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    Back in the day when you were waiting for a review regarding your business or product, you had to wait for it to come out in print. Normally you spent some time with the person writing the review answering questions and kept your fingers crossed in hopes a raving review. Today the process is a lot faster and thanks to the internet, everyone and anyone can write a review. It is this process that can put a lot of businesses into trouble, if they are not aware what is being written about them. There are steps that every business person can take to protect their reputation.
    Social media

    Most likely you are already using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in your personal life. Your business needs to be on those platforms too, as well as YouTube, Brand Yourself and Google +. It is important to complete your profile on all of these sites. Google uses these profiles to create their rankings. You need to stay active and pay attention to any comments or reviews that are left on your platforms.

    The Glassdoor

    Many businesses may not even be aware of the Glassdoor. The Glassdoor gives people an inside look at your company through the eyes of their employees. This website can be a great asset to those who use it wisely. The rankings though this site alone can give your company a big boost. If you have employees, both past and present that enjoyed working with you, ask them to write a review. Reassure them that you are looking for honesty and not a bunch of fluff.

    Share a story

    Press releases are a great way to get information out to the public. Say you had a customer with an unusual problem or situation, and you were able to help or solve the problem, put that story out there. For an extra boost, make sure your headline is SEO. A couple key words in the top third of the release would not hurt either.


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