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    Before getting into how successful Fortress Investment Group has been in recent memory, we first have to talk about how difficult it is to succeed in the field that they work in. As far as what that field is, it is the demanding and competitive investing field. Now, as we can imagine, professionals working as investors always have to be on their “A-Game”. Anything less than that can result in serious and costly mishaps that can be unrecoverable. In addition to that, we have to remember that most investment firms are using other people’s money. That said, any mishap can also result in some serious legal trouble. Now that we understand how challenging it can be to work in the investment field, we can appreciate the success that they’ve had. Recently, that success has come in the form of change. More specifically, it has come as a result of having to keep up with the always changing times. As we all know, technology is constantly improving and changing the way industries work. Add in the fact that investing is already an unsteady field and we see why making changes was an important part of Fortress Investment Group’s recent success. Fortress is an investment company based in New York. With all of this in mind, let’s talk more about there recent changes and how it affected their overall goals.

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    A Year Of Change With Fortress Investment Group
    In an article on Fortress Investment Group and their year of monumental change, among many things, we get to see first-hand exactly what changes brought them success. Starting off, they benefited tremendously from their purchase by Softbank. What this changed allowed for was an overseeing of global assets near the $50 million marks. In addition to that, another big change they made was making a dive into the high profile real estate market. After finding success there, they eventually expanded into other realms they weren’t as familiar with. More than anything, this shows how far Fortress Investment Group is willing to go to succeed. All in all, this type of thinking will only allow them to succeed for many years to come.

    Check more about Fortress Investment Group: https://www.bloomberg.com/profile/company/FIG:US

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