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    Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, inmate communication monitoring, corrections and investigations agencies and numerous inmates across North America. Its commitment to service and connections is phenomenon. It proffers public information, incident management, communication, information management, biometric analysis, emergency responses, investigations and monitoring goods and services with the aim of making the world a better place. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

    It successfully defended its view that Federal Communications Commission has no hand in in imposing rate caps on intrastate rates. This is one of some two key issues regarding inmate rates that were taken to the US Court of Appeal, the first being granting of a Stay on the majority of the Federal Communications Commission’s decision on Inmates rates and charges and another being inappropriate extension of interim interstate rates to intrastate rates.
    Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies believes that they can develop the very right public policy with respect to Inmate communications. There has been a lot of debate between Securus Technologies and the Federal Communications Commission, on the balance of security, jurisdiction and costs of inmate phone calls in the quest to find solutions good enough for society, industries, inmates, friends, witnesses, families and even victims. Solutions that is fair to all.

    Their Public Safety Solutions are made to aid the cities and legal enforcement agencies visualize, obtain, consolidate, keep and dissipate information in real time to support the needs and wants of fast access to important information for emergency response dispatch, mobile law enforcement and other forms of response that would ensure public safety as their purpose is to serve and connect in an attempt to make the world safe and a better place to stay.

    They offer inmate services with a great number of payment product options. This makes it easier for their clients to choose what is best for their needs in order to stay in touch with the persons they owe dear, their incarcerated family and friends from the comfort of their domiciles and even work places. This therefore means that Securus very well understands the significance of a variety and convenience when it comes to funding inmate phone calls, hence saving time and money.

    Some say that life offers no place for us to find closure, Securus Technologies offers one.

    Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the health supplement Securus, nor is it a part of the website for agents, Securus America.

    Securus House is also a separate entity as it is a center for victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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