• 26Apr

    The only person you will every need to provide publishing, advertising, or copywriting is Alexandre Gama. He is the only Brazilian that understands both national and international marketing trends. He is also one of the few Latin Americans to win publishing awards in Europe and the United States.

    Thanks to genius marketing techniques and lucky business opportunities, Neogama has grown to be one of the top companies in the industry. With his international connections, he provides a more modern approach when it comes to marketing methods.

    He started out as a simple writer after graduating from college. He learned the ropes of advertising by working for some of the best companies at the time. He evenually started Neogama using his marketing experience in 1999.

    The awards that he won are no joke. About magazine in Brazil rated him as one of the most imporatant professionals in the country. The Cannes Film Festival had also highlited his cultural work in 2008.

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