• 31Dec

    With a successful career in a wide range of areas including healthcare and philanthropy, Ara Chackerian continues to build an outstanding reputation for himself as an entrepreneur and environmentalist. Much of his career has focused on investing into the healthcare industry and he has also spent a great deal of time and effort in working to develop agricultural practices of an environmentally sustainable nature in countries such as Nicaragua. A major recent focus that has been on Ara Chackerian’s mind has centered around building his latest healthcare startup which works in the area of depression treatment and is called TMS Health Solutions.

    The story of what inspired Ara Chackerian and his business partner to found TMS Health Solutions is quite interesting and it is linked to experience that they had gained in a previous healthcare business venture. Past experience in the area of outpatient radiology led Ara Chackerian to believe that this was a model that could be applied to the concept of mental health and depression treatment. He combined this mindset with a desire to offer a revolutionary depression treatment called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This revolutionary new treatment is providing much-needed relief to depression patients that have displayed a condition that is resistant to more traditional forms of treatment.

    Ara Chackerian is definitely an individual that understands a thing or two about the field of healthcare sector investment. He is adamant that there is a particular bit of knowledge that healthcare sector investors can take advantage of in order to make sure that their yield great returns on their investments. This bit of knowledge that Ara Chackerian recommends is in regard to their dividend. He recommends that this should be reinvested. This is one of the best pieces of advice in terms of increasing overall success in a significant manner.

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