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    The human body is very delicate; at times conditions and diseases can affect the body without our knowledge that is why the body needs regular medical checkups. The human body is affected by several conditions including lung condition which referred by the medical experts as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Over the years doctors have been carrying out studies and research to get an alternative lung treatment. One of the researchers that have been conducted and has shown to success is the stem lung therapy. The stem cell treatment has given lung patients new hope, and a reason to live longer, see lunginstitute.com testimonials page.

    For the lung treatment, the stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow or the blood vessels of an adult patient. According to medical experts from the Baylor College of Medicine, adults can form many types of differentiated cells which help in the lung therapy when they are returned to the human or the patient’s body. The lung treatment using stem cell therapy is a process as listed below.

    • Harvest: the medical expert takes a small sample of the bone marrow and blood from the lung patient.
    • Separate: the next step they take is to isolate the stem cell from the sample.
    • Return: after the separation the health experts then return the separated stem cell to the blood stream to begin treatment.

    When the stem cells are returned to the body they target the lungs by being pushed to the correct chamber of the heart and to the lungs, then the stem are naturally stored in the pulmonary trap where they start to promote healing.

    Lung Institute is a medical institution which primarily deals with the lung treatment using stem cell therapy. The health facility has built its success story over the years it has been in existence by treating their patients differently according to their lung issues and making sure they rare back to their feet and normal business.

    The Lung Institute has been inexistence for an extended period of time with medical experts who are experienced and have gained recognition all over the world. The Lung Institute can well be described as a world class medical facility which has been using the stem cells to promote lung condition healing. Eve r since its foundation it has been dedicated to assist patient who do not respond to medication and also those who wish not us e medicine for the lung treatment.

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