• 28Jan

    Savory… Delectable… Dog Food… Now don’t freak out, but these things actually have found a way to go together! In his Daily Herald article (linked below), Craig Giammoma walks us through the rising premium dog food revolution. Startup companies like Blue Buffalo and Freshpet have entered the market with healthy pet food, and companies like Cesar offer gourmet options akin to human foods like lasagna and steak. While some may see these offers as extreme, premium dog food markets have taken the industry by storm; raking on wikipedia in $10.5 billion dollars since 2009! With these new options encroaching into local Targets, Walmarts, and Whole Food Centers, it should be no surprise that startups aren’t the only ones appealing to the market. People have long been familiar with the popular pet food brand Purina as an industry standard in healthy, well balanced dog food. With a huge selection of dry food, wet food, and treats to energize your feisty, furry friend for years to come, Purina has been trusted with providing high quality nourishment for dogs everywhere. And in turn they’ve released their own line for your pristine pet pantry; Beneful. Real beef, turkey, chicken and salmon are at the core of Beneful’s gourmet recipes, providing the nutrients your canine friend needs. While the it’s a great addition to the healthy dog food marketplace, it also has the added benefit of years of specialists’ care being put into the best products available. While some brands insist that dogs demand a strictly meat diet, the folks over at Purina know that this simply isn’t true and have designed an optimized diet to match. Because of this, Beneful is able to deliver high quality feed that’s truly right for your dog! when it comes to these high quality pet foods, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the sea of options. We all want what’s best for our furry friends, and With so many new and exciting brands out there, it’s important to remember the long-trusted names we know of. Sometimes, they may know just what your pet need for a “healthful, plentiful” life! (http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/)

  • 02Nov

    Exercise Is Fun For You And Your Dog

    One of my favorite activities to do as a pet owner is to take my dog on walks. We walk up the lane by my house. There isn’t much traffic, so I often let the dog leash drag on the ground. There also aren’t many other dogs. You should always have your dog on a leash when you leave your property because they could run off and chase something. This could cause your dog to get lost, or they could get hit by a car. There is also the possibility of your dog coming in contact with a wild animal. This wild animal could be rabid, so you won’t want to deal with that. I keep my dog on a leash, and I keep her close to me, so if something were to happen, I can grab the leash quickly.

    I care for my dog a great deal, so I consider all of the aspects of her health. I don’t want her to get in a fight with a wild animal. She would think she is protecting me because she is always very protective. Whenever someone comes to the house she barks and growls until she gets to know the person. I had to step on her leash the other day when she was barking at a neighbors dog during our walk. There wasn’t a fence around the neighbor’s yard, so they dog started to approach us. Luckily, my dog listened well. She stay with me, and we didn’t have a problem.

    The reason we go on walks is to keep her active on Beneful. An active dog will have an easier time keeping any extra weight off their body. They will build lean muscle. They will often be more active because of this muscular build. I try to walk my dog everyday for about a mile. That’s one trip up the lane and back. We take our time. Sometimes we stop at the end of the lane where there is a small field. I like to take a tennis ball with us on the walk. I throw the ball, and she’ll go get it. I make sure she doesn’t run too far. Also, the field we go to is owned by a neighbor that I know, so they don’t mind us being there.

    Nutrition is important in keeping your dog happy and healthy. If you are unsure about what to feed your dog, how much to feed your dog or how often to feed your dog, then you should do more research on your dog’s breed. Talk to a veterinarian or other pet owners for their recommendations. A lot of pet owners that I know feed their dogs with Beneful by Purina. The dogs love it. My dog eats it in a flash. She always knows when I’m going to get her food because the cabinet door makes a creaking sound when I open it. She gobbles up the Beneful food fast.

  • 28Oct

    I live in a house with my two dogs. They are usually the best two dogs in the world but recently they do nothing but bark and bark at the next door neighbors dogs. We have a male and female while the neighbors have two males. Our male is a seven month old puppy. He is so adorable and a french breed. The neighbors dogs are both rottweilers. It has become a huge problem as I have to check to make sure that they are not out there before I let our dogs out. If they are out there my nearly seventy year old self gets worn out as it literally take an hour to get them back into the house. All four dogs paws up on the fence barking their, fool heads, off. Once I get them inside I am exhausted. It is a huge struggle.

    The neighbor and I have considered putting a gate so the dogs can go between the two yards as they are so obnoxious. We do try our hardest not to let them out at the same time and my daughter even suggested that we go ahead and coordinate dog pee pee breaks. We have not done that yet. We do our best. So back about six months ago the strangest thing happened.

    First let me say that our yard is no more than 0.20 acre and so is the neighbors yard. So it is not huge and the dogs normally no exactly where each other are. So I open the door and let the dogs out and all of a sudden the bigger Rottie jumps over the fence clearing it by at least a foot and lands, in our yard. Our two dogs are outside roaming around the yard. The Rottweiler did not have any affect on the other two, in fact it was as if they didn’t even realize that they were in the same yard, mine! So if they are divided by a fence they bark and bark. If they are in the yard together then they don’t pay any mind to each other. We got the neighbor and she took him back over to her home but that was something else. It is not often that you see a dog loft the fence.

    Since this episode we have seen the dog hike over the fence into the front yard a couple times. I worry he will run into the street because I forget that they have an electric fence to keep him out of the street in the front.

    Sometimes I bring the neighbors dogs some Purina treats. The neighbor even started purchasing them to because the dogs both absolutely loves them. They must be tasty. The neighbor said that the rottweilers eat the Beneful wet dog food and really love it. She sometimes gives me coupons so that I can go ahead a buy the snacks at a discounted price. They truly enjoy them. We also never added a gate as lofting over the fence is quite an often occurrence.



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