• 11Oct

    Taxes and trust management are some of the most difficult issues to handle on a domestic level, but on the international level they become that much more difficult for companies and individuals to handle. Handling a business agreement between a company in Japan and a company in New Zealand is much more complex than dealing with an exchange between two companies located in New Zealand.Despite the challenges inherit within these exchanges, international tax law and trust management firm Cone Marshall has produced a record of excellence in global business affairs. Its founders, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall, combined their expertise to give their clients the ability overcome the issues of international business. Cone uses his background in international taxes to help clients achieve tax transparency, while Marshall uses her experience in trust management to make sure these ventures remain profitable ventures for all parties involved.

    Due to its location in New Zealand, has a strong focus on tax transparency. To avoid problems in international finance such as tax evasion, New Zealand legislators have produced a number of “tax transparency” laws to give light to financial exchanges occurring the country. Keeping exchanges in the light as much as possible ensures a high level of trust within New Zealand’s business deals. Cone Marshall understands these laws and does the work needed to help its clients comply with tax transparency laws.

    Not content with simply offering clients assistance with their tax affairs, the company also offers trust management to its customers. Co-founder Karen Marshall’s experience in trust management enables the firm to provide excellent advice on investment decisions. Marshall understands the financial markets of New Zealand well enough to understand when risks should and should not be taken.

    The challenges international estate firms face are complex and ever growing as markets of the world become more connected. It takes experience understanding the details of international tax laws and the impact investment decisions can make to get the most out of international trade. By combining their services Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall offer their clientele the ability to truly understand and succeed in New Zealand.

  • 09Oct

    The Kabbalah Centre is a Los Angeles based not for profit educational organization focused on disseminating information pertaining to the ancient tradition of the Kabbalah. The organization was founded by the well known scholar and Jewish Rabbi, Phillip Berg, along side his wife, Karen Berg, in the mid 80s. The Kabbalah Centre features both online, digital classes with real professors as well as the option for students to participate in real world classes at a wide array of brick and mortar locations.


    The Kabbalah itself is a set of doctrines and metaphysical principals that arose out of ancient syncretic Judaic practices and is at the heart of all of the Kabbalah Centre’s teachings. The Kabbalah is generally defined as the method by which individuals interpret the Ein Sof (divine realm of God) as well as understand their place within in the mundane world of God’s creation. It should also be noted that, despite the Kabbalic traditions presupposition in the belief of a deity, the Kabbalah Centre is not a religious organization, but rather a spiritual and philosophical and metaphysical one, as there are no doctrinal tenants nor dogmas. Indeed, prospective attendees to the Kabbalah Centre need not even have had previous experience with either the Kabbalah nor the Judaic tradition to attend classes, as the whole goal of the organization to bring information regarding the metaphysical discipline to the masses.

    The foundational text of the Kabbalic tradition is the ancient, 13th Century work known as The Zohar. As such, the Zohar is also the principal text utilized by the Kabbalah Centre, however, that work is also supplemented by a wide array of texts from the various instructors, including the dean of the school, Philip Berg.


    The Kabbalah Centre currently operates over fifty branches worldwide, however it’s main headquarters are located in Los Angeles, New York City, London and Toronto, Ontario. For those interested in learning more about the organization, a plethora of information can be found on their website at kabbalah.com.


    Start your Kabbalah Lesson here https://www.kabbalah.com/where-begin

  • 06Oct

    Quite recently, Kenneth Goodgame worked as the Chief Merchandising Officer and the Senior Vice President of True Value Hardware Corporation. The company, headquartered in Chicago, saw a massive $2.2 billion global purchasing, a $320 million increase from the previous years. Goodgame worked at True Value from the year 2013 to 2015 where he led the company to new levels of success.

    Before joining the True Value team, Kenneth worked as the General Merchandising Manager at Ace Hardware Corporation. He held this position for three years from 2010 to 2013. He left this company for True value where he became one of the top executives meant to restructure the company.

    Goodgame also worked as President of Baja Motorsports and President of Direct Tools Factory Outlets before joining Ace. The two industries where he was president were affiliated with Techtronic North America Industries. Kenneth Goodgame was also an officer at Newell Rubbermaid where he held the position of Senior Vice President of marketing and sales between 2006 and 2007.

    His career in marketing began at Home Depot where he worked as the Senior Global Product Merchant. Goodgame’s Bachelor of Science degree in marketing obtained from the University of Tennessee refined his marketing skills.

    Kenneth Goodgame has shown top expertise in operational management programs. Over the past years, he has been able to combine an innovative business strategy, a sound financial oversight and an exclusive marketing and merchandising plan. This way, he has created a billion dollar success in several companies.

    Goodgame’s major focus has been on enhancing profitability performances and margins. To this day, he has had a perfect balance in co-operating alignments, employee engagement, and quality assurance. His leadership skills have seen him promote the growth of different businesses through negotiations and his ability to enhance productivity.

    He has a unique ability in improving quality and hence sales of products. Owing to his experience and knowledge, he has made several companies like True Value turn to become a huge success.

    Today, Kenneth Goodgame focusing on lecturing and writing. He is becoming an increasingly familiar face in marketing and merchandising lectures. He frequently speaks at conventions, conferences and several gatherings in the United States and other places around the globe.



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