be fed in the Marin and San Francisco area.

    Given the fact that Skout is now in 16 languages and is one of the most popular apps it should not be too hard for the app to reach its goal. It’s commonly used for social networking and dating and utilizes the GPS system on mobile phones to help people meet those who are close to them. Browsers can see the profiles and activities of others on Skout that they are interested in. Within the app users can message each other, or send gifts such as the chips to each other.

    CEO and co-founder of Skout, Christian Wiklund, stated that their virtual gifting function is very popular and they enjoy helping out in the community so it is only natural to have combined the two.

    SF-Marin Food Bank Executive Director Paul Ash stated that people in the area are having a hard time balancing their expenses and income and they are happy to be working with Skout to make sure everyone gets enough to eat. To find out more about the partnership read the original article here.

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  • 11Mar

    Easy Ways To Make Friends Online

    Have you been searching for friends online? I would like to say that making friends is easy, but without the online networking opportunity provided by Skout’s platform I don’t know if I would have any friends at all in my city. I’m so terrible at meeting people for the first time. I leave a good first impression on people, and I can come up with interesting things to talk about, but I have trouble approaching new people. Skout gives me the confidence that I need to make friends in my city.

    I have met a whole bunch of people from Skout. Some of the people that I have met on Skout are friends that I see quite often. We have similar interests, and we get along well. There’s always a chance that it’s not going to work out, so it’s usually best to meet in a safe, public place when you are getting to know someone new. I like meeting people from Skout at a museum or a restaurant because those are quite places that we can have a good conversation when meeting for the first time. Have you tried Skout yet? Your new best friends are only a few clicks away from you.

    When You Act Kind To Strangers, You Make The World A Kinder Place To Live

    International Random Acts Of Kindness Week was just celebrated in the middle of February, so Skout decided to launch a research project to find out just what their users felt about the idea of being kind to strangers. There is a great article from Uloop that sums up what the results of this survey indicate. The biggest and most interesting statistic from this survey, to me, was the fact that 93 percent of the users on Skout who were surveyed said that they have done something kind for a stranger before in their life.

    The survey and article also contain this really compelling list of activities to show your kindness to others. I have felt so inspired that I have already done a few of these activities when the moment strikes me. I want to spread the word in order to let other people know how great it feels to show your kindness and appreciation to other people. To read that article that I referenced from Uloop, go to this link.

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  • 18Dec

    Many people may think that finding a new app for their device is hard and something that takes a lot of effort. This is something that can be done easily through the list of top apps and something that can be done through the use of different means. If you are looking for a great new app, there are a few options that you can choose from to suit your needs no matter what your needs are. Choosing these apps is a great way to entertain yourself as well as find new friends who will help you with the needs that you have.

    The Amazon Video app is one that is designed for people who love to watch movies, shows and videos. It is an app that was created with the users in mind and is able to provide most people with nearly everything they need when they want to find a fun video to watch. The categories as well as the browse option will allow you to find exactly what to watch, even if you don’t know what you are looking for when you are using the app. The suggestions are also helpful for indecisive movie watchers of the area.

    If you are more about making videos than watching them, the GoPro app is a great option for you to be able to upload your GoPro videos. It can be fun for you to make the videos, but if you can’t share your clips with people, it is somewhat pointless. With this app, you can simply connect to your camera and upload your clips. It is easy to do and will not take much time for you to be able to find the videos that you want to share and which ones are best for you and your friends.

    Finding friends can be hard, but Skout makes it easy. You can search the app for people who are also looking for friends and for people who have the same interests as you. You can even search specifically by area to find people who are close to you and want to find friends, as well. There are many different options that you can choose from when you are using Skout that will allow you to find the next best friend in your life. Using this app is easy and will allow you to do many different things, including finding a date.

    When it was originally created in 2008, Skout was intended to be a dating app. It was supposed to be for people to find others who had similar interests and could be used easily for these people to figure out what they were looking for. If you used the app, you could not only find people in your area, but also find people who had the same interests as you. This is one of the ways that the app evolved beyond dating and is now able to be used by nearly everyone who is looking for a great new friend.

  • 29Sep

    It is common to fall into a dating rut, especially for an online dater. However, Skout has ready solutions to end this rut. A lot of people are regular Skout users and yet, they don’t know about some key features of Skout. This dating app has myriad of features for even the most bored of people. This is also another reason to follow the Skout blog because it is through its blog that this dating and networking app helps its users make the most of it. The unique features of Skout cater to those people on zendesk.com who need something out of ordinary to shake them out of their rut.

    Here are some amazing features of Skout to try out –

    Feature Me – Skouters have a chance to make online friends and forge long term relationships by using the “Feature me” feature. By using this feature, Skout would feature some amazing profiles that would get a lot of attention from all the people using Skout. These people would also become the creme de la creme of the “Meet Me” feature (which would be discussed in the points to come). The biggest benefit of using “Feature me” is not just the attention but also the interaction. Featured Skouters are never bored because so many people want to chat with them.

    Skout Travel – For those who suffer from the most terrible wanderlust and want to travel to the most exotic places in the world, Skout has introduced its “Travel” feature. This is a virtual travel feature that allows Skouters to explore London, Manhattan, Mumbai and Paris by sitting in the comforts of their own home. The feature allows a Skouter to interact with the locals of the selected place, see the posts from the city of their dreams, and make friends in another country.

    Shake to Chat – Tired of checking out numerous profiles and not finding anything to your liking? Skout has an interesting feature called “Shake to Chat” which is there to give a new definition to the word “serendipity”. Using this feature, random Skouters are paired with each other and without knowing anything about the other person, they can start chatting. As a tip, the Skout blog mentions having great icebreaker and openers to make a good first impression when chatting with a complete stranger.

    Buzz – Buzz is a great way to keep boredom at bay and put it to some good use. It is one of the most popular features of Skout and the biggest reason why Skout is so much more than a dating app – it is a social networking site. Buzz is used for checking out the popular posts by other Skouters and interacting with them by commenting on said posts. As engagement grows, Skouters find out about people they would never have discovered otherwise.

    Meet People – The final feature of Skout is “Meet People” which allows Skouters to enter all their requirements in the search bar and find out people who meet all those criteria.

    With all these features, it is not a surprise that users of Skout never get bored!

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