• 30Jul

    Raffaele Riva owns one of the largest companies in the world. In the year 2008, AUREA Multi-Family Office started its operations in the market. With expertise leadership given by Raffaele Riva, the organization has grown and opened new offices in many parts of the country. Many regulated firms have emerged from the company too. BGB UREAL Ltd is among these companies. Being the leader and owner of so many companies is not easy. Throughout his successful career, the investor has gained enough expertise to help him in all the decision-making processes. Up to date, Riva has maintained the role of chairperson in all of the companies. The businesses specialize in wealth planning, real estate, international issues, and asset and wealth management. These niches are highly competitive in the global arena.

    Before Raffaele Riva got the idea of starting the UREA Multi-Family Office and the numerous affiliate firms, he was in charge of several advisory companies. The investor had already done this for more than a decade, and he was an expert in corporate finance, estate planning, mergers, and acquisitions. His clients were from all over the globe. His ability to complete cross border deals easily made him very popular in the finance department. Raffaele Riva educational background is a key player in his active career in the finance section. His degree in economics, corporate financing, and tax law have given him the best positions in the tight market. In all his studies, Raffaele Riva proved to everyone that he was a unique bright student. Getting first-class honors in most of his studies was also a way of showing that the executive loved the course he was studying in college. When it was time to show his skills in the corporate section, Riva did not disappoint his employers. His work stood out from all the other workers.

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