• 16Mar

    Guilherme Paulus is the current chairman of GJP Group, an organization that controls GJP Hotels and Resorts. The same company also controls GJP Construtora e Incorporadora. At the company, Paulus is the president of the Board of Directors of GJP Group. He is a man of few words but one heck of a story to tell. Paulus has had one of the most fascinating lives and stories to share with the world. Life as an entrepreneur in Brazil, the birthplace of Paulus, is difficult. So much so that many new and aspiring entrepreneurs change course in the process to pursue other careers. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1949, Paulus is one man who stands out as a successful businessman and entrepreneur who made it in the country.

    Guilherme Paulus credits all his business successes to all the visions that he fostered and nurtured while growing up and saw them through. Growing up, he studied business administration. He also joined and worked for the IBM company as an intern when he was just 20 years. At 24 years, Paulus, through the assistance of a local government official, had this fantastic idea to bring tourism into his home country. However, the only downside to this was that he didn’t have money to invest in the concept. Carlos Vicente Cerchair, the local government official, offered to help Paulus with the funding of the investment prospect. Thus, his CVC Brasil & GJP Hotels and Resorts was born.

    His unique vision of venturing into tourism in the country itself is unprecedented. Not to mention that it turned out to become a highly successful business venture. As the company continues to grow, so does a myriad of other opportunities that Paulus and his expert team can venture into and tap. The purchase of Webjet back in 2006 is another investment opportunity that Guilherme Paulus seized. At the time of the purchase, the company only had one charter airplane. However, Paulus secured enough funds to purchase 20 airplanes that could shuttle tourists around the country. By the time he sold Webjet, it had become the country’s third largest airline. Saying that the sky is the limit to someone like Guilherme Paulus proves that anyone can do anything they set their minds to do.
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