• 07Jun

    Equities First Holdings LLC relocated its Melbourne office to a downtown location to better serve its clients. The new space makes visiting Equities First Holdings more convenient and provides expansion options for the growing business.

    Unique Loans

    Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings provides alternative shareholder financing for business expansions, strategic investments, or similar purposes. Its unrestricted stock-based loans produce flexible capital with low, fixed interest rates. Most of its loans are non-recourse. So far, it has finalized more than 700 transactions for a value of $1.4 billion. Two recently completed examples include the firm’s loan to Paysafe PLC chief executive Joel Leonoff and its loan to Andrew Newland, CEO of Angle PLC. In both cases, all shares repatriated to the lendee upon repayment of the loan.

    Securities-based lending is a long-standing financial tool used by companies, governments, and individuals every day,” company founder and CEO, Al Christy, Jr. told Global Newswire. “But very few financial institutions, including large commercial banks, can offer non-recourse features or loans with a low cost of funds. We have a successful track record because we live and breathe equities-based lending every day.”

    Worldwide Offices

    The global lending company also maintains offices in the Australian cities of Sydney and Perth. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Equities First Holdings also maintains offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Visit its new Melbourne regional office at 287 Collins Street, Second Floor, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Reach Equities First click here.

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