• 08Aug

    Unroll Me is one of the premium yet completely free email management apps out there that would ensure that your email remains clutter free. Keeping junk and spam emails at bay can be really difficult in today’s date when just about any company, big or small is trying to reach out to the potential customers through cold sales mails, sales letters, subscription services, newsletters, promotional mails, and so on. There are tons of bonuses and offers that these companies launch from time to time to woo the customers and while many of these mails can be useful at times, most of the time they just add the burden on your inbox and you. 

    If you want to keep your inbox clean and only limited to important personal and professional emails, then you must start using the email management app such as Unroll Me. It is one of those email management apps that would not compromise your emails’ security while also keeping the junk and unwanted emails at bay. The Unroll Me has been developed by two entrepreneurs named Josh Rosenwald and Jojo Hedeya, who faced similar problems of getting hundreds of promotional emails each day in their inbox. It decreased their productivity at work majorly, and it is why they decided that there should be a comprehensive email management app that would let the users get rid of the junk in their inbox with ease. 

    The features of Unroll Me are designed to keep the inbox clean and clutter-free, and it would also help you unsubscribe from the services that are no longer relevant to you. It just takes a few clicks to get rid of unwanted emails and subscriptions, and it would end up saving you loads of time once you start using it. Unroll Me has excellent reviews online, and they are known for their easy to use features. Since everyone with even a little knowledge of computers can install Unroll Me and use them. There is no need for people to download complicated email management systems that can use a lot of space on your computers and can be difficult to use. 


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