• 24Apr

    Our military and other armed forces are the line of defense against every harmful and outside force that wants to take over. In recent years war and its tactics have become more technologically advanced and cunning than ever before. It seems to be a game of which side is smarter and more resourceful these days. With all the slick tactics being employed the military could really use someone that they can trust when it comes getting them what they need to do their jobs accurately. There seems to be a man that fills this need and his name is Ronald Fowlkes.

    Ronald Fowlkes is a man that has dedicated his entire life to the armed forces and protective services his whole life in one way or another. Straight out of high school he joined the military and has stuck with service jobs his entire life. He was a member of the Marine corps for about four years and worked passionately to protect the country. He received good training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry and acquired the skills and techniques of Marine combat. He is in fact a veteran of the gulf war from back in the day. After leaving the military he underwent training again to become a police officer. He served as a member of both the St. Louis Metropolitan police department and the St. Louis County police department from which he is from. All this experience gave Fowlkes an understanding of how and what the armed forces need in gear for operations.

    Ronald Fowlkes has been the Business Development Manager of Eagle Industries Unlimited since 2008. This is where where he does the important task of deciding what products come down the pipeline for law enforcement units to use. Under his direction they make new gear types that are made for different purposes and they even ship products across the country and world. The company with him in charge has maintained a legacy of excellent products that is to be commended. With Ronald Fowlkes as Manager it looks like the armed forces have someone they can trust.


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