• 31May

    Sightsavers is a humanitarian organization that has a mission to eliminate preventable blindness across the world. The organization also fights to empower the disabled and provide them opportunities that might have previously been unavailable. To accomplish this goal, Sightsavers partners with health organizations all over the world as well as pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Sightsavers also works closely with other like-minded organizations in order to accomplish its goal of eliminating blindness that is a result of preventable means.

    Sightsavers has recently drafted an open letter along with five other key humanitarian health organizations. The letter is an urgent call to action to the governments of the British Commonwealth for them to take the crucial action needed to eliminate blindness that is a result of means that are preventable. Sightsavers Chief Executive Officer Dr. Caroline Harpe has stressed the importance of a unified stance on this issue and stresses how important it is for likeminded organizations to band together to make it clear to Commonwealth governments that this issue must be addressed in earnest. Current statistics suggest that preventable blindness could as much as triple by the year 2030 if major steps are not enacted now to prevent this.

    It is estimated that as many as eighty-five million individuals either have very poor sight or are blind outright in the British Commonwealth and these numbers appear to be on the rise. The open letter is making the case that though there have been major successes in this battle, there is much to be achieved. The letter further puts out the call to action that by 2020, every member state of the Commonwealth should accomplish the enactment of at least one significant step toward ending this issue. The fact is that the medical technology exists, it just has to find its way to all of the people in need.

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