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    Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur who has been able to find great success in creating different dating apps. These dating applications have taken off and Andrey has found that it is well worth it for him and for his users. He’s interested in fine food and bringing about wonderful applications that can help to enhance the lives of users across the world. He doesn’t just eat, he also cooks and he will take the opportunity to create food for guests if the moment is present. His cooking skills are certainly on par with many different chefs in the marketplace (Twitter).

    But where does his life and vigor come from? Besides being able to switch things up as he pleases, he has the ability to be productive. This is why he is able to indulge in wonderful food and create applications that help people to connect in deeper way. Here is one productivity method that one may use.

    Basic: Personal Kanban

    The term “Kanban” is derived from the Japanese language. It refers to a manufacturing or scheduling system where the supply of used components is managed through the use of instruction cards and Andrey Andreev practices personal Kanban and hopes to intstaure it one day in the Occidental World.

    These cards are used to keep track of the manufacturing process and its efficiency. Through proper communication, they ensure that everything is going according to schedule and all tasks are being met in a timely manner.  Understanding this process and seeing how effective it could be in a production line, it is no wonder that it is now being used to take care of personal tasks.

    Thankfully, a personal Kanban doesn’t need you to pass cards along to other people out of nowhere. What it requires you to do is to use sticky notes and a section of the wall or whiteboard to keep track of your tasks.

    For starters, you could use three basic columns.

    • To Do

    • Doing

    • Done

    Each task would denote to the use of one sticky note.

    • When you start with your personal Kanban, you would have a full “To Do” column with a number of sticky notes. Andrey Andreev prefers that to keeping it on a PC computer.

    • When you start performing the tasks, they would need to be moved to the “Doing” column.

    • When you have completed them, they would be moved to the “Done” column.

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