• 22Nov

    Nick Vertucci is the real estate investor in homes that has made a career of helping other people find out how they can invest in home and turn a profit. He had some heart breaks in his life of law enforcement. He is also lost a lot of money during the early years where he sold computer parts. Nick Vertucci has gained it all back plus more as a real estate investment guru. He has gained knowledge on the tricks of the trade because he has gone through the trial and error up seeing the market rise and fall. When you build an extensive knowledge base like this you want to share it with others. This is exactly what Nick Vertucci has done with the his real estate academy.

    Nick Vertucci could have made a conscious choice to squander his talent or conceal his experience and only prophet himself. The reality, however, is that he knew that there were other people that were having financial issues just like the ones that he had doing his time in the tech industry. He knew the other people needed a way out of there financially destitute states. This is why you made he decided to help those people that were struggling much in the same way that he struggled in his earlier years of his life.

    Nick also made a decision to write a book, a memoir, in order to bring about an awareness of the life journey that he has had from the rags to riches stories that fueled his passion for real estate. Now he has even more passion to help those people that are trying to invest. He wants to give people a chance to learn about the areas of real estate that they may have never thought were profitable.

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