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    Samuel Strauch probably never dreamed that he would one day be one of the biggest real estate investors in Florida with an expansive reach internationally, but that is where the man is today. Samuel Strauch is the man behind the work that Metrik Holdings has been doing.

    Metrik Holdings, and Metrik Real Estate, is the company that has launched Strauch to the upper echelon of real estate agents in all of Miami Beach. His work with Metrik Real Estate has allowed Strauch to get an up close view to the rapidly evolving and innovative market. Strauch is an incredibly interesting entrepreneur and worth looking at a little closer in order to learn his techniques.

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    For Samuel Strauch the key to success was really all about timing. Samuel Strauch founded Metrik Holdings almost 15 years ago after a chance visit to Miami. Strauch says of the visit, “I witnessed a fantastic real estate opportunity within the rapidly growing population.” Strauch went on to explain how Miami was transitioning from a resort area into one filled with up and coming pieces of land. Strauch goes on to explain how his international flair helped him get started, “”As a result, I realized that I already had a multitude of potential clients and investors because Miami is known as the gateway to Latin America.”

    Metrik Holdings shows that Strauch is far more interested in expanding his empire than just sitting and focusing on real estate. Strauch says of Metrik, “Whether at work or during their travels, my team analyzes various industries and businesses with the purpose of creating a wide array of investment opportunities.” It is clear early on that Strauch has big plans with Metrik and his goals are not going to stay idle. Samuel Strauch may have gotten his start in real estate but the future is wide open.

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