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    Malcolm Casselle the President of Worldwide Asset Exchange and Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins is bringing revolutionary innovations that are utilized to share Wax Token technologies with the world. Malcolm Casselle is a successful technology pioneer in the development and strategic planning and execution of cutting-edge technologies in the digital online asset transfer and gaming industries. Malcolm Casselle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and he continued his education at Stanford University where he studied computer science as well. Malcolm Casselle has provided high-level leadership and progressive corporate guidance for some of the world’s largest internet technology companies including Facebook, Zynga, and Groupon a company that he has a joint venture with.

    Malcolm Casselle has progressively aligned his professional career in computer science technology in such a way that he has been on the cutting edge of some of the world’s greatest technological advancements within the online asset industry. With the creation of Wax Tokens at OPSkins, a product has been developed that will easily allow individuals to transfer virtual assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the blockchain without the interference from any banking institution or regional and geographical governmental regulators. The Wax Token is a very innovative approach to transferring assets over the blockchain by allowing individuals to easily evaluate assets within an isolated platform that legitimately streamlines the foreign exchange evaluations that will allow transactions to be performed safely, securely, and financially sound. Wax Tokens generally are used in gaming platforms that allow competitors from around the world to compete and transfer assets and financial instruments over the gaming platform without having to interact with the banking systems which can slow down the process of transferring assets throughout the banking system. Malcolm Casselle continues to provide the guidance and leadership at the World Asset Exchange serving as President and Chief Executive Officer to propel the company to greater heights with the decentralized transfer of online assets. With the development of the Wax Tokens, Malcolm Casselle is sharing a revolutionary technology with the world that will quickly become a mainstream approach and create the structure for the general public use of the blockchain.

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