• 26Oct

    While the United States has certainly led the way over the years in the high-tech industry, it is no secret many foreign competitors have slowly started to gain significant amounts of ground. According to Shervin Pishevar, one of the world’s foremost venture capitalists, this is very true in today’s business world. Having recently took to Twitter to express his views on the U.S. and world economic situation during a 21-hour tweet storm, it’s quite clear he has many unique insights into a variety of topics.


    Regarding the U.S. stock market, Shervin Pishevar believes stocks are on the way out, and instead precious metals are on the way in for smart investors. Predicting a steep drop in market value of up to 6,000 points within the next year, he views gold as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Believing bond markets will create this crisis, Shervin Pishevar views this as the perfect time for many investors who are heavily invested in stocks to adjust their portfolios.


    As to the demise of Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar believes it is almost inevitable, based on current market conditions around the world in the high-tech sector. As American companies have fallen back due to a lack of drive and a clear vision for the future, foreign companies in China and other nations have done the opposite. From training workers in the latest workplace methods, investing heavily in research and development, and possessing a drive that will not end until they are number one, Shervin Pishevar feels these companies have already surpassed Silicon Valley, and will in fact pull even further ahead in the years to come.


    Finally, as his tweet storm started to subside, Shervin Pishevar took aim at Bitcoin. A virtual currency more popular than ever, he sees it dropping in value anywhere from 2,000-5,000 points, resulting in large losses for investors. However, for those investors who are patient enough to wait for a turnaround, he feels it will not only regain its losses, but in fact gain more and more value, making numerous investors quite rich along the way.



  • 21Oct

    Guilherme Paulus is a successful Brazilian investor who has a lot of profits from the hospitality and tourism sector. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Brazilian biggest tour company CVC Operadora and the GJP Hotels and Resorts which is a chain of over twenty luxurious hotels and restaurants that are located all over the country. Paulus has always been an ambitious and opportunistic person since he was young. He started his career journey as a computer technician who worked as an intern at IBM. Getting a job with one of the biggest technology companies did not stop Guilherme Paulus from looking for greener pasture elsewhere. He soon spotted an opportunity that could lead him to the top in the business world through his colleagues from the hospitality and tourism industry.

    Guilhermes Personal Story about CVC and GJP

    Guilherme Paulus recently got a chance to tell his story of the origin of CVC and GJP. Many people have been wondering how he managed to switch from the world of information technology to be the king in the hospitality and tourism sector. During the interview, Paulus revealed that the idea of CVC was not his but it came from his politician friend he had met in a trip when he told him that he wanted to open a tourist agency. Although Paulus had no capital at the time since he was still working at Sao Paulo, he did was not willing to let such a brilliant idea slide through him.

    When he was asked how his typical day looked like and how he always manage to make productive, he answered that he started his thanking and staying extremely optimistic at all times. He also pointed out that he managed to stay occupied through the day by writing his schedule at the beginning of every week. Guilherme Paulus also stated that the use of technology in our daily life activities extremely excited him. He added that the ability to look for information within a short period excites him too much because he could use technology to find information about new inventions and understand how they worked within a short period.

    Learn More: pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/GJP_Hotels_%26_Resorts

  • 16Oct

    InnovaCare Health is a business leader when it comes to providing the public with affordable health care services. The company is known to adapt in every situation, using their strategies and techniques that makes them a result-oriented organization. Rick Shinto, the founder of the company, believes that as a leader, he should be the one taking the company to success. He knew that if the InnovaCare Health produced a weak leader and management team, thousands of their customers would suffer the consequences. He believes that the secret to the company’s success would be staying in focus and concentrating on the goals that he wanted to achieve.



    Healthcare is one of the most important services given to the public, and Puerto Rico is lucky because they have the InnovaCare Health providing them with the services that they need. The company has been working closely with Medicare and Medicaid, along with other medical firms to provide the best health services to the public. Rick Shinto has also hired new people to join their management team, including the likes of Penelope Kokkinides who has a background in social work and other medical programs. Rick Shinto is serious in his plans of transforming the company into one of the leading health services providers to the locals, but he kept on facing different challenges as he tries to improve the living condition of the people. Check out monster.com




    One of the problems that InnovaCare Health faces today would be the mounting debt of the island. The government of Puerto Rico has been taking a lot of debt, and it has affected the healthcare services offered to the public. Many people fear that they might wake up one day without any protection. InnovaCare Health is also doing their part to ensure the people that they will still enjoy the protection from the policies that they paid for. To counter the growing fears of the public, Rick Shinto even instructed Penelope Kokkinides to travel to the mainland United States and speak with the federal government, asking them for solutions on the growing problem of the people regarding their health care. You can visit danielestraus.org




    Penelope Kokkinides works as the company’s chief operations officer, and being sent to Washington D.C. to meet with the Federal Government is an honor for her. He assured Rick Shinto and the people of Puerto Rico that a resolution would be made between the two negotiating parties, and they will do everything to provide the public with the health care that they deserve.


    Click here: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/InnovaCare-Health/Jobs





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