• 25Aug

    California is home to many different farms ranging in all kinds of things, such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, eggs, and more. Milan Farms started up by Milan Kordestani, is quickly becoming a prominent agriculture company in the state of California for its high-quality products and environmentally friendly standards. Milan Kordestani has already expanded the original farm into three spread out across California, distributing a wide range of different products today, including eggs, poultry, and even saffron.

    Milan Kordestani has already come a long way despite his young age, achieving more than most people do in their entire lives by the time he hit puberty. Milan believes it is his determination to succeed but also his passion for what he does that has allowed him to do so much. Despite his age, Milan has shown a strong commitment to agriculture, as opposed to most teens his age that would be out doing other things or focusing on hobbies purely for fun.

    Milan’s work at Milan Farm’s and being an entrepreneur is his passion and he likes to work more at it every single day. To ensure he continues to improve on his skills and experience, Milan has started going to college right after completing his high school education in Colorado. Here, Milan will be working on completing an agricultural economics degree to further expand on his business experience for the role he plays at the growing agricultural company, Milan Farms.

    Milan is currently the only farmer to have grown saffron from start to finish completely with hydroponics. On top of this, all of his products are organic, including the products that he distributes from local farms. Milan Kordestani is not only maintaining strong standards at his farms but wishes others agriculture owners would do the same to protect the environment from excessive harm.

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