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    Ara Chackerian is resident of Francisco, California, whose area of interest is in the field of business. He wears many hats where he is also an angel entrepreneur, an environmentalist, and a philanthropic individual as well. Ara Chackerian is a graduate of the Florida State University from where he completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing. Mr. Chackerian has spent many years working to improve technologies in the medical field, which has seen him partner with some like-minded people to open medical facilities such as the TMS Health Solutions.


    Further, among the organizations that Mr. Chackerian has worked include the BMC Diagnostics where he was the founder, president, and the CEO. He also helped to find Embion/ ProviderLinks and also worked as the PSS/World Medical among other healthcare organizations. Moreover, Ara Chackerian’s love for the environment is one of his greatest strengths where he focuses on creating and promoting a sustainable environment. He has done this by establishing the Nicaragua -based farm that is known as the Limonapa Teak. The farm again employs hundreds of youths who earn a good pay from it.


    About Ara Chackerian’s Sentiments on First-World Country’s Health Care Worries


    Ara Chackerian believes that most of the first-world countries are ever worried about their healthcare due to the high costs of treatments. He gives an example of the United States where the medical costs are always increasing such that they affect the more top income earners who end up struggling to pay the bills. This especially applies to people with some of the physical conditions and chronic diseases that require regular medical treatment. Again, other first-world countries like France and Japan are also worried about how they can sustain their much-advanced healthcare systems. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.


    Furthermore, countries that have free health care for their citizens such as Sweden are worried about how to keep the healthcare sector adequately funded. This is because the funds are taken from the government’s budget to cater for the universal healthcare that is again advancing leading to higher bills. Nonetheless, the advancement of the health-technology has helped the general life-span to increase where people can live for many more years. On the contrary, though it is a good idea to have the universal health care for the countries with this scheme, Mr. Chackerian’s points out that there is one common complaint across of having to wait for longer days before admissions. You can visit their Facebook page.



    Read more: https://medium.com/@arachackerian


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