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    Marketing a new product in the past few years has changed dramatically, for both old and new companies. The fact is that new mediums such as multiple social media platforms have made marketing a little more difficult to navigate around and ultimately choose the right route. Don’t get us wrong, these social media platforms have created a new opportunity to reach even more people than the traditional TV or radio ad. Steve Lesnard, one of the most revered and sought-after marketers has provided us with his two key principles to follow the next time you are preparing to introduce a new product or service to the market.

    Principle #1: Don’t overcomplicate it, You Want People To Remember

    Today we have the ability to photoshop, design and add incredible effects from the comfort of our own homes, however, more isn’t always better. One only has to remember Apple’s famous iPod marketing campaign that simply placed the words “10k songs in your pocket”. This is a perfect example of getting to the point and making that point simple and memorable to your audience. Another great example comes to us from the Peleton fitness company that provides people with the ability to purchase a high-quality spinning bike for their home. In the ad, the company simply states to their viewers that by purchasing this bike they can have their very own New York fitness studio inside their home. The ad contained no detailed tour of the bikes features or its quality, it sold the purpose and that’s all it took to be a top seller.

    Principle #2: Give Your Product Life

    According to Steve Lesnard, this should only be applied once you have a completed storyline. Giving your product or service life is challenging and is the area most companies fail at. Steve Lesnard recommends asking yourself a few questions about the product, how does it look on a person? How would they use it? In addition, placing your product in the right context is crucial to its success. For example, YETI when promoting their coolers in an “oversaturated” market simply used outdoor enthusiast to give their product life by showing images and videos of these people interacting with it during their outdoor adventures.

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