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    The United States education system has been regarded as among the most underperforming in the developed world. It has one of the lowest scores in terms of educational success according to sources. Many people believe that it is due to a lack of student activity and engagement. It is known that students usually do well in school when they have activities that are both engaging as well as encouraging for them. Statistics reveal that students do better in school when they are happier. Many educational experts believe that having a sense of purpose has proven to encourage perseverance and allow students to succeed.

    Gwinnett County Public High Schools has been known to support students’ happiness. In a recent evaluation of educational institutions, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology was listed as the top school in Georgia along with the 13th best in the entire United States. One of the keys to its success has been the support provided by teachers and staff as well as a number of resources to help ensure the success of the students. Many of these resources have been provided by the Gwinnett County Public School Foundation.

    Aaron Lupuloff is an individual who has invested a considerable amount of money in the Gwinnet County Public Schools. Lupuloff has said that he has five graduates of Gwinnet County Public Schools and is therefore committed to providing the school system with lots of support. When evaluating the school system, Lupuloff has said that the arts, athletic programs and academics have been keys to his children’s success. As well as providing support for his children who are former students, Lupuloff has also been active in making sure that Gwinnet County Public Schools remain a successful school district.

    Lupuloff is the Senior Executive Dirctor of the Gwinnett County Pubic Schools Foundation. As the head of this organization, he is committed to improving the achievement level of students and helping with the creation of future leaders. The organization that Aaron operates focuses on ensuring student success, funding scholarships, supporting teaching and learning and also developing leadership programs. His organization is also committed to devising programs that encourage forward thinking as well.


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