• 30Mar

    Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are a production duo, called The Chainsmokers. They have been climbing their way to the top very quickly. With their number one song “Closer”, reaching the top of the billboard chart for 12 weeks and multiple other songs also reaching for the stars. The Chainsmokers have broken many records and now they have a message for the people in their generation, including the younger ones who feel that their social media platforms are the most important things, with their new single “Sick boy”.

    The Chainsmokers reflect their frustration involving today’s society that gives social media complete importance above all other things. This generation engorges themselves in multiple social outlets, they even try to create jobs with them. Their music is relatable and mirrors how they feel. “Sick Boy” is a little darker than their usual musical tones, but as Taggart said in a Forbs interview, “I think that’s the tone of society right now.”

    “How many likes is my life worth?”

    The Chainsmokers are addressing the implications that social media has on us. They express to us, through their song, how much we feel the need to be liked by others and how many likes we need to feel a sense of acceptance. Unfortunately, we place ourselves in that situation, only to find out the feeling is not liberating. Their message is strong and could ultimately be a big risk for their career, but they are ready to accept the judgment that they may receive. Regardless, The Chainsmokers are voicing their opinions through their music, and they are grateful to see their single is receiving so much love and support from their fans. The song has already reached the top 100 on the US Billboard and at the top of radio lists in multiple countries all over the world.


  • 22Mar

    The Brown Modelling Agency was founded in 2010. The CEO is Justin Brown. His brand is one of the most respected agency for models. It’s one of the only agencies in Austin Texas that is full-service. Brown Agency also hires actors.


    The companies Brown Agency works with are Loreal, Dell, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton. These are just a few of the clients they serve. They find pride in only hiring the best models for the best companies. Over 450 models and actors have been with them since 2015. There is always a flow of potential models, since Brown Agency holds open calls every Thursday. The talents they hire work in commercials, film, theater, print, and runway shows. The kind of people they look for varies from city to city. Sometimes Brown Agency wants more eccentric people, and sometimes they’re searching for a more conservative look. The stylists and photographers they employ make sure the look is perfect every time.


    In 2015 Wilhelmina Models Network was merged with Brown Modelling Agency. This recent decision led them to grow quickly in their industry. It was the best option for them. Not only did they bring experts together, but they brought talents together to grow and prosper. They say they’re only as good as their talent. They want professional and beautiful people to represent them. The merger gives the models and actors a better portfolio. That leads to a better career.

    The actors and models they choose go through a process. They learn what working in the business is like. They travel and learn the people of the business and what is expected of them. This kind of training leads to a better success rate. Especially since many of the talents are very young.

    Justin Brown says he loves to be centered in Austin. It’s got a cool vibe. They only compete with a few other agencies in Texas. This is a consequence of the business merger.

    Austin is quickly growing and changing. Brown Agency now hires mostly local talent, but thinks on a more global scale. The old days are over. They’re moving in the right direction. They now have offices located in Dallas, Austin, and Canada. They’re growing fast and don’t plan on stopping. You can visit their Instagram page.












  • 20Mar

    In almost every industry, people can find a leader and innovator who defines the entire industry advancements and growth. The innovators set themselves by example and stand apart from others in the same industry. While considering the food processing sector, OSI Group defines the movements of the industry with its aggressive growth strategies and innovation. Interestingly, it is a food and meat processing firm with more than a hundred years of unique service in the industry. The growth strategy and innovation of the company can be defined as a two-step process: its expansion plans across the world and acquisition plans to bring diversity into the group.

    In the early 1980s, OSI Group only had the presence in North America. Later, it started quick expansion plans that saw the firm creating its branches across the globe. Today, it has operations in at least 17 major economies around the world and operates nearly 65 facilities to ensure uninterrupted supply of its product lines. Interestingly, it offers a wide range of products including hot dogs, bacon, meat patties, poultry, fish, pork, pizza, dough products, and vegetable products. The firm is one of the regular suppliers of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, and more.

    While coming to the acquisition strategy, the firm began the efforts from the late 1990s. It completed numerous transactions in all the major countries it is operating. One of the latest acquisitions includes the purchase of Baho Food, a food processing firm based in the Netherlands. The acquisition took place in mid of 2016, and Baho was operating in at least 18 countries by its five subsidiary firms at the time of acquisition. Interestingly, the acquisition ensured that the OSI Group is significantly expanding its presence in the European region. Apart from that, the transaction also helped the firm to diversify the product portfolio from it – one of the major goals of the firm.

    Another major purchase during those days by OSI Group was the acquisition of a food processing plant owned by Tyson Food Plant, one of the leading food processing firms in the United States. The plant was established in Chicago, and it was a 200,000 square feet facility with an added storage warehouse. Interestingly, the deal helped the firm to ensure infrastructure support for its business growth in the country. The firm won numerous awards and accolades in the past for its highest quality services in the industry, including the British Safety Council Award 2016 for excellent management of different types of environmental risks.


  • 09Mar

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