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    Are you tired of being the laughing stock in your hometown and want to prove everyone wrong? You can change the notion that you are poor by enumerating Vijay Eswaran, the chairman of the QI Group of Companies. He just got weary of being poor, and made a significant resolution for all his misfortunes- he decided to become an entrepreneur.

    When Vijay initially started his first idea of network marketing, he was pessimistic. He didn’t see the future of his initiative. After several trials, Vijay saw an excellent opportunity in his idea and resolved to pursue it. That’s where he started his entrepreneurial journey and came up with QI idea.

    Vijay’s minor and main occupations

    Vijay once worked as a security guard, an employee in a gas station, and worst, a cab driver. He decided never to work for someone again after his employer duped him.

    That’s when Vijay established his QI Company. After his venture was successful, he became an international motivational speaker in the business world. Vijay later started writing books.

    Dr Vijay has won several Awards and Honors as a business tycoon. These include;

    • Worldwide leader in global business strategy
    • Accomplishment medal for Global Entrepreneurship (2016).
    • Unique honour for Education Entrepreneurship during the 18th Malaysian Education Summit, e.t.c

    Reasons why Vijay is a successful entrepreneur

    Vijay makes his idea successful by first, travelling worldwide. By visiting different areas and talking to different people, he gets new ideas on how to expand his QI business.

    Next, he always takes a moment of silence for some hours in the morning and observes his business in different views. Vijay then comes up with new ideas which help his enterprise to excel.

    Additionally, he loves networking. According to him, networking helps him keep abreast of what is happening around the globe. With that information, he can know what is important to his customers. Dr Vijay advises everyone to keep trying and pushing his dreams for better results.

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