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    It is currently a great time for anyone within the Ohio real estate market; this is because of the market’s increase regarding home values, meaning that you will end up making some profits. The median price for homes and condos is about $199,950, which is an 8.1% increase from the previous year. These levels have been growing by almost 1% every month, thus making the market suitable for anyone willing to get into real estate. You can visit LinkedIin for more info.

    More so, a national home builder has laid out some grand plans of building more than 240 homes in New Albany, Ohio. The development will be expected to bring about a rise in the home values for the coming years. Real estate experts claim that this establishment will bring about more commercial establishments which will be an added advantage to the demand for homes in Ohio.

    There are lots of things which make Ohio be a desirable place. Amongst the reasons most people prefer living in Ohio is the low cost of living, something which you cannot compare with the rest of the country. Even though the demand for homes is increasing, this is not affecting the cost of living, meaning that it is still relatively low. Furthermore, there has been an intensification in the tech sector in Ohio, thus being a promising area for job growth. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

    About Tammy Mazzocco

    Tammy Mazzocco has been a real estate agent in Ohio for more than two decades. This has given her full knowledge of the area and also the real estate market. More so, Tammy has been of some assistance to people looking for housing in Ohio, thus getting some surfeited clients.

    Tammy ascertains that she treats her clients like family, meaning that, she gets to look for quality homes for them, one which she can also live in. This gives her clients an edge in finding the best homes.

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  • 16Jun

    The US Money Reserve was started in 2001 and is now the world’s largest private distributor of government-issued gold, silver, and platinum. They are legal, and their trade transactions in their business are very safe for the clients. US Money Reserves have clients basically in the US, and they aim at diversifying their assets with precious element metals.

    The show is about to be started that is going to take 28 minutes, and the plans for starting it are complete. The show will be shot at the 2016 Gold Summit in L.A California with the moderator being Larry King, and the guest will be Michael Reagan, the son of the former president.

    The three panelists from the US Money Reserve in the program will be telling on the benefits of owning gold as an individual. Lessons will be mostly on the volatility of the present financial market, dollar, buying power and then the world events that affect the prices of gold.

    The three-panel members are well-established experts in the financial sector who can be relied on in matters of investments. Other members include Philip Diehl, the President in the US Money Reserve and the Chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA). John Rothans is the Master Numismatist at the US Money Reserve and Brad Castillo the former Vice President of Sales in US Money Reserve.

    In the event, there will be a showcase of the firm’s hard work in mostly the production sector and the talent that they have. Larry King is going to be featured, and he will moderate proceedings as the panelists will be talking about the crucial topic of using precious stones/ precious metals as savings.

    Michael Reagan will be of value to the panelists with his vast knowledge on the theme being discussed. The relationship between Larry King and Michael will make the program attractive with the two showing their friendship and hosting as well.

    The firm has had trust among the clients, and they have given them the best guidance in purchasing the metals. The customers are benefiting from it and can choose coins that can afford the highest value.

    People working at US Reserves are trained well so that they specially handle clients and ensure customer satisfaction. The financial status of the clients will be maintained if not uplifted. The value of the precious metal will rise always.

  • 07Jun

    Equities First Holdings LLC relocated its Melbourne office to a downtown location to better serve its clients. The new space makes visiting Equities First Holdings more convenient and provides expansion options for the growing business.

    Unique Loans

    Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings provides alternative shareholder financing for business expansions, strategic investments, or similar purposes. Its unrestricted stock-based loans produce flexible capital with low, fixed interest rates. Most of its loans are non-recourse. So far, it has finalized more than 700 transactions for a value of $1.4 billion. Two recently completed examples include the firm’s loan to Paysafe PLC chief executive Joel Leonoff and its loan to Andrew Newland, CEO of Angle PLC. In both cases, all shares repatriated to the lendee upon repayment of the loan.

    Securities-based lending is a long-standing financial tool used by companies, governments, and individuals every day,” company founder and CEO, Al Christy, Jr. told Global Newswire. “But very few financial institutions, including large commercial banks, can offer non-recourse features or loans with a low cost of funds. We have a successful track record because we live and breathe equities-based lending every day.”

    Worldwide Offices

    The global lending company also maintains offices in the Australian cities of Sydney and Perth. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Equities First Holdings also maintains offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Visit its new Melbourne regional office at 287 Collins Street, Second Floor, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Reach Equities First click here.

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    People who know about the Internet of Things are very fascinated with what it can do. However, not everyone is aware of all of the benefits that one can get from IoT. For one thing, IoT will connect everything. Even a slice of bread can be connected to the IoT when it is in the toaster. Another feature of IoT is that it is going to be able keep tabs on the whereabouts of people. Therefore, it is going to be a lot safer for people who are out and about. One of the certainties of life is that there are legitimate dangers that people have to watch out for. IoT can alert them to certain dangers.

    Jason Hope believes that IoT will make the world a safer place. Among the places that benefit with the safety promises of lot are airports. For instance, the Boeing 787 is connected to a wireless network. Therefore, if there is any problem with the airplane, then technicians will be available in order to fix the issue. For instance, if an airplane’s engine is performing badly, then technicians will be available to fix the issue so that it can be safe. Then there are other precautions that lot takes which could bring a piece of mind to people that are nervous about flying.

    Jason Hope is very passionate about the best technology. While a lot of people may see them as merely objects of entertainment, Jason Hope sees a lot of advantages that have come with technology. For instance, the smartphone is a really good invention. People will be able to stay in touch with one another while they are out and about. This is a long way from having to be at home in order to catch someone. There have been other advantages with technology such as the ability to start and run a business.

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    Anthony Petrello: A Man with great Drive & Ambition:

    Anthony Petrello is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries has become a powerful organization within the oil and drilling industry. Actually, Nabors Industries is one of the top land based drilling company within the entire world.

    Anthony Petrello worked very hard to make the organization a complete success. Mr. Petrello has been the CEO of Nabors Industries since the early 1990’s. Nabors Industries continues to provide a variety of career opportunities for a variety of people from different industries.

    Anthony Petrello attended some of the best Ivy League schools. Petrello attended Yale University as an undergraduate. In addition, Anthony Petrello obtained a Law Degree from the prestigious Harvard Law School. Mr. Petrello also serves on a variety of different boards such as Stewart Stevenson and Texas Children’s Hospital.

    *Strong Supporter of Medical Research:

    Anthony Petrello and wife Cindy made a very generous donation to Children’s Hospital in excess of $7 Million dollars. The Petrello’s 8 year old daughter was born with a serious neurological disorder. However, it seems that this little girl is progressing very well considering her medical problems. Anthony Petrello and wife Cindy refer to their little girl as their “True Miracle”.

    The drive to serve on various boards stemmed from the fact that Anthony Petrello has a daughter that was born with a medical problems. In addition, Petrello has donated large sums to assist Neurological Research studies.

    Anthony Petrello is certainly a man with great drive and ambition. In addition, Mr. Petrello is a person who truly believes on giving back and helping the less fortunate. Petrello is a man with a great many passions. In addition, Anthony Petrello is always looking for ways to sharpen his business expertise so that others can ultimately benefit.



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