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    WEN by Chaz has become a popular brand in hairstyling in part due to the glamorous displays it’s had on television commercials and Facebook ads, but also because their products are made from special natural ingredients. Maybe you aren’t one to just believe the hype surrounding a hair conditioner product, but you might be interested in what one user had to say about it at Bustle.com. This user does not work for or promote WEN products in any way and this review is completely independent.

    This user decided to try Wen by Chaz because she heard the hype surrounding it just like many other users. She said that the product started going to work as soon as it touched her hair giving it a thicker feeling. She also said her hair was a lot shinier and softer and throughout the day she felt very good about it. The downside to using this product is it’s not the best for showering at night or for skipping conditioning days, but overall it does the job well.

    WEN by Chaz was created by someone who had a creative imagination and an eye for beauty, Chaz Dean. Chaz originally wanted to become a photographer but while capturing people he found a new love for hairstyling and cosmetics. While enrolling at a notable cosmetology school he began experimenting with different conditioner formulas and eventually came up with a unique blend currently used in his products. His product was such a hit that he bought a salon and began using it there, and today many celebrities come to get their hair done there.

    To buy the WEN by Chaz products just go to Wen.com or you might find them on the shelves of select stores such as Amazon and Sephora. You can buy the products in either the basic or deluxe kit, depending on what you want. The products also come in three distinct flavors of sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate.

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  • 15Mar

    Alexandre Gama founded his Brazilian advertising agency, Neogama, in 1999 and serves as its CEO and CCO. Gama has developed Neogama into one of the top ad agencies in Brazil and has created many memorable advertising campaigns for brands including is most famous one for Johnnie Walker called “Rock Giant”. He was also the fist Brazilian to serve as the Global Chief Creative Officer of a global agency network when he led the BBH.

    In connection to his advertising career, Gama was the first person from South America to present a Master Class at the Cannes Festival. He also serves on the board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies and has been a Foreman multiple times for the International Film Jury.

    During his career, Mr. Gama has earned many awards. Among these is being named as one of the 10 most important people in advertising by the newspaper Meio & Mensagem. Due to his efforts, his advertising agency won a Golden Lion at Cannes for a campaign that he had designed. He has also won the “Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications Industry” award which is given by Caboré.



  • 06Mar

    If you have not heard about Doe Deere and her cosmetic company Lime Crime, you are in for quite an awakening. Doe is known to many as the Queen of Unicorns because she loves all things magical and rainbow. This is easy to see in her cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Doe and her company have a colorful success story and she makes sure that she takes time out of her busy day to encourage other business people and everyday people to be what they want to be. Lime Crime was started on a shoe string budget and a huge dream that Doe had. She knows that you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

    Doe was born in Russia and moved to the United States at the age of seventeen. Between Russia, NYC and LA, it is safe to say that Doe has had a colorful life that has inspired her to achieve success. She has always been ambitious and had that wonder that we all call imagination. As she grew up into her adult years, her dreams grew too. She dreamed of being a musician and later her life turned to makeup.Doe dreamed of being a business woman. Even in Russia when she was young. She sold temporary tattoos at the age of thirteen.

    Doe met her husband while she was in the band. It was a relationship that worked for both of them. They still work together at Lime Crime. If there is one thing Doe knows that you should do, it is to follow your heart and she will tell you that. Doe will tell you that everyone is special and has a special quality about them. Doe says that by tuning into that special something and listening to your heart, you can reach your highest potential.

    Doe Deere has built many companies and done many things. Even today, her company Lime Crime is based on finding what you love and exploring it. Doe loves art and color and bringing people what they want. As a result Lime Crime has been providing the highest quality makeup with Vegan friendly ingredients that are not tested on animals. How awesome is that? Doe and everyone who does business with Lime Crime thinks it’s pretty awesome and amazing too. With Lime Crime you can see it in the product line. You can also see that Doe and her staff care about the products and living the dream.

    Visit www.doedeere.com for more information.

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  • 03Mar

    The internet has grown into a vital tool for daily use and its application has gone beyond communication. It powers the development of different products and systems and is one of the most reliable ways to build systems of data storage. More interesting is the recent development of internet of things, which is now allowing humans to control many things in their environment more effectively.

    Jason Hope explored this interesting invention and posted information about the position internet of things has taken to making life more interesting.

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    He sees this as one of the finest inventions and the best way to explore technology. Internet of things will shape the future in a number of ways including paving way for the development of better security systems. Things like kitchen appliances can now be monitored and controlled using the new developments in internet of things. Internet of things allows the connection of various devices and components located in different places within an environment. Heating and ventilation systems in homes can also be configured to accept the new technology and allow the homeowner to modify the heating conditions through a mobile device remotely.

    Jason Hope and Philanthropy
    Giving back to the community are ideals that Jason Hope pursues with great passion. He lives by the belief that to prosper those who are successful should support the needy to help them also explore their potential and capabilities. Jason Hope contributes to various philanthropic foundations, which support the development of facilities and features to help the needy in different places.

    Technology and entrepreneurship
    Another important area Jason Hope has been pursuing diligently is offering support to young entrepreneurs. He works with entrepreneurs who are not able to pursue their ideas due to lack of the funds required or other vital resources. He runs a program that allows entrepreneurs to submit ideas then the best are picked and given support.

  • 01Mar

    The chief executive officer of health insurance firm, USHealth, Troy McQuagge, has been named the gold winner of the CEO of the year award from One Planet Awards. The award nomination process was open to candidates from across the world and included both public and private, non profits and startups from a wide swathe of categories. One Planet Awards honor professional and business excellence and is highly acclaimed. Some of the awards categories include best executives which Troy McQuagge won, marketing, teamwork, best new products, public relations campaigns, best new services and corporate communications.


    Troy McQuagge began working for USHealth Group in 2010 for its captive and career distribution agency known as USHealth Advisors, LLC. As the president and chief executive officer of USHealth Advisors, LLC., Troy immediately began a restructuring of the company’s captive and distribution model and also changed the way advisors conducted business. Troy McQuagge’s success at the captive and career insurance distribution agency led him to being appointed the executive VP and chief marketing officer at the company in 2013. A year later, Troy was then selected to lead the entire company as the president and CEO of UsHealth Group Inc, which he continues to lead today.


    Under the helm of Mr. McQuagge, USHealth Group has seen steady growth and an increase in profits in an increasingly difficult health insurance marketplace that is seeing insurers lose profits. Commentating on receiving the award from One Planet Awards, Troy said that it is a great honor and he was humbled by it. The award Troy added, is not just a testament to his own hard work, but for everybody’s contribution and effort at USHealth Group to growing the company and making it profitable despite the hurdles in the health insurance marketplace today.


    Mr. McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1983 with bachelor of arts degree. Troy Mcquagge has a long history of working in insurance firms. His first job was with the Allstate Insurance company. He also prevously worked for United Insurance Companies Inc where he was in charge of sales and marketing.

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