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    Adam Milstein is not only dedicated to his position as a real estate investor for Hager Pacific Properties, but he also puts a large part of his life into pursuing many different philanthropical efforts in order to change the world for the better. More specifically, the efforts of Milstein revolve around Judaism and the state of Israel. With an intense love for both Israel and the United States, he is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between the 2 countries on many different levels.

    The native of Haifa, Israel joined the Israel Defense Forces in 1971 and was called into action during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. After finishing his time in the military, he attended the Israel Institute of Technology where he earned his business and economics degree in 1978. While Adam Milstein was attending Technion, he helped his father, who was also a real estate developer, with the family business in order to help it expand.

    Before graduating from Technion, Adam Milstein married the love of his life, Gila, in 1974. The 2 immigrated to the United States in 1981 where he was able to earn an MBA from the University of Southern California in 1983. The 2 have 3 daughters together as well as 3 grandchildren and currently live in Encino, California. The 2 co-founded the Milstein Family Foundation that works to advocate for Israel and the Jewish people by giving young professionals and students pride in their heritage and homeland.

    The Milstein Family Foundation has partnered with the American-Israel Educational Foundation which is part of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The efforts through this organization not only work with Jewish students, but they also encourage their Christian, Latino, and African American student allies to join in on the efforts to advocate for Israel. Adam Milstein and his wife created what is known as the Campus Allies Mission which is aimed at activists who have not been to Israel but support the cause despite not being Jewish themselves. The Milstein Family Foundation has provided funding and staff support for an app called Talk Israel which works to bring the community together.


  • 27Nov

    Innovation is the foundation of success around the globe. For them to compete in the marketplace, businesses and individuals strive at staying ahead of the game. From emerging technologies and financial strategies to the latest healthcare developments, one would be surprised by the factors coming into play for a firm to success today.


    The financial market is undergoing massive changes which have led to the entire industry facing credibility and capital problems. These issues have left many startups and established firms searching for capital funds for their expansion. Getting loans has become more robust. As a result, there are third-party firms that offer financial help to firms that seek such assistance. Madison Street Capital is one of them, and it provides help to transparent firms seeking financial support. Recently, the company offered its services to Sachs Capital Group when it advised on Sachs’ purchase of RMG Networks.


    Having issued its clients with advisory services across different industries, Madison comprehends that every customer is unique, hence demanding precise and careful analysis and recommendations. The company believes in building strong ties with businesses and communities around the United States for the nation’s economic development. Founded in the year 2005, as a market investment banking company, the fixed issues various financial services, which comprise of corporate advisory, financial report valuations and economic standpoints for middle-market firms. The company strives at issuing its clientele with the best mergers and acquisition advice and help clients determine the real value of companies that interest them.


    Madison Street Capital reputation and administration ,Being led by Barry Petersen, Madison recently advised Sachs Capital Group regarding its RMG Network’s take-private. Virgo Capital and credit issuer Merion Investment Partners were the transaction’s financiers. The deal was successful, with Sachs Capital Group’s CEO indicating that Madison’s role in the process was vital to the success. RMG Networks subsequently financially benefitted from the entire transaction with its shareholders receiving $1.29 in cash per share leading to a closure of RMG stocks trading on NASDAQ as from 28th September 2018.


    With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and offices around the world, RMG Networks is a communication firm that goes beyond the traditional forms of communication to assist companies to expand productivity and improve engagement and efficiency by digital messaging. The firm issues media hardware, services and software to approximately half of the Fortune 100. This consist of high-end software, business applications, equipment, and services, the firm presents accountability for real-time performance and management and integrated data visualization.


    Sachs Capital Group is a sophisticated firm that presents flexible and non-controlling and controlling capital to successful companies. The firm believes in long-term appreciation of cash with controlled financial and operating risks. Its primary focus lies on quality management, bona fide corporate management, valuation, and business fundamentals.


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    Gulf Coast Western, LLC, is an oil and gas firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They operate as a Joint Venture as they work with other companies in the industry in order to increase the resources, experience, and talent when exploring for oil reserves, developing drilling platform, and acquiring the oil out of the ground. They explore in areas of the gulf coast region that have the right geophysical and geological properties in which to find deposits of oil and natural gas.

    The President and Chief Executive Officer Matthew Fleeger of this company stated that they look to create substantial returns on investments while limiting downside risk. He credits creating transparent relationships with their business partners as a key asset at his company. They develop partnerships built on mutual trust and integrity.

    This company was established in 1970 and continues to be family-owned. It was started by Matthew Fleeger’s father and now owns properties in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. In Louisiana, they have a partnership with Orbit Gulf Energy Partners which is headquartered in Lafayette. Gulf Coast Western owns property in that state and can access hundreds of square miles of 3D seismic data. They have 13 active wells in that state and are looking at eventually drilling in another 140 locations. Their Louisiana operations contain around 30 million barrels of oil.

    Matthew Fleeger is a highly respected businessman who made the International Who’s Who List of Business Professionals. Beyond the oil and gas industry, he has also developed companies in both the tanning and waste management sectors. His primary skills are team building, negotiating contracts, and strategic planning. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He joined the oil and gas industry after graduating which is where he started to build both his marketing and financing abilities.

    Find out more about Matthew Fleeger: https://matthewhfleeger.wordpress.com/

  • 26Nov

    Healthcare is a sector that is faced with various problems that must be addressed to ensure patients receive best services. However, things are now changing thanks to technological advancement. Most people think they are okay and they are not concerned with screening which is crucial. Some entrepreneurs have tried to invent ways to solve the issues in the industry. One entrepreneur who has made a difference in the field is Drew Madden. He is renowned for being passionate about Electronic Medical Records (EMR). His passion for EMR has enabled him to achieve a lot in the healthcare IT sector. He is also experienced having worked for some of the best consulting firms like Nordic Consulting Partners.

    He began his career as an IT expert, and he knew he would achieve great things throughout his career. But when he started working in the IT department in a healthcare company, he discovered a few things that were wrong and worked hard to change them. At the company, he displayed excellent leadership skills and soon he was promoted. While working here, he discovered many areas in the sector that needed to be improved. Drew is an entrepreneur who is always after trying to solve the problems experienced by others.

    When it comes to the healthcare industry, preventive care is crucial. Preventing a particular illness is not as expensive as trying to cure a sick person. That is why Drew thinks that it is essential to use advanced technology to discover illnesses when they are at early stages. But many people are not willing to visit a doctor for a medical checkup. The use of wearable technology can solve such a problem in the healthcare industry. Many people do not have a problem wearing a device that can monitor their health status. If you discover you have health issues Drew works with a team of talented professionals, who are always ready to help.

    Although Drew Madden has contributed a lot to the development of healthcare IT, he still believes there is a lot to be done. He will continue serving customers and giving his best advice.

  • 22Nov

    Nick Vertucci is the real estate investor in homes that has made a career of helping other people find out how they can invest in home and turn a profit. He had some heart breaks in his life of law enforcement. He is also lost a lot of money during the early years where he sold computer parts. Nick Vertucci has gained it all back plus more as a real estate investment guru. He has gained knowledge on the tricks of the trade because he has gone through the trial and error up seeing the market rise and fall. When you build an extensive knowledge base like this you want to share it with others. This is exactly what Nick Vertucci has done with the his real estate academy.

    Nick Vertucci could have made a conscious choice to squander his talent or conceal his experience and only prophet himself. The reality, however, is that he knew that there were other people that were having financial issues just like the ones that he had doing his time in the tech industry. He knew the other people needed a way out of there financially destitute states. This is why you made he decided to help those people that were struggling much in the same way that he struggled in his earlier years of his life.

    Nick also made a decision to write a book, a memoir, in order to bring about an awareness of the life journey that he has had from the rags to riches stories that fueled his passion for real estate. Now he has even more passion to help those people that are trying to invest. He wants to give people a chance to learn about the areas of real estate that they may have never thought were profitable.

  • 08Nov

    Stream Energy which is commonly referred to as Stream Energy directly sells and connect life services and it has various offers to its customers including energy, wireless, protective, and home services. The Company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, United States and it was founded in the year 2005 by Pierre and Rob. The company has been known for its philanthropic activities which have been part of Stream’s DNA since it was formed. The company became more popular in its charity activities when it became the first company in Dallas and the entire United States to assist the victims Hurricane Harvey. When thousands of Americans helplessly saw their loved ones drown in the floods from the Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy stepped in to assist the Red Cross in assisting the victims.

    Stream Energy relationship with its Customers

    Unlike other companies that are always focused on making more profits without caring about the relationship they establish with their customers, Stream is majorly concerned about meeting their clients. The company’s relationship with its workers is also very interesting since it is not just about working and getting paid. Stream always motivates its employees to make great use of the opportunities in life. Another unique characteristic of the Dallas based company is that it does not only supply energy and its services to their customers in their homes but they also supply them when they are at work or even traveling.

    The company is also majorly focused on paying back to the society around them. According to them, it is best for all companies to contribute some percentage of their profits to the community so that society can grow at the same rate that the company is growing. That is why Stream recently launched the Stream Cares which is meant to make all the charity activities that the company has been running in various parts of the country official. The Stream Cares will be meant to contribute more to the community. This is a good move for the company since paying back to the society both helps the community and the company by building its reputation.


  • 07Nov

    OSI Group, the leading food production company in the world is a company on rapid growth. It is one of the companies that has transformed its operations to fit the needs of the customers. The main goal of the company is to satisfy the needs of the customers since they form the backbone of the business. The company has emphasized food safety and the use of sustainable means of production as they aim for a total takeover of operations in the whole world. Already they are the main food producer in 17 countries where they have built food production plants. The company specializes in meat products such as pork, beef, and chicken. Read more about OSI Goup McDonalds at Crunchbase

    OSI Group started its rapid growth in the middle of the past century. A deal between Otto & Sons and McDonald’s was enough to keep the company’s operation on high gear. McDonald’s had just opened their first restaurant in Illinois and were in need of suppliers. Otto & Sons was a wholesale meat business in the area that was being led by Arthur and Harry, two sons of the founder Otto Kolschowsky. Before we had OSI Group, it started as Otto & Sons. It was only the 1970s that this company changed its name.

    The OSI Group McDonalds deal was one that brought very many changes in the food industry. McDonald’s gained growth momentum after a short time, forcing its supplier to produce more. As demand went up, Otto& Sons was required to increase its operations and production capacity to meet the high demand. They were even forced to split the business into two. One part was left as a supplier for the OSI Group McDonalds deal.

    OSI Group McDonalds has continued to be a partnership that works even today. OSI has remained a trusted supplier to the McDonalds due to the measures they have put in place to facilitate smooth supply as well as ensuring that food safety is intact. OSI Group McDonalds is a deal that has transformed the food industry by making it possible for consumers to enjoy food products that are carefully produced. The success story of the OSI Group can therefore never be complete without the input of the McDonalds. Visit: http://inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/



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    Gareth Henry has become one of the best-known individuals in the Finance world. A Heriot-Watt graduated with a first class degree propelled him years ahead of his time. He contributes much of his success to his university as they allowed him not only to think deeply about his future career but also advise him on what the best-fitted route would be for him. Gareth Henry new early on that his life goal was to work in the investment world, but the education he received at Heriot-Watt made that a reality. Today, Gareth contributes back to that same University in hopes that current students continue to receive the same opportunities he once had.

    Since then, Gareth Henry has held senior investment roles in the UK and New York. Today his focus is on the private credit sector. After the 2008 financial crisis, many bank institutions where placed with very strict regulations and procedures regarding loans to private companies, this, in turn, has opened up a huge opportunity in providing these companies with credit deals.

    Gareth Henry has labeled himself a self-proclaimed “math geek” and attributes much of his success to the understanding of both finance and mathematics. “Once I developed an understanding of economics and risk management I was hooked”. Gareth goes on to explain that he also has an advantage over other “math geeks” due to his ability to speak with clients, strangers and practically everyone about their finances in a meaningful way, an ability not broadly shared in the investment community. In addition, the relationship one has with a client allows Gareth Henry to request feedback, “it’s key to understanding the internal and external dynamics you’re operating within.” In conclusion, Gareth’s success is simply defined as complex and simple, his technique of “keeping his ear to the ground” as he states have allowed him to thrive and evolve with the rapidly changing world of the private credit sector.

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    When people are spending a lot of money, it means that the economy is doing well. Now that we are in the fourth quarter, it is that time of the years that people are making crazy investments. Spending in recent years has moved to online. In the past five years, online shopping sales have increased by 76 percent. When it comes to these new investments idea, one needs to look at the ones that are promising. Some stocks will perform well and others will not. There is a shift in the market as many consumers are now moving to online stores. Businesses which do not offer online services are facing huge problems. As online shopping grows faster, so are the popular businesses which support such services.

    Paul Mampilly is an expert on investments. He has worked in the Wall Street for 25 years and therefore understands the industry very well. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Paul Mampilly is projecting that the S&P 500 companies will be the highest gainers. It is expected that they will grow by six percent. This is going to be the highest gain ever. Five years ago, growth was 2.3 percent. If you are an investor looking for an investment opportunity to invest your money, the best place to go to should be in the S&P 500 companies. The spending among the consumers is rising, and the sentiments are also high. Online shopping is expected to take a massive chunk of the spending.

    Paul Mampilly is recommending EFT (exchange-traded fund) as one of the best places for investors. This system allows investors to invest in up to 22 different companies.Currently, the economy is growing significantly. The economy is doing well, and the unemployment percent is at its lowest ever. There is growing confidence in the country and consumers are expecting their financial status to keep on getting better. In the last quarter of 2017, there was only a 5 percent increase in retail spending.Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor who would like to use the information he has to make a difference in the lives of the people. He is ready to mentor Americans and show them the right direction. Mampilly has been doing very well in ensuring that the American investors are educated.



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