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    One of the most talked-about figures in European sports Gino Ponzo turns around football clubs who perform poorly and put them into the top of their league. He was born in a family of football fans. His mother was related to the former president of the Udinese Calcio Football club, and his family has been loyal fans all his life. Ownership of a sports club began with Gino’s father Gianpaolo purchasing the Udinese club in 1986. His family sold their woodworking business to focus on their football club. According to Gino, football was not only a passion but a way to help the community.

    By the time Gino Ponzo attended college, he had moved to the United States and earned a master degree from Harvard University. After marrying, he moved again to Spain and reside for twenty years in Barcelona.

    Gino took the helm of his family business and purchased the Grenada Football club while still living in Barcelona. Within two years, Grenada Football Club rose from a Segunda B to a Primera Liga for the first time in 35 years.

    After purchasing Watford Football club, Gino Pozzo moved his family to England. He wanted to be closer to the club so that he could immerse himself into the club operation. A fan of English football, Gino Pozzo plans to stay for the long term.

    The Pozzo family is the only family in the world that owns three football clubs in Italy, Spain, and England. Gino Pozzo proves to be the mastermind behind the family business. One way was by scouting which involves trading players between family clubs. In addition, scouting helped to ensure the growth of the football clubs.

    Gino also stresses the importance of looking out for new possibilities when it comes to recruiting not only players but coaches. Pozzo’s strategy has provided Watford with top players who have put the club into a top standing in the premier league.

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