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    Stratford Shields has been a professional in the municipal finance industry since the 1990s. One of his high profile roles was at the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association Municipal Division where he served in the leadership roles of vice-chairman, chairman, and treasurer. During his time in this position, one of the problems he confronted was people in the finance industry making donations to bond ballot elections. This gave the appearance of pay-to-play and he led efforts to voluntarily ban this practice.

    Some of his career was spent on Wall Street. One of the financial firms he worked for in NYC was Morgan Stanley where he led their public finance department for five years. Stratford Shields now lives in Chicago and works at Loop Capital Markets. At this company, he leads its public finance investment banking division as the managing director. His responsibilities include working with major clients in the Midwest and New England region.

    He started his career working for the government. He served in several positions in Ohio, the last of these at the State Controlling Board where he served as the president. Stratford Shields studied history and political science at Ohio State University. He also attended Columbia University, earning an MBA.

    Stratford Shields sees universities and public health care systems privatizing more of their operations as the wave of the future. He thinks these organizations are increasingly looking to alternative methods when it comes to financing and delivering their services. He was instrumental himself in helping Ohio State University privatize their vast parking lot system.

    He believes in continuous innovation. He says that early on in his career he was working with someone who had been in his job for 25 years. The problem was he never adapted or changed. Stratford Shields says this person had one year of experience 25 times because he never wanted to grow. Find out more about Stratford: https://ideamensch.com/stratford-shields/

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