• 31May

    Sightsavers is a humanitarian organization that has a mission to eliminate preventable blindness across the world. The organization also fights to empower the disabled and provide them opportunities that might have previously been unavailable. To accomplish this goal, Sightsavers partners with health organizations all over the world as well as pharmaceutical companies and government agencies. Sightsavers also works closely with other like-minded organizations in order to accomplish its goal of eliminating blindness that is a result of preventable means.

    Sightsavers has recently drafted an open letter along with five other key humanitarian health organizations. The letter is an urgent call to action to the governments of the British Commonwealth for them to take the crucial action needed to eliminate blindness that is a result of means that are preventable. Sightsavers Chief Executive Officer Dr. Caroline Harpe has stressed the importance of a unified stance on this issue and stresses how important it is for likeminded organizations to band together to make it clear to Commonwealth governments that this issue must be addressed in earnest. Current statistics suggest that preventable blindness could as much as triple by the year 2030 if major steps are not enacted now to prevent this.

    It is estimated that as many as eighty-five million individuals either have very poor sight or are blind outright in the British Commonwealth and these numbers appear to be on the rise. The open letter is making the case that though there have been major successes in this battle, there is much to be achieved. The letter further puts out the call to action that by 2020, every member state of the Commonwealth should accomplish the enactment of at least one significant step toward ending this issue. The fact is that the medical technology exists, it just has to find its way to all of the people in need.

  • 30May

    NGP Van is an online application that is being used by the Democrats to promote their candidates. The public has seen the full potential of the app during the 2008 United States Presidential Elections, after former Senator Barack Obama won the presidency, even if he does not have enough popularity. Just like how radio and television were considered as new technologies back in the 1950s, NGP Van is also helping the candidates to become popular through the use of the application that they have developed. Decades ago, when the television and the radio arrived inside the homes of American families, political parties used these technologies to conduct canvassing. There are no data collected, and the candidate would appear on the television or speak through the radio, encouraging the public to vote for them. The power of broadcasting media shaped the American society, and those politicians who effectively used these technologies ended up as the winners. In the 21st century, NGP Van’s application is seen as the answer to the growing number of people who rely deeply on the internet. The use of mobile devices connected online keeps on increasing every year, while at the same time, television and radio use starts to decline. Political parties are also looking at these scenarios, and they are doing their best to identify how they can cope with the changes in technology.

    NGP Van uses a technology that would eliminate the labor-intensive campaigns that the Americans are used to see. They are using fewer resources like paper, which would allow the candidates to save more money. NGP VAN is being used to collect the data of those who are living in a particular neighborhood. It can also be used to identify the strongholds of each party across the country. When NGP Van is used, candidates are expecting a huge turnout on the day of the elections. One of the most recent examples of how powerful the application can be was the huge turnout when former President Barack Obama ran into the office. There are 14.5 million voters who appeared on the election precincts on the day of the election, thanks to the massive campaigns that encouraged them to vote.

    NGP Van’s power is also expected to change the composition of the senators and the congressmen in the United States Congress. Many people believe that the whole Congress will turn out blue, in contrast to the current Republican President, Donald Trump.

  • 21May

    Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and entrepreneur from Scottsdale, AZ. After graduating from Arizona State University, Hope turned his attention toward developing a mobile communications company known as JAWA. Through his early success and deliberate hard work, Hope was able to craft a reputation for himself as a skilled futurist and renowned entrepreneur. With this kind of early success, Hope turned toward developing his passions and of those passions, his focus would turn to biotechnology. Biotechnology is clearly the way of the future in the medical field and Hope believes that biotech can be the key to unlocking quality as we age. In 2010, Jason Hope decided to partner up with the SENS Foundation and since then they have been steadily working to change the world forever.

    The SENS Foundation is a non-profit research facility based out of California that is uniquely focused on addressing problems inherent to aging. Age-related illness, be it Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, has been a tragic part of human life but people are starting to realize that it doesn’t have to be. While every year our average lifespan goes up, our quality of life hasn’t been adjusting accordingly. The prominence of age-related illness was something that struck Hope as uniquely confusing. Why not use technology to address these issues?

    After extensive research, Hope would come to learn of the SENS Foundation. Hope would meet up with Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the CSO at the SENS Foundation, and the two would almost immediately begin to hit it off. Hope and Dr. de Grey both realized early on in life that age-related disease does not need to be a fact of how we live and how our human experience is governed. Hope and Dr. de Grey would eventually agree to work together in a fashion and Hope would sign off on an incredible donation of $500,000.

    The charitable donation that Jason Hope gave to the SENS Foundation was immediately put into work. Hope’s donation would go to addressing the reality of Arteriosclerosis, a problem related to the hardening of arteries as we age and corresponding hypertension. Dr. de Grey has used the donation for research into preventing these cell proteins from bonding and hardening and with any luck, we could see a world-changing discovery. While this is just one issue addressed by the SENS Foundation, it is a rather important one and we remain excited about their future discoveries.

    Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

  • 20May

    O2Pur is the latest market alternative to cigarettes. It is an e-cigarette system that provides your daily dose of nicotine with additional incentives with regards to taste, feel and a rise in social standards. This particular e-cigarette system is in the form of vape. The technology stimulates the feeling of tobacco smoking through the inhalation of vapour from a heated liquid in a compartmentalized enclosed handheld device. The puff of this vapour containing nicotine has come to be referred to as vaping. It, therefore, provides its users with smoke-free nicotine experience. A Utah based company called Holladay makes this product.

    But how does O2Pur work? It is a straightforward e-cigarette with better improvements on the system’s technology. Getting your hands on this impressive product is easy. The company responsible for the product sells a free kit in their online platform with only a five dollar purchase. The online platform also avails various designs of box mods and accessories all cut specifically to accommodate people with different budgets. The sort by mode in the website helps give potential clients and users alternatives to the best vaping experience of our time.

    The company’s e-cigarette product provides many advantages in comparison to other analog stick cigarettes. First, this e-cigarette alternative has been made convenient by the elimination of tar. Users hoping to make the transition from the analog kinds of cigarettes have the assurance of a quality smoking experience that does not include the disadvantages associated with tar from regular cigarettes. Besides, all the users can comfortably vape without the worry of losing the white in their teeth.

    This system of vaping also allows the users to feel great while smelling fantastic. The company provides the nicotine liquids with a variety of flavours and tastes. This improved taste according to the customer’s liking improves their general comfort and the comfort of those around them. With this technology, no one has to leave for smoking breaks anymore. Additionally, the e-cigarettes are extremely easy to use. You get your money’s worth at the press of a button. The days of walking around with matchboxes and lighters are long past as we embrace the future with simplicity and efficacy.

    With this e-cigarette system, you get to save money that would otherwise get wasted in analog cigarettes. With liquid flavoured nicotine, it is possible to ascertain the body nicotine requirement and work on a more informed vaping schedule. As opposed to analog cigarettes, you get enough for so little which saves you money in the long run. Also, the technology eliminates the smoke from the equation and users can get comfortable around other people without causing any discomfort. The technique is stylish and more appealing.


  • 19May

    Avanca is an electronics wholesaler and they launched a fundraising campaign on the popular site Indiegogo. They were seeking help with getting money together for their pocket PC product. Their goal was to raise $10K in a month, but they needed help promoting their campaign. Executives at the company decided to use NewsWatch. Avanca decided to review NewsWatch TV after their segment aired.


    In its review, Avanca stated that in 30 days it had raised well over $400K, which was over 15 times the original amount that was set to raise. A director at the company contributing working with NewsWatch as one of the top reasons their fundraising efforts were so successful. The director added that Avanca loved working with NewsWatch and they recommend them to anyone.


    About NewsWatch TV

    NewsWatch TV airs on select TV channels in America. The TV show covers topics that consumers find interesting, and it features guests who promote products, services and so forth. However, the show does cover editorial content in addition to sponsored content. Over 1,000 episodes have aired to date and it usually airs on Monday mornings around seven in the morning.


    NewsWatch has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to app developers and organizations of all sizes to name a few. The company has built relationships with many businesses throughout the years. A few of the companies NewsWatch has worked with includes D-Link, Audi and Casio. Others include Sony, Ruzzle, Outback and Sony. There are many other companies they have worked with.


    Companies that want to spread the word about their cause, products or services can contact NewsWatch to request a quote.


  • 13May

    Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions has developed an excellent range of skills in the important areas of wealth management and retirement planning. His list of credentials are impressive and he’s proven himself to be uniquely qualified in helping clients fashion sound investment strategies. With markets in constant flux and a dizzying array of investment vehicles, the services of a professional like Blair can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement or something less.

    A Three Pillar approach is the backbone of the work done at Wealth Solutions. Blair takes into account all of the key factors that can help his clients rest assured that their financial house is in order. This comprehensive planning encompasses all phases of life and the sooner a client implements a sound plan the better.

    A financial roadmap is an all-important feature of each client’s journey and this is the First Pillar. This is the start of Richard Dwayne Blair building a lasting relationship with his clients. He helps them determine their course by carefully considering their goals, strengths, and appetite for risk. This enables him to fully understand their motivations as well as establish clear expectations.

    A long-term investment strategy is a core component of financial planning and this makes up the Second Pillar. This is also unique to each client and their particular goals and needs for liquidity. Active management is one area in which Blair shines as an expert and he’s quite good at maximizing returns when market conditions are favorable. As a seasoned investment professional, he’s also equally as good at employing defensive strategies when the market trends down.

    The Third Pillar is the implementation phase where the carefully constructed plans are put in place. This additionally involves careful monitoring with the comparison to different standards. These could be model portfolios, historical market data, and the client’s expectations.

    Richard Dwayne Blair has been making a difference in the Austin, Tx. area since he founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. He enjoys teaching sound financial principles and has drawn inspiration from the teachers in his own life. Several were from his immediate family and their impact on him has been enormous.


  • 12May

    No matter the passion that someone has in Academy of Art University that is based in San Francisco, California, the university will offer the most innovative training when it comes to design, fine arts, liberal arts and entertainment since the time it was founded on 1929. In the primary categories mentioned still lies the wide variety of specializations that someone can learn some will include designing video games and smartphone applications. In the school department, of game developments has embraced the needed concept so that to assist the departments in being able to create technologies that are interactive in the field of communication. In fact, some of the students in Academy of Art University represented the work they had done on their own using the augmented reality to San Francisco chief innovation officer. He was interested in knowing more about the Tenderfeels a new smartphone application, so he visited the institute.

    Form the time it was founded Academy of Art University has been able to create a name for themselves as a private accredited art and design school that is the largest in the nation. Students from around the world will come to the institute making up the total number of the student be 14,000 students. Making sure that they will offer an experience in the world of art like no other school and have a faculty of professional that will help in achieving just that and assisting the students in learning the abilities that they need when it comes to art. In the school, it has over 30 facilities that will accommodate the classrooms, galleries, residence halls and studios.

    They will offer the services of the online degree. To enable the students that wish to attend the school but can’t to get the same opportunity by use of the Academy of Art University online degree program. They have created the cutting edge online classes that are flexible at the same time. With that students can still know that they can achieve their goals and dreams when it comes to art. Form the day of admission to the Academy of Art University, the student will receive a professional studying environment, as well as have professional instructors to guide them through.


  • 11May

    Malcolm Casselle the President of Worldwide Asset Exchange and Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins is bringing revolutionary innovations that are utilized to share Wax Token technologies with the world. Malcolm Casselle is a successful technology pioneer in the development and strategic planning and execution of cutting-edge technologies in the digital online asset transfer and gaming industries. Malcolm Casselle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and he continued his education at Stanford University where he studied computer science as well. Malcolm Casselle has provided high-level leadership and progressive corporate guidance for some of the world’s largest internet technology companies including Facebook, Zynga, and Groupon a company that he has a joint venture with.

    Malcolm Casselle has progressively aligned his professional career in computer science technology in such a way that he has been on the cutting edge of some of the world’s greatest technological advancements within the online asset industry. With the creation of Wax Tokens at OPSkins, a product has been developed that will easily allow individuals to transfer virtual assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the blockchain without the interference from any banking institution or regional and geographical governmental regulators. The Wax Token is a very innovative approach to transferring assets over the blockchain by allowing individuals to easily evaluate assets within an isolated platform that legitimately streamlines the foreign exchange evaluations that will allow transactions to be performed safely, securely, and financially sound. Wax Tokens generally are used in gaming platforms that allow competitors from around the world to compete and transfer assets and financial instruments over the gaming platform without having to interact with the banking systems which can slow down the process of transferring assets throughout the banking system. Malcolm Casselle continues to provide the guidance and leadership at the World Asset Exchange serving as President and Chief Executive Officer to propel the company to greater heights with the decentralized transfer of online assets. With the development of the Wax Tokens, Malcolm Casselle is sharing a revolutionary technology with the world that will quickly become a mainstream approach and create the structure for the general public use of the blockchain.

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  • 03May

    Many savvy investors that have followed the financial advice offered by Agora Financial have by far made profitable decisions. Alongside predicting the harsh economic times in different industries with the most memorable one being the downfall of the American Airlines, Agora Financial has in the past predicted the technology and housing atrocities prior to their arrival. Besides, the company is known for disseminating high-risk but correct financial predictions. Moreover, the management believes that readers should be equipped with the right tools for them to achieve their goals.

    The Foundation of Agora Financial

    Agora Financial was established in 1979. The man behind its foundation is Bill Bonner, an expert in finance. Coupled with conjoined efforts from different experts, Bonner has since worked hard to establish a strong foundation for the company to provide competitive financial services to the clients. Also a financial analyst and a writer, Bonner has managed to author some helpful books to support his client’s ability to make better financial decisions. Some of the books include Financial Reckoning Day as well as Empire of Debt. Other than that, Bonner has led the company to publish constructive financial newsletters that provide clients with sound financial advice. Of course, the services spread to different industries including technology, stock exchange, energy, and metals.

    Services Provided

    With its central office in Baltimore’s Maryland, Agora Financial has managed to produce publications majorly dealing with financial issues. The management presents this information through several outlets including emails, conferences, print, and e-books with the primary objective of educating Americans in financial matters.

    Advising Investors

    Investors should always be aware of the possible volatilities in the market. At the same time, they should know how to bank in from it. Well, some investors are fast learners, and they understand the impact of such situations on the market. Others, on the other hand, have to learn through a series of lessons. At Agora Financial, the team is qualified to encourage investors to make the decision based on the different economic temperaments instead of making emotion-based decisions. Moreover, the company continues to urge investors to evaluate their financial situation before delving into such investments.

    The Overview

    With the continuous online presence, Agora Financial has managed to provide viable financial advice to the public and private sectors. Concurrently, they have a strong social media presence for clients to reach them quickly. Well, some of these sites include Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, they can be reached for consultation and other questions that may seem to be pressing for clients.

  • 03May

    For women who are looking for some inspiration and guidance to move their career in the right direction, taking Susan McGalla’s success story as a reference point is undoubtedly going to help. Susan McGalla has achieved tremendous success in a brief period in her career and has worked with several top companies in the top post. At Wet Seals Inc, Susan McGalla was positioned as CEO, and at American Eagle Outfitters Inc, Susan McGalla served as company’s President. At such high posts, Susan McGalla had many responsibilities to look after, and she did so with complete diligence. Susan McGalla has studied business and marketing at the Mount Union College.

    Susan McGalla is often seen speaking about women empowerment, and how she would like to see more women in executive positions in the companies. Susan McGalla says that rising to the administrative position in the companies takes a lot of hard work and patience, but it is not impossible for women. She says that the time has changed, and women are considered as equal in most of the progressive companies but do completely deny that glass ceiling problem doesn’t exist. Susan McGalla said in an interview that while glass ceiling problem continues to exist, things have changed for better in the past few years and that it continues to improve. Women these days have more chances of being promoted to executive roles than it was earlier based on their performance.

    Susan McGalla currently serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers. Susan McGalla says that women must focus on their studies first before thinking of making it big in the corporate world. Susan McGalla says that unless women have educational qualification of highest standards under their belt, it would be impossible to get to the position they want in the corporate world. Without higher education, it won’t be possible to achieve higher designation in the companies. Susan McGalla says that women leadership and employment opportunities and programs have changed the way women are employed and see in the corporate world, but it is the sponsorship and mentoring programs that can actually make the real difference.



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