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    Nathaniel Ru is a former Georgetown student that is certainly making his alma mater proud. He has presented Sweetgreen to a portion of the world, and lots of other people are interested in investing in what he has brought forth. Ru didn’t do it on his own; there were other co-founders that helped him carve this plan out for a healthy food restaurant. Jammet and Newman – the business partners of Ru – are also former Georgetown students that are showing the world that healthy food is cool. It is no incident that there are so many people that are praising this brand of healthy eating. This is food that is showing up everywhere.


    Food from Sweetgreen is showing up at in schools. Theyouth of the day are picking this as the food that they bring to music festivals. Sweetgreen catering is taking a big front seat in the office workplace as well. All of these things have made it possible for more people to get exposed to this fresh food quicker. The restaurants in Boston, Philly and Los Angeles are a clear sign that people are interested in seeing more of what Nathaniel Ru can do. The investors love this because there is a lot of profit to be made with a company like this. Customers are finding that they can get a healthy meal for about the same price as they would pay for burgers and fries. This restaurant chain is only in about 10 cities with 40 restaurants in these metropolitan areas, but the expansion is coming.


    People are crazy about Sweetgreen, and the buzz is spreading like wildfire among the youth. That is what happens when there are salads called “Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe.” Kendrick Lamar would appreciate the humor in this. That is what people can find when they attend the Sweetgreen music festival called SweetLife. It is another way for consumers to get a chance to combine good music and good food. This is one of the best possible methods for getting the youth to notice the healthy alternative that is known as Sweetgreen.


    The world has not abandoned the artery clogging foods just yet. There are millions of people that have never heard of Sweetgreen. Fortunately, the $98 million that has been raised through venture capitalist contributions is bound to make more people recognize what Sweetgreen has to offer over the competition.


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