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    George Soros, the Hungarian-born philanthropist, is facing attacks for the latest Wikileaks. Pamela Gellar, who is a critic for a Pro-Israel right-wing politician has attacked George Soros after the leakage of his emails. In her Twitter account, Pamela has gone ahead to accuse Soros of being a black hand for undermining Israel. While at that, far-right anti-Semites made an accusation over George Soros. In these allegations, Soros is charged with being part of a plan of the Jewish to undermine the white race.

    According to the allegations, George Soros Wikileaks indicate that Soros Foundation is part of Russia’s work. It demonizes George Soros as well as his causes, including marijuana legalization and harm reduction. Other causes demonized by the leaks include transgender rights and prison reform. George is the founder of Open Society Foundations and Drug Policy Alliance in the United States.

    Glenn Beck accusations

    The Fox News reporter Glenn Beck has also made accusations over the investor. Glenn accuses Soros of operating a “shadow government” with an objective of destroying the political system in America on nytimes.com. Glenn was basing the accusations on a rich custom of anti-Semitic attacks. In the 1950s, there were several anti-Semitic trials in the Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe. Stalin was the other colossal monster of the century though he found his way through Marxist dialectic. According to The Nation, all that leads to Glenn Beck who takes to another level of an entertainer. Glenn switches instantly from a self-abasing alcoholic who is recovering to a moralist.

    According to Russian propaganda, the country is the defender of Palestinians against Israel. However, George Soros Wikileaks indicate otherwise. The leaks suggest a “dogwhistle” to the pro-Israel Right and the Neo-Nazis. The latter are blaming Jews for everything while the pro-Israel Right is blaming George for delegitimizing Israel. Some of the leaked George Soros emails make the aspiration deal with racist policies in Israel open.

    Analysis by Neo-Nazis

    Neo-Nazis analyze George Soros conspiracy as a Jewish scheme that aims at flooding Europe with migrants. George is an advocate of refugees since he is a Nazi occupation survivor. As a result of these accusations, right-wing US media is carrying out campaigns against Soros and George Soros conspiracy. Breitbart accused George of being part of the European refugees’ crisis while Glenn Beck thinks George is behind the progressivism. Russian sources also indicate that George is responsible for the electioneering in Europe.

    It is not possible to dissuade conspiracy theorists, especially bigoted theorists. George is a wealthy man who has made several investments in the US. His contributions to countless charitable and progressive reasons and an outspoken critic of Israel policy should give people good reasons not to hate on Soros. George spent his teenage years in hiding during the World War II in Hungary. If Soros can rise to such conditions and still give back generously and provoke Glenn Beck, Neo-Nazis, Vladimir Putin and pro-Israel Right, it ought to give people a reason for optimism.

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    Don’t you look good on search results? Have you compromised your online reputation? Are there negative reviews about you or your company on the Internet? Online reputation is not something to be ignored. If you are not sure what people see when they search for your name or your company online, you seriously need professional online reputation management.

    For a business or professional, online reputation management is essential. Every business owner should strive to have a good online reputation, otherwise they will not operate successfully. Having a great online reputation will entice clients and customers and make them feel confident in dealing with the company.

    Almost every transaction or purchase starts online in these times and if a potential or current customer locates detrimental content or reviews about you or your firm on the web, then you surely have a higher chance of losing that opportunity, and many others.

    You need to hire a reliable online reputation management company to ensure that you are projecting a credible image to the world. Online reputation monitoring involves establishing yourself or your firm as a highly regarded, authoritative resource for your niche market or whatever it is you offer. It also requires keeping the most relevant, useful search results about your personal profile or your firm on the top pages of search engine results.

    Experienced reputation management professionals have great expertise in the field and have the knowledge to render a wide variety of reputation management solutions. When it comes to choosing an experienced team of reputation management professionals, consider Better Reputation – a great company that has a track record of providing top notch services to clients.

    Better Reputation has been around for years and come highly recommended. The team at Better Reputation evaluates any negative reviews or content regarding their client and comes up with a strategy to address the matter. Remember, these professionals are highly dedicated to defending and rehabilitating the reputation of their client. They accomplish this by suppressing negative reviews and derogatory remarks and pushing up positive content in search engine results.

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    Back in the day when you were waiting for a review regarding your business or product, you had to wait for it to come out in print. Normally you spent some time with the person writing the review answering questions and kept your fingers crossed in hopes a raving review. Today the process is a lot faster and thanks to the internet, everyone and anyone can write a review. It is this process that can put a lot of businesses into trouble, if they are not aware what is being written about them. There are steps that every business person can take to protect their reputation.
    Social media

    Most likely you are already using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in your personal life. Your business needs to be on those platforms too, as well as YouTube, Brand Yourself and Google +. It is important to complete your profile on all of these sites. Google uses these profiles to create their rankings. You need to stay active and pay attention to any comments or reviews that are left on your platforms.

    The Glassdoor

    Many businesses may not even be aware of the Glassdoor. The Glassdoor gives people an inside look at your company through the eyes of their employees. This website can be a great asset to those who use it wisely. The rankings though this site alone can give your company a big boost. If you have employees, both past and present that enjoyed working with you, ask them to write a review. Reassure them that you are looking for honesty and not a bunch of fluff.

    Share a story

    Press releases are a great way to get information out to the public. Say you had a customer with an unusual problem or situation, and you were able to help or solve the problem, put that story out there. For an extra boost, make sure your headline is SEO. A couple key words in the top third of the release would not hurt either.


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    Lime Crime has become a very popular makeup and accessories online website for women that dare to be bold with their makeup products. Their makeup line was designed for women and stands out as a bold line of products that are currently shipped for free to anywhere in Canada and the UK. Lime Crime offers rich eccentric colors that are hard to find with other makeup lines. A recent article from Racked has voted founder and CEO of Lime Crime Doe Deere female entrepreneur of the year for creating a line that is suitable for professional women and works great in the music industry.

    Customers can choose from a wide range of brushes, eyeshawdows, lip liners, lipsticks, primers, and glitter. You won’t be disappointed with their makeup line because all of their products are model on different skin tones so customers will know exactly how the product looks on them. You can match the perfect color with your skin tone without a hitch. Lime Crime is quickly leading the makeup industry with over 1 million cosmetic products, clothes, accessories, and shoes sold worldwide.

    Doe Deere had her vision for her makeup line when she was little. She would try on her mother’s clothes and use her makeup, but decided that her mother never had the right colors that would correspond with her outfits. It wasn’t long before she grew up and decided to create her own makeup line that is increasingly popular among young women. She took it upon herself to create a line that works best for her customers.

    Deere is an impressive business woman that has designed her line with her customers in mind. Her rich line of velvetine matte lipsticks and eyeshadows are a favorite among women all over the world. Lime Crime products are waterproof so they won’t fade or mess up your skin when it rains. Deere has designed a line of products that blends well from a night to evening look that will last you the entire night. If you’re interested in Deere or her Lime Crime products your encouraged to visit her official website for details.

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