• 23Oct

    In one of their recipe videos, YouTube star, lifestyle guru, and motivational speaker Markus Rothkranz’s partner Cara Brotman shows viewers how to make a healthy substitute for naan bread. The recipe is raw, vegan, and wheat-free.

    She uses finely minced garlic, parsley, and onion. She also uses pepper, sea salt, thyme, and olive oil. The main ingredient for the bread is coconut meat. Cara says you can either buy a whole young Thai coconut and cut out the meat yourself, or buy the meat from the store. First she puts the coconut meat, a bit of onion, and some water into the blender. She then blends those three ingredients until they are just smooth.

    Next Cara lightly oils a dehydrator sheet. She then spreads the naan batter onto the sheet in a medium thick layer. Then she tops the bread with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, onion, thyme, and parsley. Cara puts the bread into the dehydrator for around two hours, then takes it out, flips it over, and puts it back into the dehydrator for another two and a half to three hours.

    She emphasizes all the health benefits of this recipe. Unlike other breads, it does not contain wheat or gluten, nor does it have any added sugar. The naan is also dairy-free and vegan. It uses only raw ingredients. Finally, it is good for you because it is not heated to a high temperature that would “kill” the food. The video ends with Cara talking about her and Markus’ cookbook that features the naan recipe.

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