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    It is not unusual to see famous faces acting as spokespeople for national brands. Advertising departments understand their appeal to the population and appreciate the influence they have over their fan base. However, it is unusual when the spokesperson is not just the face or voice of the company but an important member of the corporate team. That is the relationship between Kate Hudson and Fabletics.


    Keeping it Unique


    This is not the only thing that is unique about this brand. They are a company that has worked hard to be different in order to provide their customers with a better shopping experience. Fabletics has built their business on offering athletic clothing that looks as good in the gym as it does while running errands. The individual pieces are selected to fit perfectly into their “athleisure” line. They understood that most women need clothing that can do double-duty because there is not always enough time to change before the next appointment.


    Changing Marketing Plans


    The company has also shaken up the advertising world by choosing a very different path for marketing. Fabletics did not want to tell the world they were the best. They realized that having their customers do that would be more influential to prospective shoppers. This belief fits in perfectly with a modern online society. Studies found that the majority of people today rely on and trust online reviews as much as the opinions of their friends and family. Using reviews on their social media platforms and their own website makes it very easy for new shoppers to understand exactly what to expect from the company.


    Maintaining the Relationship


    Fabletics has leaped ahead of expectations and continues to grow. Hudson, an actual wearer, and fan of the clothing they offer have never dimmed in her enthusiasm for staying involved with the company and their direction. She remains dedicated to her craft as an actress first but still remains as a valuable member of the team.


    Kate Hudson was the perfect choice as a partner and a spokesperson for the Fabletics brand. She is a clear example of the customer the company was attempting to reach and help. Hudson has a busy career, children, and an active lifestyle. Her choice to become involved happened because she saw the value in what they had to offer. It is why she remains with the company and why she personally continues to wear the clothes as well.

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