• 29Apr

    Sean Penn has always been outspoken on politics, but this march he released his book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” This book is seen by Trevor Noah as something that is hard to describe, and somewhat strange, but can highlight the current issues in the United States. In interviews with the Daily Show and Vogue Magazine, Penn discusses how he has left his life of acting to work on this novel. Penn told Noah that this book looks to talk about “the dark nature of humans” and how they can easily be fascinated by fascist tendencies. The book tells the story of Bob Honey, an angry American that has a dirty secret. In his spare time, Bob wields a mallet and kills older Americans. He believes that by killing them he will help the progress of the country. No matter the side, the point of this book is relevant and somewhat strong.

    Penn told Vogue Magazine that the book has a sentiment that is on a parallel plane to the #METOO movement. This idea can be clear, in the interview with Noah, Penn discusses how Bob witnesses the presidential election of 2016, and eventually writes an angry letter to the president, discussing his anger with his credibility. Penn tells Noah that the idea of this book is to relate Bob to the idea that there are Americans who want to serve their country, but they are lacking a cause and purpose to do so. This arguably is where fascism can lay its routes, and its likely why Bob justifies killing people for progress.

    Aside from discussing the book, Penn mentions in the interviews his anger towards Trump with the rhetoric used about Haiti and other third world countries. He also discusses his friendship with Hugo Chavez, and his need to interview El Chapo to look at the drug war, and how it has harmed the U.S. influence in the world. It seems that Penn has finally found a way to critique U.S. foreign policy, and he is using Bob as a voice to do it.


  • 26Apr

    When someone is the CEO or founder of a company, there is a certain image they should present to the public and a certain way they should do things. If anyone understands the right tools to have and the right personality, it is Bob Reina from Talk Fusion, the CEO and founder. He knows how to present himself in a way that is going to get people’s attention and also prove he is for real. He likes to prove himself to people and show what he is made of as an individual. It is a point of pride for him. He never shies away from it or backs down.


    One of the most important traits one can have is the ability to really be personable and connect with people. There are some people out there are just not good with people. They don’t have patience and they don’t know how to have an authentic and real conversation, which really gets to the heart of the matter. Bob Reina looks for what really matters to people and he is going to go out of his way to find it. He does not put pressure on anyone or make him or her uncomfortable. He knows how to put them at ease and make them feel like they can talk to him about anything.


    Because of this approach, Talk Fusion has been around for eleven years, which is a big number and something that Bob Reina is also very proud of because of the fact they have kept people happy. There are a lot of companies that start up, but they don’t last very long. They might last for a year or two and then they fade away. Bob Reina is here and he is here to stay. That is the way he does things, and it is why he has all of the right tools to get ahead, stay ahead, and do it in a way where he is not sacrificing the person he is as a human being. He will always stay true to that, no matter what. He can’t be bought or sold. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/employees-biography/82120-1877








  • 24Apr

    Our military and other armed forces are the line of defense against every harmful and outside force that wants to take over. In recent years war and its tactics have become more technologically advanced and cunning than ever before. It seems to be a game of which side is smarter and more resourceful these days. With all the slick tactics being employed the military could really use someone that they can trust when it comes getting them what they need to do their jobs accurately. There seems to be a man that fills this need and his name is Ronald Fowlkes.

    Ronald Fowlkes is a man that has dedicated his entire life to the armed forces and protective services his whole life in one way or another. Straight out of high school he joined the military and has stuck with service jobs his entire life. He was a member of the Marine corps for about four years and worked passionately to protect the country. He received good training at the Marine Corps School of Infantry and acquired the skills and techniques of Marine combat. He is in fact a veteran of the gulf war from back in the day. After leaving the military he underwent training again to become a police officer. He served as a member of both the St. Louis Metropolitan police department and the St. Louis County police department from which he is from. All this experience gave Fowlkes an understanding of how and what the armed forces need in gear for operations.

    Ronald Fowlkes has been the Business Development Manager of Eagle Industries Unlimited since 2008. This is where where he does the important task of deciding what products come down the pipeline for law enforcement units to use. Under his direction they make new gear types that are made for different purposes and they even ship products across the country and world. The company with him in charge has maintained a legacy of excellent products that is to be commended. With Ronald Fowlkes as Manager it looks like the armed forces have someone they can trust.


  • 22Apr

    Famed doctor and Sunday Housecall talk show host, Dr. David Samadi says genetic markers for the early detection of prostate cancer can determine aggressiveness of tumors. Studies have shown that a particular protein appears to be directly related to the malignancy of prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi says this is exciting because doctors could distinguish an aggressively growing prostate cancer from a low-risk one, and this could indicate which therapy is best.

    Scientists from the International Cancer Genome Consortium searched databases containing molecular information on numerous prostate cancer cases. This data was used to test whether the tumor cells of any of the known control proteins are significantly more or less pronounced than healthy cells of the same patients. The researchers identified the most striking difference for the protein BAZ2A. Scientists say that this protein is known to impair the viability of cells. When the scientists switched off BAZ2A in metastatic prostate cancer cells, their growth slowed down.

    Studies also revealed that increased levels of BAZ2A boosts the malignant character of prostate cancer cells.

    Systematic studies of deceased men shows that about 30 percent of those in their fifties have latent prostate cancer. Only in a relatively small number of men, the tumor grows aggressive, forms metastases and must be treated.

    Dr. David Samadi says the PSA test is recommended and widely used around the world, that is, the measurement of the concentration of  prostate- specific antigen  in the blood, but the test have remained controversial. But these genetic markers, say Dr. Samadi, could determine malignancy early. If the results can be clinically confirmed, one would finally have the much sought-after marker to distinguish an aggressively growing prostate cancer from a low-risk one.

    Currently, doctor’s heavily rely on PSA testing, but it’s not foolproof. With these tests, indication of a possible cancer is arbitrary. It may well be that a person with a PSA level of 15 ml does not have carcinoma, but one with a value of 3 ml does. In half of the prostate tumors, and even in one third of invasive growing tumors, the PSA concentration is not increased. However, an increase in PSA over a longer period of time is a warning sign and must be closely monitored.

    A board-certified urologist, Dr. David Samadi has been treating urological diseases for over two decades. He attended Stony Brook University, earning his bachelor’s and medical degree, and then performed his residency at Montifiore Hospital, in the Bronx, New York. Dr. Samadi also was a fellow in oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

    He’s been honored with more than 30 awards, that range from everything like Top Doctor, Patient’s Choice, and New York Metro’s Top Doctor, to being honored with the Community Partner Award, from the American Cancer Society, and two Castle Connolly Awards. Dr. Samadi is recognized for his expertise and achievements, all of the world, as well as being a sought-after surgeon, due to his specialty in minimally invasive surgery.

    Dr. David Samadi’s Social Media: www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology

  • 19Apr

    When Bradesco bank recently went through a merger, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was there every step of the way. He knew what the merger meant and he knew there were things that would happen that would allow the merger to go better. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the point of doing all this is giving people what they need while also showing them things can get better. As long as Luiz Carlos Trabuco is working behind the scenes at Bradesco bank, he feels good about the work he’s doing. He also feels there are things he can do that will make more sense no matter what.

    Despite some of the other things that people see when they’re running a business, Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows Bradesco Bank will keep getting better as the largest bank in Brazil if they keep making the right moves. He has a lot of faith in the company and knows it will just keep growing if everyone knows what to do to bring the positive improvements to it. It’s his job to keep showing people how the bank will get better and what they can do to help make it even better than it was before.

    Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

    While there are times people see the influence he has in the bank, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows what it means to make the right choices. He spent a lot of time learning about Bradesco and learning about the banking industry in general. Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco has only ever worked for Bradesco, he knows the way it operates and isn’t afraid to teach other people about the things that go on in the bank. It’s his way of creating a more positive influence for people who want to do everything right with Bradesco according to istoedinheiro.com.br. As long as Luiz Carlos Trabuco knows how to help and feels good about the things he can do to make a difference, he knows there are ways the bank will keep growing.

    Even with the recent HSBC merger, Bradesco bank is getting bigger. They knew the right bank to merge with and it turned out to be a great decision for everyone in the business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco spent time showing people everything would keep getting better and people could see the positive parts of the bank. It’s his way of allowing others the chance to keep doing things right no matter what issues they had or what they were doing to make things better for the bank.

    As president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco always does his best and always makes a positive influence for people. He spends time learning about the things that he can do to make Bradesco better and what clients need as they continue making their own banking business the best it can be. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is always confident he’s doing the right thing. The confidence he has allows him to keep moving forward and helping other people with the issues they’re facing no matter how hard he has to work to give back to the communities that Bradesco bank has become a part of.

    Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

  • 18Apr

    One of the reasons people drink certain beverages is that they enjoy it. One of the reasons that it would be enjoyable is because of the taste. One thing that is certain is that a ton of people are not getting adequate amounts of water because it does not have an appealing taste to it in many cases. Therefore, it is not going to have an appealing taste to many people. This will cause many people to skip water and go for other drinks such as soda and juice. The only issue is that these drinks are going to cause health problems sometime later.

    Waiakea is the opposite of most waters. It has an appealing taste. One of the major factors behind the taste of Waiakea is the amount of electrolytes that it gives people. Therefore, people are going to be more inclined to drink the water. Then when they take one sip, they will notice the taste which will leave them wanting more. They will be more inclined to take in all of the benefits of water which include physical and mental benefits. One of the reasons that certain people are able to think more clearly than others is that they take care of their bodies.

    When people look at Waiakea, they will find more reasons to drink the beverage than just the water they serve people. One thing that they will find is that the company is working very hard to make the environment healthy for people. The company has done a lot of research on the items that they know are messing up the earth. Therefore, they take the time to come up with something new that is going to bring better results. One thing that Waiakea has done was bring forth biodegradable plastic for their water.



  • 18Apr

    A lot of mobile tech critics will argue that young children are too zoned into it that it causes or increases ADHD, and they believe parents should regulate their usage of it. But others have figured out ways to use that technology to capture young children’s attention while in the classroom including the founders of ClassDojo. ClassDojo is an app that works like a social media app, but all activities are classroom focused and include behavior point systems, class project feeds and open channels of communication.

    It was Sam Chaudhary and his partner Liam Don who brainstormed the idea for the app. They happened to visit a teacher’s forum and started bouncing ideas off the teachers in attendance there. They realized they didn’t need a real complex app with too many useless gizmos, but just an app that could the basic things that teachers needed to deliver their lectures more effectively. Each new version of the app they released had even more features that took into account customer feedback, and soon they had something similar to Facebook on the market, but with a very different philosophy.

    Unlike the controversy that’s surrounded Pinterest in the news recently, ClassDojo has never sold user data to any advertising firms or mining companies. They have never attempted to track users, and in fact some of the investor capital they’ve received has been used to increase privacy and security measures. The app integrates well with mobile device messaging systems, and parents love it because they can periodically check in to see how their children are doing in the class, or to hear what their teachers are saying. Administrator approval is not required to use the app, but many principals have decided to use it because it not only allows them to see how teachers are doing; it also has led to them doing away with the parent-teacher meetings because ClassDojo takes care of it for them.

    ClassDojo has always been free, a model that that Chaudhary and Don always want to keep. Their main goal is to make it user-friendly and not to flood their interface with ads, and they don’t use ads to promote it either. They believe in the power of user reviews and word of mouth to spread awareness of it, and their plans for bringing revenue from it will be adding optional premium features to it in later releases. For now though investors are not in any hurry to get their capital back.

  • 17Apr

    Run a successful Democratic campaign using the all new Digital 8 software by NGP VAN, which includes LGBTQ features. The new application is integrated with Pipeline for real-time transfer of database updates. It is easy to use the email tools to connect with supporters. The online tools will allow your campaign to operate more efficiently. Social tools will allow your campaign to easily reach more people.

    NGP VAN’s targeted Email through Digital 8 helps to raise money as well as quickly stimulate action. By creating an automated email selection, the program responds to specific condition such as emailing new subscribers to welcome them to the team. The automatically generated emails will allow supporters the opportunity to make a donation, sign up as a volunteer or join a mailing list with just one click of a button.

    NGP VAN’s online tools through Digital 8 give easy access to more than 59 million Action Profiles. This access will increase conversion rates with pre-filled forms based off of previous entries. An unlimited number of customizable forms can be created through the online tools. The forms can easily be created using the new Theme form wrappers. Use the templates to create the forms then adjust the requested amounts, add custom fields, and save the forms as needed. Supporters can use the self-service portal to update contact information, credit card information, and email preferences. The forms are compatible with mobile devices for added usability.


    NGP VAN’s social tools through Digital 8 will allow for easy tracking of supporters social influence. The tools will automatically match any listed email address with dozens of social network platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Messages can be individualized according to rank and measure their involvement across multiple channels. Supporters can share forms on social media and the Social Share Tracker will record the effect of the shares.

    NGP VAN is a company which offers tools and advice for running a successful Democratic campaign. They have helped to elect leaders in all 50 states by offering integrated technology to help with fundraisers, social networking, compliance, and more. The new Digital 8 will help by offering multiple services through one application. For a successful Democratic campaign, Digital 8 by NGP VAN has the services you need.

    Watch NGP VAN’s software tools on their Youtube channel:

  • 17Apr

    Sean Penn was interviewed by Rolling Stone about his debut novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. He spoke about why he felt the need to write it and why he’s switched to a more isolated profession.

    Basic Plot of the Book

    “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” involves a depressed, older man named Bob. He feels unfulfilled during midlife. His dismal careers include dirty blue-collar jobs and assassination. He uses a mallet to execute the elderly to be exact. This and other fictional content in his book have caused quite a stir. Sean Penn explained that he understands that people can get confused and misinterpret. He believes that people have started to accept fiction or opinion as fact.

    Inspiration and Controversies

    He says writing his new book was the only humorous part of the whole process. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is a quirky tale inspired by the strange times we’re all living in. He said he felt inspired to find something funny in the bleakness of it all.

    Certain character metaphors in “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” led the public to believe the author was speaking in code about the President of the United States. Sean Penn claims that it’s a temptation to make a comparison to our current leader. However, he never clarifies whether this character is actually a metaphor for Donald Trump. He does explain that the book is a fictional story inspired by the complex culture of the United States.

    “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” also caused an uproar over it’s mention of the #MeToo movement. Sean Penn feels that people have taken the quotes out of context. There’s a sheep mentality that causes people to seek safety in numbers and form opinions that aren’t based in fact. He explains that society’s apocalyptic views have caused reckless hatred and judgment.

    Sean Penn’s Transition from Filmmaking to Writing

    He was asked why he enjoys writing versus filmmaking these days. Sean Penn states that he likes to work independently and away from collaboration as much as possible. He finds freedom in it. He agreed there’s a feeling of peace in expressing his thoughts in this solitary manner. He enjoys it. When asked, Sean Penn says he does plan to continue writing more novels in the future.

    { Sources }


  • 16Apr

    Mr. Bruno Fagali started working at his law firm in July 2016. He established it early on in his legal career as he wanted to establish his presence in the field and take control of his career and future as a lawyer.

    Mr. Bruno Fagali studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo or PUC- SP for short from 2004 until 2009. In 2010 he started specializing in Administrative Law until 2012. He then achieved his Master’s degree inState Law by attending the University of Sao Paulo from 2015 till 2017.

    During his years of education, Mr. Bruno Fagali completed many internships, took additional training sessions, and was a frequent volunteer. That allowed him to gather a lot of practice and additional hands-on knowledge discover his approach, and get a good feel for how things work for a professional lawyer. He amassed a lengthy resume.

    Even though he has been involved with a variety of law firms since 2006, Mr. Bruno Fagali started his professional career at the company New/ SB where he started serving in December 2015, Mr. Bruno Fagali was at the position of Corporate Integrity Manager. In July 2016, Mr, Bruno Fagali was ready to take the next step in his professional realization. He established the Fagali Advocacy where he is currently working as Lawyer.

    The Fagali Advocacy is based in Bela Vista, Sao Paulo. Even though it is only a couple of years old, the law firm has achieved a noticeable reputation and is growing steadily. The law firm serves clients in several legal fields such as administrative law, compliance, public law, advertising law, anti-corruption law, electoral law, and parliamentary law.

    Mr. Bruno Fagali is working together with colleague lawyer Lucas Aluisio Scantimburgo Pedroso. He achieved his education University of Sao Paulo and graduated in Law from the Faculty of Law. After that, he started his education for a master’s degree earlier this year. Lucas Aluisio Scantimburgo Pedroso will complete his master’s education in 2020 and graduate in Law of the State. In the meantime, the two will be growing Fagali Advocacy.

    Learn more about Bruno Fagali: http://www.ibdee.org.br/o-cigarro-no-banco-dos-reus-no-brasil-os-aditivos-nos-estados-unidos-os-advertisings/



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