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    Ara Chackerian is both a business professional and philanthropist who focuses much of his work on different efforts in his community. For decades, he spent his career helping to bridge the gap between the worlds of healthcare and technology and he is currently on several different boards throughout the Bay Area of California. Along with being interested in healthcare, Ara Chackerian is not only interested in healthcare, but he is also interested in helping with causes involving youth development and environmental issues. One of these efforts includes Limonapa Teak, a sustainable farm that grows teak in Nicaragua.

    Ara Chackerian ensures that Limonapa Teak uses agricultural practices that are friendly to the environment that also enhance it rather than causing damage. In addition, the company in which he is a General Partner of provides hundreds of jobs for the people in the local communities around the farm. These jobs are considered to be good quality for the area with fair pay for their workers. In addition to the work that Ara Chackerian does with Liminapa Teak, he is also the Director of TMS Health Solutions and is also on the Board of Directors of Nor Luyce and PipelineRX.

    TMS Health Solutions consists of several outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in and around the Bay Area. Ara Chackerian founded the company with a partner hoping to create a business that is focused on the care of the patients first. Though the partnership may have only been formed around two years ago, they have already built seven different centers as part of the network of their company. When designing their centers, they try to create a place that is relaxing and serene instead of something that feels like a regular doctor’s office. He believes that this is important for all patients, but especially for those with mental disorders.

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