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    When a lot of people hear about a treatment center, they might think of it is a dark and scary place. It is a place they want nothing to do with because they fear for their life if they were to enter there.

    Things have changed now, though, and it is not like it used to be when it comes to a place like the AAC (American Addiction Centers).

    They actually make it fun, innovative, and exciting. Those are not words that one would use to usually describe a treatment center, but that is what makes the AAC so special.

    It is also in large part because of the work being done by the chairman and co-founder in Michael Cartwright. He comes with over twenty years of experience in addiction treatment. He has been at the forefront of dual diagnosis treatment. Read more: American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaperand American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

    It is about treating the substance abuse issue along with mental illness. Many people have failed to see how the two are tied together, but Michael Cartwright knows what is going on when it comes to this treatment. According to their website, up to 50 percent of those with a mental health issue also have a substance abuse problem.

    That is a stunning number, and it speaks to the issue at hand. Michael is big on numbers and facts. He doesn’t like to just talk about things without backing them up. He likes to present his information so people can understand it and then backs it up with facts.

    His team over at the AAC has done that with their work on the addiction known as AUD (alcohol use disorder). They are making it their personal mission to make sure that people better understand what is really going with alcohol abuse and how it is a disease.

    For many young teens, it starts at age 12. Family members have exposed them to it. If they already have the gene in them, it is going to come out even more if they get a taste of the liquor.

    They don’t realize the long-term effects it has on a human being. When they are constantly around chaos and alcohol, it creates a very unstable environment for the child. At the time, they are unsure how to process it all.

    As they get older, it starts to manifest for them, and they really start to see how it’s shaped them and their ability to live a normal life. They can’t go anywhere without having a drink.

    As a matter of fact, if they don’t have a drink, they tend to turn into a pretty unpleasant person to be around for those closest to them. It is why the AAC’s work is vital to their recovery.

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