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    Why do People Back a Long Shot?

    Because sometimes it comes in and when it does, you win big.


    That’s what it was like when Kate Hudson launched Fabletics, a new subscription fitness wear company. She and her partners knew that they were taking on the favorite, Amazon, but they also knew that if they won, they would win big.


    In order to score that victory, Fabletics had to have that little something extra that Amazon could not offer. Fabletics was born to compete with Amazon and they knew that the something extra they would offer could make all the difference.


    What does Fabletics Have that Competes with Amazon?

    Customer service to an extreme degree. We all know that Amazon does its best to provide positive shopping experiences for people around the globe, but because of its size, there are natural limitations to the customer service they can offer.


    Here’s where the long shot has an opportunity. Fabletics is a start-up with a limited market place. They want to provide customers with the best, most fashionable fitness ware on the market for a reasonable price. A corollary to this is that they want loyal customers, so they seek to provide optimum customer service.


    What’s with the Fabletics Subscription Business?

    Every business wants a loyal customer base. Fabletics realized that to launch with a loyal customer base, they had to make an incredible offer. They offered new customers a complete fitness outfit for $20, a considerable bargain over retail and online offers. To take advantage of the launch offer, customers had to sign up for their VIP club, which is a subscription for monthly fitness wear deliveries, charged to your credit card.


    This system has worked. Without a showroom or mall store, Fabletics has already build a loyal following of satisfied customers. Part of the reason for this success it that Fabletics modernized the subscription model to make it more appealing. A Fabletics subscription is an arrangement in which the customer has the wheel. No deliveries of unwanted product, no charges for products you don’t want.


    The Fabletics Subscription Difference

    Each month Fabletics delivers a quality outfit to your door. If you do not want a delivery in a given month for any reason, log into your account and stop the delivery. You won’t be charged and you won’t receive a delivery. Done with your subscription for a while? No problem. Contact customer service online or by phone and close your account without extended drama or unwanted orders. You are welcome back any time.


    This kind of intimate customer service is where the long shot has an edge over the favorite. Fabletics is small and flexible. Though it is never easy to provide excellent customer service, it is a task Fabletics can undertake more easily than Amazon because of its very lightness makes it easier to make changes, understand customer needs and constantly upgrade processes in response to customer needs.


    Will the Long Shot Come in First?

    Fabletics is doing well in this race so far and only time will tell if they will end up on top.

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